Sunday, 31 July 2011

First time blogger alert


As I have never blogged before, I asked my Gen X kids for HHEELLPP!!!!!

To my daughter, “So what’s a blog exactly Aimee?”

She immediately and rightly so took on the pitying expression of trying to explain something to a lesser techno being. {Okay so I’m not on facebook, “twitter” is what birds do and my phone which is never on can’t even take photos and that’s the way I like it. I have a website, surely that’s a plus;}

“Mum you need hu….mour she drawled as though this was a new word for me. I am not entirely humourless. Living as a SIM Australia missionary for 7 years in West Africa and people complimenting me on my “fatness”. I did try to see the funny side.

She continued with the lesson, “Your meant to have personality” To which we both said “Oh”. As secretly desiring the life of a hermit living in a cave high up on a peaceful mountain with babbling brook probably doesn’t get me personality points.

“and Mum, this is NOT a nursing lecture” and yes, I am a registered nurse who now teaches nursing at tafe and it is true not everyone wants to talk about their health problems, something I do need to remember.

Having started on this “learning curve of blogging” I went to my son for further insight.

“Hey Josh, I’m going to blog, do you have any advice for me?”

Again with that same quizzical, wow this will be a stretch for Mum look. Out of pity, {I think}, he just gave me one thing to work on.

“It’s meant to be interactive you ask questions like “What did you think of my book?”

“What if they haven’t read my book?” I countered. We both agreed that could be a big possibility. So here goes an {interactive} attempt at describing my book.

“Broken Pottery - the life of an African girl”

The book is a fiction why? I hear you ask” because I wanted to make it a great read with romance, danger, conflict, spiritual hunger etc.

It is set in Africa a most wonderful and exotic continent of whom I have the deepest respect for its people. Have you traveled to Africa?

The girl on the cover is young and vulnerable and this tends to be the type of person who can be struck with obstetric fistula a condition that develops from a complicated birth. Often these girls are treated as outcasts and as those who have been cursed.

Will the girl from this story find physical and emotional healing? Does God care for her? Are we in the West able to help these women?

You’ll have to read the book and find out. Let me know what you think of it.

I am blogging again on the 1st Oct, where gen X will critique my blog and I’ll tackle what I’ve learned about writing and motivation.

Bye for now. Jennifer Ann.


  1. A fantastic first blog Jenny!
    I read it with a smile and a heart glad feeling that you are contributing to this blog. Thanks for sharing your blogging journey with us and I'll honestly look forward to your next blog! :)
    As for the questions, I haven't been to Africa, or read your book yet, but at least one of those is on my to do list now! (the other would be, but probably isn't possible right now.)

  2. Jennifer, welcome to the world of blogging :) Your book sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Thanks Jenny for making us aware of what these young women have to face. Your book will be on my "to read" list. And congrats on your first blog. I suspect there'll be much more of it from now on!

  4. Wow, Jenny, my TBR list gets longer every day - I wish there were more days in the week...
    Your personality shone through in your first blog and I smiled all the way through. Blessings, Amanda. :)

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I'm very encouraged by the subject of your book. Africa is an intriguing place with a unique mix of cultures, good and bad. I'm keen to learn more and will look out for your book.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    It's great to meet another Aussie fiction author. The cover looks intriguing and the story description sounds fascinating. I visited your website and saw how deep your knowledge and care is. As I've asked the others in the past too, I wondered if you'd be interested in a 'book swap' with me. I hope I don't come across as cheeky when I suggest this but the fact is, I don't have much money but I have lots of books :) May be in touch about that some time soon.
    Paula V

  7. I so want to read your book!!!
    Congrats for a first blog attempt ;)

  8. Wow – I can’t wait to read this book. I actually saw an episode of Oprah years ago where she drew attention to the plight of African women and the hardship they suffer due to fistula problems. She interviewed an Aussie Doctor who was working in the communities to bring medical aid and campaigning for funds to support her work. I cried all the way through. How exciting that you are contributing a story to this issue. I look forward to reading it. Love the cover as well.

  9. It reminds me a bit of the woman in the Bible who was bleeding for 12 years. As the women in your books are outcasts so was this woman. Considered unclean and unloved, unworthy. It reminds me of everything we have from God, we are unclean, at time feel unloved and so unworthy, yet God loves us regardless.

  10. Hi Jennifer (or do you prefer Jenny) You did good.
    I just interviewed and author who asked the question on my blog "Which of my books did you like best and if you haven't read they why not?"
    So I think you did good wit your question. I will look out for your book I am love aussie Fiction.
    We have a friendship center at our church and they raise money to help the girls with the fistulas.

  11. A great blog post Jennifer, well done! Now really want to read your book! Where can I get it?

  12. Oops missed the "I" ~ some writer I am!

  13. Hi to all who posted on my blog,
    Thanks so much for the kind words. Hey Paula,I'd love to book swap and Narelle the book is available from Koorong or most christian bookstores.I'm so enjoying reading all your blogs and feel greatly encouraged by the heartfelt desire expressed by you all to honour God. I am definitely interested in reading all your books!!

  14. Just catching up with the posts here! Welcome to blogging :) Your book sounds amazing and I can't wait to hunt it down.
    Dotti :)