Monday, 30 November 2020

Has anybody Seen my Muse?


by Anusha Atukorala

The other day I was hunting for my runaway shopping list. I hunted here and I hunted there; I hunted everywhere. But no! Like a magician's rabbit who had performed a vanishing trick, my little notebook had completely disappeared from sight. Until … I opened one of the current books I was reading  … and voila! There it was. Hooray!


Have You found anything precious inside a BOOK?  


I’ve found plenty of valuable nuggets inside books. Like … joy from stories that crept into my heart, head knowledge that came from books, heart knowledge that also came from books, courage from tales of bravery, smiles from jokes and humour, wisdom from learned authors, relaxation when chuckling through a good yarn, deep sleep through a good book at bedtime, camaraderie through books shared with friends, a thumping heart when glued to a page-turner, hope from inspirational writing. And more. So much more. For like feasting on delicious morsals  at a banquet, in books too I find numerous delectable goodies that fill and satisfy me.


Early in 2020, my brain hummed with a plethora of writing ideas. I made some impressive writing plans. I even enjoyed lots of extra time to write, courtesy of Covid-19. But now … as I look back on the year that’s fast waning, I don’t have much to show as a Christian writer.


Has anybody seen my muse?


I did find something more precious than gold in a BOOK I’ve read every day of 2020. I’ve had more time this year to pursue God. Like a parched traveler finding an oasis in an arid desert, I’ve been drinking from the inexhaustible spring of the Waters of Life. Through the written Word and the Living Word, I’ve found Life. Hope. Sustenance. Blessing.


So perhaps 2020 has not been a waste after all?


Watching Avatar the movie some years ago, it struck me 

forcibly how we humans borrow God’s ideas. All. The. Time! 

The beings in the planet portrayed in Avatar were so similar to

 humans—with arms, legs, eyes, noses, mouths just like ours

 and tails like those of animals.

The plants in that planet were a whisper of our God’s creation. 

The beauty in that sphere was a reflection of the earth’s loveliness.

The truth is that we can never improve on our Creator's work

when making a movie or in writing a story, for every idea we 

have comes from Him. The exciting reality then is that the 

closer we get to Him the better we can tap into Him and His

creativity. No, I haven’t done much as a writer in 2020. But I

have done one thing well. 

I’ve called it my Year of Jesus, and my Year of Jesus it has been!

So perhaps it was simply a divine pause in my life? 

Perhaps it was a year of being renewed in order to serve Him better in in 2021?


Have you, in 2020 …

1.     Read books?

2.     Edited stories?

3.     Written book reviews?

4.     Encouraged other writers?

5.     Walked with the hurting and helped others?

6.     Cared for family and friends who needed you?

7.     Simply obeyed God in all He asked of you each day?

8.     Drew closer to Jesus, the One who holds all things together?

9.     Chalked up life experiences that you can now use in your writing?

10.  Took a break from writing because of other more important callings?

11.  Lived life the best you could each day in spite of tough circumstances?

12.  Battled difficulties and tough times to become a better version of yourself?


If you have done any of the above, you can hold your head up high. And even if you simply  kept on living, that is something to be proud of. Sometimes life is so hard that just to keep on going is an achievement in itself. 2020 was a year that challenged me and helped me grow and stretch. And that is what I call a really good year even if it doesn’t always feel that way.


As I’ve sought my Muse-giver, in Him I’ve found my muse. 

For in Jesus is life and hope and truth. His light pierces the 

darkness of Covid-19 and the bleakness of our world. 

This Christmas, may you find in Jesus, all that you desire.

And from the the challenging year of 2020 may you birth 

a rich and fulfilling 2021!

Keep writing!

Anusha’s been on many interesting detours in life, as a lab technician, a computer programmer, a full time Mum, a full time volunteer, a charity director, a full time job chaser, until one golden day (or was it a dark moonless night?) God tapped her on her shoulder and called her to write for Him. She has never recovered from the joy it brought her. She loves to see others enjoying life with Jesus and does her mite to hurry the process in her world through her writing and through her life. The goodness of God is her theme song through each season, as she dances in the rain with Jesus.


Her first book Enjoying the Journey contains 75 little God stories that will bring you closer to your Creator. Her 2nd book ‘Dancing in the Rain’ brings you hope and comfort for life’s soggy seasons. Her 3rd book, ‘Sharing the Journey’ is a sequel to 'Enjoying the Journey' and was released in March 2020.


Do stop by at her website Dancing in the Rain to say G’day!

Her latest Blogs are found at Light in the Darkness - where she continues her writings on the Truth who lights up this dark world  - JESUS!

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  1. Thanks for those words, Anusha. You've certainly encouraged many people with your words during 2020. It certainly hasn't been the year any of us expected, but there have also been many blessings as we've focused on what's most important. The lessons learned will flow in our writing for many years to come. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much dear Nola for YOUR encouragement to me and so many others over the course of 2020. I've been rather lax when it came to commenting on blogs but noticed you excelled yourself in that area. Well done! But yes, there are always so many blessings in whatever we face. And yes, no doubt we are in a better place as writers to impact the world after all we have faced this year. Well done on your novel and here's to many more. Bless you for your encouragement dear friend.

  2. Thank you precious Anusha. I love the way you perceive the world with glorious wonder expressed in words that exude hope and anticipate something amazing everyday. When I read your list I can be glad in the positive experiences of my 2020.

    Though the long haul often felt painful, yielding scant progress, I've been surprised by the new things I've learned and rejoiced when they've 'suddenly' come together - in revelation, or as a problem solved, or as a word of encouragement for another weary wanderer.

    I don't think God has waste receptacles; He makes something beautiful out of the trashiest earthly junk - no discards. Seeing value as he sees it changes our outlook completely.


  3. Thank you beautiful Mazzy for your gracious and generous words.You are very kind. I love the sound of those revelations and the new things you’ve learnt. You have been such an encouragement to all of us at CWD. Thank you so very much! I do agree that God doesn’t have waste receptacles. Isn’t it amazing how He makes something beautiful out of the what the world perceives as discards? I was singing an old chorus the other day and felt it was relevant to my own journey in the last little while.

    “Something beautiful, something good.
    All my confusion He understood.
    All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife.
    But He made something beautiful of my life.”

    I’ve sung this so often over many decades but didn’t really know the reality of it till lately. It really blessed me that He makes beauty out of the ashes we offer Him. I’m so glad you’ve had many positive experiences in 2020. May 2021 be a year where God’s blessings abound and where your writing zooms to many glorious places!

  4. Thank you for your open honesty, Anusha. Many readers will relate to the year that defied New Year's resolutions. (I have long defied them, myself.) Your dozen points help us too see that we weren't just hanging loose after all. And I love that you revel in the written word, of so many genres. And that you bring us back to the BOOK. Here's so much encouragement in your blog, especially in your words "Through the written Word and the Living Word, I’ve found Life. Hope. Sustenance. Blessing." Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words dear Ruth. Glad to hear I am not alone in defying those New Year goals and plans. No - I know you. You would never be hanging loose. You know how to pack a lot into life my friend. So glad you liked what I wrote about THE BOOK above all books. It's given me such a feast this year and I can't get enough of it. Bless you and may God continue to bless you and use you dear Ruth.

  5. I think my muse must be on holiday with yours Anusha. I have written very little this year but read much. And God is working it out for HIS glory. I am so thankful to be able to sit and watch him work.

    1. Lovely to hear from you dear Jo. Interesting! Wonder what our two muses are doing together? The mind boggles! Probably up to no good. Great to hear you too have read much this year - as I have too. And yes, God uses EVERYTHING for His glory. Love your attitude of watching Him work. It's all about Him after all. May 2021 be a significant year for you dear lady in the lives of all youy love. Continue to be blessed in Jesus.