Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For Such a Time as This

I have always loved to read.  However the love of writing is relatively new to me.  My love of writing bloomed when I began a blog to detail our journey with our little boy Sam, who was yet to be born with Congenital Heart Disease.  I was one of those kids at school who used to freeze when asked to write a story.  My mind would go completely blank, and then I would try and recreate a story I had read somewhere else.  I loved to speak and I loved to read, so I guess it was only a matter of time before writing also emerged.  I have discovered, with some dismay, that I cannot write of my own accord. My first book Sam’s Heart entailed the journal I had kept, and other God inspired words that completed our story in its entirety.  I seem to have to live books before I can write them.    I have another book in my heart that must be written, and as I sat and tried to plan it out, I discovered that I quickly lost interest.  Although I have passion for the topic, tremendous passion, the approach I was taking was not for me.  I have discovered that God needs to give me the words.  I find myself writing on random bits of paper, the backs of envelopes, church newsletters, and dare I say, even cardboard box flaps; all because God gives inspiration at the most unpredictable times.

This is what makes writing fun for me.  Listening to God and then letting him guide the words on the page.  Many times I feel unqualified to write what I do, but I know that if God has changed my life through experiences with him, they are too valuable not to share.  I have a passion for encouraging the church and any other soul that will stop long enough to listen. 
When I was introduced to this wonderful world of writers, I was amazed to find such diversity, complexity and gifting.  I have found such encouragement and camaraderie among the Christian writing community.  I have learned useful skills and tips to improve my writing ability, and had my eyes opened to the challenging world of Christian publishing.  I have enjoyed reading new and inspiring writing, from the keyboards and pens of many newly discovered Aussie authors.  Such a rich tapestry is created, when all of these inspired authors come together.  I believe that each of us has been called for such a time as this.  I desire earnestly for our outstanding literature to be embraced by the wider Australian retail community, to create diversity of choice, and breathe life back into the souls of Australians.  I am not content to receive rejection after rejection, simply because our books speak about Jesus, some more openly than others.  The risk of offence to a third party is not a good argument.  Many of the top selling books in big name retailers offend me, and are just plain evil, but that does not stop shops selling them.  We need to pray for breakthrough into the so called secular markets, where our messages and stories can reach the ears of those who need to hear them.  There seems to have been some progress with the move from traditional bookshops to online retailers, but I am praying for bigger and better things for all of us.  Will you join me? 

Nicole Watson is a non-fiction author, with the aim of encouraging readers to live for God.  She is an Aussie Mum to two young boys.  She and her husband, are currently undergoing training to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
Her passion is sharing God's amazing love with who ever will listen and ispiring others to share their own God stories.

Nicole blogs regularly here.
Her book Sam's Heart can be found here.
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  1. Hi Nicole. It's great to hear about yet another writer's journey. And yes, I agree we need to pray for a breakthrough in the market. It's awesome to see the changes that are already taking place. God bless. :)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I was wondering if you were thinking of working on another book so this post answers my question. I know the difference between those times you speak of when it's a mental labour to pick up your pen and keep plugging on, and other times when the words are just on fire to be written.
    For someone who's been trying to write books since the late '90s and found it lonely at times, I'm amazed by the 'sudden' community of Aussie Christian authors who are willing to share with and support each other.
    Finally, I'm always pleased when I see a new post has been written on your personal blog as I know it'll be sure to be something really uplifting and blessing.

  3. Lovely to 'hear' the passion in your blog, Nicole, both for God and for writing. God bless - and may you find all those little bits of cardboard and paper just when you need them!

  4. Your writing is a testimony of your life with God, Nicole. Nothing touches the lives of readers as much as that. You are a great encouragement to all of us as writers. I agree we need to keep working together to change the culture of readers in Australia and we need to keep praying together for the work of the Holy Spirit through our writing. Keep listening to God and I'm sure he'll bless you and others through you.

  5. Yes, Nicole, great post. We need to pray our words will reach deeply into the hearts of readers so that they will come to know God in a real and loving way. God has called us to write. We must follow his will for our lives, and never give in no matter how tough the journey becomes.

  6. Thanks for your post. I was interested to read about your involvement with MAF as my family served with them for most of my childhood! You will, no doubt, find more stories to be written as you head out in this new direction. :)

  7. I think we need to pray that not only our written words reach deeply into people, but also our spoken words too.

    Your post reminded me of how important it is to seek God's will in our lives, even if others doubt our calling. :)

  8. Nicole, thanks for sharing your passion and inspiration for writing. Sam's Heart sounds like a fascinating book. And I agree that online retailing will help widen the audience for Christian books. I was only reading today on one of my writing loops that a Christian YA novel has reached the top ten of Amazon's YA list.

  9. All the other girls have said it all, Nicole, but I just want to add that, like you, I find the Lord gives inspiration at odd times. Night time especially, your subconscious sort of comes to the fore. And I always pray that if it's from Him, I'll remember in the morning. God bless you!