Friday, 8 July 2011

Coming South

Coming South - Tom Roberts

Have you ever wanted to run away? To pick yourself up and become lost in the middle of so many strangers, not one soul would recognise you?

Perhaps you've lived happily in one town all your life and with little warning been forced to relocate your family and possessions to the other side of the world.

Or maybe you've lived such a despicable life the choice was never yours to make, and you found yourself shackled and transported to a place you feared more than death.

The stories of the displaced resonate with me. New starts. New lives. New loves. For more than 200 years Australia has offered her 'wide brown land' and 'jewel seas' for the uprooted to find a place to settle.

Recorded in our history are their struggles to adapt in a land many early occupants agreed was, 'no place for a nervous lady.' Their letters and journals, heartbreaking accounts of loss and despair, tell the tale of lives tipped so far upside down, it's no wonder we wear the tag, Downunder.

These stories need to be unpacked and retold. Embellished with a thick cord of romance and shared with the world.

Will I do my part? You bet. Enamoured by all things 19th century and drawn to tell the stories of new beginnings, I write Historical Romance, Aussie style.

Stories where God mends the broken hearted and sets the captives free. Where He gathers the upside down, and spills them the right way up.

Can God spill someone the right way up? Yes, He can. When it happens Downunder!

Come and learn more about me and the things I love at Ink Dots.

Writing for HyalineHouse, Dorothy Adamek lives in Melbourne. For some years she taught high school History and English. She now lives and breathes it at home most waking hours, and has been known to wander there in her sleep. In case you need to know, she likes to use violet ink in her fountain pen.


  1. We share the same desire of touching the hearts of readers through our stories, only mine are set in 19th century America. :)

  2. A girl after my own heart Dorothy. I also love to read read read historical novels and also love to write them. My shelves are also crammed with historical resources about Australia's facinatin beginnings and my family history in the colony. I'm sure your writing blesses and inspires many.

  3. Yes, like Carol said, a girl after my own heart. Amen, let's see those Downunder turned right way up! I love the little fact about the violet ink! ;)

  4. They were extraordinarily brave people who deserve their time period to be immortalized in stories, so keep it up! Now that I have the link to your blog, Dorothy, I'll link it to mine.

  5. Great post! There is so much to learn from the past.

  6. We can learn so much from history, can't we? I admire those who settled this country and fought wars from us. It's only fitting that their stories be told, and retold.

    I think we've all wanted to run away at one time or another. :)

  7. Jodie, I look forward to swapping stories some day. :)

    Carol, are you my twin? Our shelves must look the same!

    Amanda, I'm glad you noticed... the violet ink :)

    Paula, thanks for the link! So many new friends to discover now we've all come together here! Yay :)

    Hi Michelle, lessons from the past are priceless. I love 'em :)

    Lee, if you're ever in the mood to run away, you know there's always a corner for you at Crabapple House :)

  8. Dorothy, great post! Sorry I'm chiming in late. We have such a rich history to draw on and it's exciting to see a number of downunder authors writing home grown historical novels. I'm looking forward to reading your historical romance when it's released :)

  9. Dorothy, I used to detest Australian history the way my teacher crammed names and dates down our throats. Now I can't read enough about it. And my next trilogy covers a lot of things you've mentioned. I can't wait for its Sept release. And yours when it comes out!

  10. I love learning more about australian history and until recently about the only christian ones were Currency Lass and Certain lives. And there was another series with indentured servents starting in Queensland.
    I love we now have more. I hope we get some set in the gold era.
    I am one reader loving what is coming out now.

  11. Rita, I think I was a little like you in high school. History has become a love since I collected a few years of my own story! Aren't we blessed to embrace history at any age?
    Ausjenny, Amanda Deed has a book coming out in October set during the gold era. Look out for Ellenvale Gold!!

  12. I too enjoy historical books set in Australia, but after my experience of writing my Great Southland series I really admire those of you writing them.
    To start with, I had not realised just how time-consuming research would be to get the facts correct! My other problem became that I enjoyed reading history books a bit too much and had to exercise immense dicipline to stop reading and write my stories.
    And I have to confess to being curious to know how many of you ever did read my individual Heartsong Presents historicals including as in the "Australian Outback" 4-in-1 volume from Barbour which was released in 2003. That volume was in libraries but I doubt if it still is!