Can't log in to Blogger?

Sometimes blogger won't let you log in and comment. There's a couple of things to try. It's worthwhile knowing that Internet Explorer and Blogger/Wordpress DO NOT like each other. I've had no trouble at all since switching to Chrome, but that's just me. 

First ALWAYS make sure you have the 'keep me signed in' button unchecked. Otherwise you'll go in a continuous loop trying to sign in . 

Second is to remove the cookies on your computer. Sometimes they can be corrupted. Here's how you do it.

You will need to clear your cache and cookies. Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Internet Options >, you'll find a sliding scale. 
If it is set to High or Block All, Blogger won't be able to set the cookies it needs to sign you in. 
A setting of Medium-High or lower will work. 

If you are using Chrome then;
1. In Google Chrome, click on the icon in the top right corner to bring up the Chrome menu.
2. Click on Options.
3. Click on Under The Hood.
4. Now look under the Privacy section (should be at top) and click the button for "Content settings."
5. Now look for the Cookies section and click on the button "All cookies and site data."
6. Now you can see all the cookies managed by Chrome. In the little search bar, type "blogger". Now you can see only the Blogger cookies. 
7. Click on the cookie called "" and then click on the "x" on the right to delete it.
8. Click on the cookie called "" and then click on the "x" on the right to delete it too.
9. Now leave the Options stuff and browse
10. Viola! You're in.

FIRE FOX: you need to go to Options > Privacy then look for the link "remove individual cookies". 
Then type in "blogger: into the search bar. And delete the and the cookies.

SAFARI: you need to go to Preferences > Security then click on the "Show cookies" button. 
Delete the and cookies only.

You can have a cookie filter:
1. In a native browser feature.
2. In a browser add-on.
3. In a security feature, on the computer.
4. In a network device.
Please, note that any and all cookie filters must be set properly. If you have more than one cookie filter affecting access to Blogger, all filters must be set properly, before an improvement will be seen.

If you have Norton Internet Security:

1. Open Norton Internet Security
2. In the Norton Internet Security window, double-click Parental Control in the right pane
3. In the Parental Control dialog box, use the Parental Control settings drop-down list to select the account that you want to change.
4. Click Sites.
5. Click Exceptions
6. In the Add Web site to the Exception List dialog box, type in and if you use Blogger in Draft
7. Click OK

If you have Norton 360:

1. Open Norton 360
2. Click the "Tasks and Settings" tab, and click "Change Advanced Settings."
3. Click "Firewall Protection Settings" and "General Rules." Find (or if you use Blogger in Draft), and click the "Modify" button.
4. Click "Permit" and click "Next." Select "Inbound and outbound" and click "Next."
5. Click "Any computer" for the settings of the modified firewall rule, and click "Next."
6. Check the box next to "All types of communication" and click "Next." Read over the on-screen information to confirm you wish to make the changes to your firewall's settings.
7. Click "Next" twice, and click "Apply" to save the changes. Click "Close" to exit out the your Norton 360 Preferences.