Monday, 11 July 2011

I have a confession.

My name is Lee. And I'm an addict.

My story first starts when I was about six months old. At the time I had measles and my nanna, who had come down from Dalby to help mum look after me, bought me a present. It was one of those little plastic books with a squeaker inside, and I drove everyone up the wall with the constant noise. But, they didn't mind, at least I was happy.

When I was two-years-old, one book wasn't enough. I'd now graduated to having three, precious, 'Little Golden' books. Remember those? The cute pictures and innocuous stories had me hooked. I would sit on one book, balance the second on my head while reading the third.

Some people, bless their little cotton socks, even thought that was amusing.

Fast forward to high school and I was now writing stories, appearing in school plays and entering competitions. My drama teacher also taught me English, the subject not  the language, and just happened to live across the road from my nanna. She had a room full of books, her very own library, and I spent countless hours curled up next to her fireplace, book in hand.

Yes, I was truly addicted. To fiction.

My husband, bless his little cotton socks, thinks it makes life easier. He doesn't have to worry about what to buy me for Christmas or birthdays, and has even been known to openly support my habit.

Silly man. But then his addiction has nothing to do with fiction. No. He loves text books. In particular, anything to do with math, or computers, or conjugating French verbs...well you get the idea.

It appears this addiction can also be passed onto children.

Our son also loves to read and has his own collection of books.

Sad I know.

Does this addiction ever end, I hear you ask?

No. In fact it gets worse.

I started off reading, graduated to writing suspense, and now, own a publishing company.

Perhaps I should start a group for others similarly afflicted.

I'm sure there's bound to be one or two others like me.

Want to join me?

Lee Franklin lives in Western Australia with her husband and son.
She loves reading, cooking, pink (the colour not the singer) and spending time with friends.
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  1. I'm a fiction addict too, Lee. I read it, I write it, I write about it and it's a very satisfying addiction. The only overdose symptoms seem to be tired eyes, overworked imagination and a house full of book shelves. You'd probably agree it's great to explore the libraries of other addicts.

  2. Agree totally. Especially about the imagination part. I don't tend to have a house full of books though, once I've read them I pass them on to church libraries and friends.

    That way hubby doesn't mind buying me more. LOL.

  3. I am looking forward to becoming enamoured with fiction once again. There was a time when I used to read much fiction (before I knew Jesus) and most of it although well written, was not good for my soul. After having a fiction fast of many years to pull myself back into line, I am now rediscovering the many paged gems, from gifted Christian storytellers. Thanks to you all of your talents and gifts I am enjoying many treats. Keep them coming Aussie fiction writers! :D

  4. I confess. I have this addiction as well. I'm sure it doesn't go away but I do think one's appetite for it can mature over time and thankfully there's a lot of good fiction out there so we can be choosy about what we feed our addiction with. Then I think it can be very good for the soul - though I do agree that the bookshelves begin to take up a lot of room.

  5. Ahh, yes. The reading addiction. We have a rule in our house. My husband and I are not allowed to read novels at the same time - otherwise we'd be guilty of neglecting the children!

  6. Oh I missed the beginning of this blog. not sure how but will be following now. I loved the little golden books they were 20cents and I would buy them with my pocket money.
    My addiction stops at reading fiction! but I am addicted to books i buy knowing I have around 400 -500 unread books on my shelves.

  7. Lee, I totally understand :) I purchased a Kindle which enables me to collect more books without storage limitations. Another thing I love about my Kindle is that Amazon will tell me if I've already purchased the book. No more accidental double ups!

  8. Narelle only issue is when you see free books only to click the one click and realise it wasn't free for us!

    Note to publishers have you thought of using feedblitz as well for people to follow you? I only ask as I follow blogs but for me to come back I like the email feedblitz sends.

  9. Ausjenny, I've been fortunate lately that the Kindle books I've wanted have been available here. I wish Harlequin would release Love Inspired books earlier in Kindle format. I often buy LI's from The Book Depository and I'm sad to hear their free international shipping will be ending soon :(

  10. Narelle I am so with you O am so annoyed we have to wait 2 years for LI books when they can get them in america. Some of my best friends are LI writers. I have to love Cheryl Wyatt when she put cricket in her book she knows the game and we have a date to go to Adelaide oval to watch a game when she comes to Australia in the future!
    Oh I haven't heard of the book depository will have to look it up. I tend to go via Christianbook there is postage and it takes 6 weeks but its cheaper than amazon. (Or I have won some of the books.) Ok brazen plug of my blog I have a free LI book up for grabs by Lenora Worth at to an aussie.
    Oh I do live my kindle but wish it had a backlight.

  11. Wow, I had no idea we wait 2 years for LI's!! I knew it was a long time but I didn't realize it was that long. The Book Depository is good for when you only want to order one or two books at a time. If you're placing an order for at least 6 or 7 books, is often cheaper because the postage cost per item drops with a large order and their discounted price in AUD is often lower than The Book Depository.

  12. Also, did you know you can get a cover for your Kindle that includes a night light? A great investment, especially for a book addict like me who likes to read late at night and not disturb hubby :)

  13. Narelle that was for LI on kindle. the books come here about 2 - 3 months behind america.
    I did see some covers and lights but they cost so much and at the time I could only afford the kindle. I use a padded envelope to protect the kindle. Im single so that helps.

  14. Ausjenny, it's great to hear LI books are hitting our bookshelves that fast :) And you're very resourceful to use a padded envelope for a cover. I don't miss the backlighting and find it can be easier on my eyes to read fast in a short space on my Kindle than a hard copy. And I love how I can increase the font size etc.

  15. Yes, I'm addicted too. (giggles behind her hand) In fact, I've been caught in Koorong by a shop assistant, embracing the shelves of fiction, stroking their spines and telling them I wanted to take them home with me. Thankfully, the shop assistant felt the same way. ;P LOL

  16. Narelle the only problem is sometimes the LI books if they are really big sellers in the states dont make it here. I needed the last in the Alaskan Gold rush brides series. put it on order at Koorong and then got told it wasn't available. I would love to see a few LIH set in Australia.
    Amanda I dont quite hug the spines and shelves but I do salivate when I get to the big city and Koorong. It one of my first stops.

  17. Ausjenny, this explains the lack of certain LI titles in our book stores. We really have no choice but to buy from overseas. I'd also love to see some LIH books set here. I really enjoyed Mary Hawkins' Aussie Heartsong Historicals :)

    Amanda, I understand your love for the fiction section in Koorong :)

  18. Narelle there are two LI groups on goodreads where we get to know some of the authors and they often have giveaways. Its great for finding out about new titles etc. At one stage one of the editors was there for a few days answering questions and for the LIH they did say if the book was good and fit in the LIH range they would be interested in stories about Australia. I ask all the time.

  19. Oh yes! I'll join in the fiction adicts group ;)
    Congratulations on your publishing company. xx

  20. Nicole, I'm so glad you've rediscovered fiction. We have so many wonderful writers, and they've been such a blessing in my life.

    Amanda, You made me laugh out loud and snort my coffee! I though I was the only one who did that!

    Jenny, You have been such a blessing to writers with your blog and encouragement. I'm so glad you've found your way over here.

    I love my kindle too, Narelle. It's one of my treasured possessions that goes everywhere with me. That and my Alphasmart.

    Hi Michelle, glad you have joined us fiction addicts! Have you joined our Yahoo group and thought about contributing to this blog?

    Carol; sounds like you and I are right on the same page with our bookshelves.

    Penny; That's why I taught my son to make his own simple snacks. LOL

  21. Lee, I'm so glad you're an addict! As a fellow addict I promise to never keep you from your addiction or cause you to escape the stronghold that locks us both in this delicious affliction. Quite the opposite. I will enable you by sharing all the good ones I find and I know you'll do the same ;)