Thursday, 9 April 2020

The Lamb that was Slain

This Easter will be like none we've experienced in many decades, but one thing is certain: The DIVINE MESSAGE of love and hope it commemorates IS eternal, from yesterday, for today, tomorrow, and forevermore. 

As per the admin team's consensus, it was my intention to search for an appropriate 'Blast from the Past" and post that link in the Facebook Group. However, as I found and read the following words and poem - written by our current CWD group co-ordinator, Jeanette O'Hagan, and first posted on Thursday, 10th April, 2014,  as a blog titled, "The Bunny and the Lamb" - I felt it more appropriate to post a portion of it here, scheduled for today, so that all our blog subscribers could receive it afresh. 

xx Mazzy Adams

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Six years ago, Jeanette O'Hagan asked the question: 

"I wonder what Easter means for you?"

She went on to say:

"For me it is a time of reflection and wonderment - that the incarnated divine Son would die for me. It tells me how much God loves and values me. It reminds me that I have new life through Jesus, that He can and will mend the brokenness inside of me and that He is a present and powerful.

Easter is an intensely personal. It is both sobering as I think of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday - and exhilarating as I remember that He is Alive - that He has conquered sin (human brokenness) and death itself.

Easter has cosmic as well as personal implications.  It is the turning point of the Story of God and therefore the story of our world. Through the eyes of faith, we can see that Easter is the very crux of history. The Bible tells us that story. Yes, it tells many other things about history, morality, worship, spirituality and reality but running through its pages is a love story - God's love for his broken creation - for his broken people. 

It is a simple story - the eternal triune God created the cosmos. He created humans to care for his creation and to be his friends. But the very first humans rebelled against God, deciding to go their own way so that now they and their world became broken. Instead of destroying us and starting again, God decided to rescue us - through calling a people to show who He was and what he wanted. And then He came, the incarnated Son who died in our place. On the cross, the Son won a decisive victory against death and all evil. He has entrusted his people who believe and follow Him with a mission - of not just living lives worthy of Him in faith and love but of taking His message of freedom and love to the furthest corners of the earth - and to the person next door. One day He will make new the whole cosmos and make a home for His people. 

Easter is not just for me or you - it's for everyone.

The Lamb That Was Slain

A flower nodding in the crevice of a rock
New growth after rain.
The sun’s blushed fire climbing above the horizon
A Lamb that was slain.

Praise God who brings beauty, life and hope
In the midst of the world’s cloying darkness.
A world reclaimed at Golgotha, Skull Rock
By the Lamb that was slain.

Before the sun’s fire ignited and
Craggy cliffs rose above the ocean waves,
Before humanity’s ancient parents stumbled
And brother shed brother’s blood,
Father God planned a people reclaimed.

A new perspective, a life regained
Admitting failure, weakness and pain.
We take on His life, walking in faith
Receiving the Spirit’s renewing fire
Sent out by the Lamb that was slain.

The Lamb’s restored people join hands
In prayer and praise.
An emaciated child is given bread and hope
Broken lives are knitted together again
And a message of love and new life spreads like soft rain
Hands, Feet and Heart of the Lamb that was slain.

Earth trembles, nation wars against nation
Tribal enmities ignite, hate inflames
Tall towers and silvery screens pursue greed and fame
The lamb’s people divided, too often lead astray
Awaiting the coming of the Lamb that was slain.

Fruit redolent on the healing tree
Life giving water flowing through brilliant bridal city
Father’s noon-day light shining on pearl and diamond
Spirit healing, tears wiped and death disappearing
The Lamb as Lion victorious reigns.

Praise God who brings beauty, life and hope
In the midst of the world’s cloying darkness.
A world reclaimed at Golgotha, Skull Rock
By the Lamb that was slain."

(Jeanette O’Hagan ©2002, 2014)

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

It is my earnest prayer that Jenny's words will bring comfort and encouragement to you anew as we spend this Easter in the quietness, solitude, and safety of our homes. Let us all lift our eyes and our hearts toward the Lamb of God who was slain from before the foundation of the world; he who poured himself out for our salvation; the risen Lord who daily rises as the Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings. 


  1. Thanks Mazzy/Jenny great words about our great God. Need to go back and reflect more. God bless this Easter xx

    1. Thanks Sue, and amen. He's very willing to reveal himself to us all, even more so when we pause to seek him.

  2. Thanks Jenny - and Mazzy - for a great post. I too find myself spending time thinking about the real significance of Easter, and it brings me closer to Him. I grow teary as I read the gospels' accounts of Easter.

    1. Yes, the outworking of God's incredible rescue mission. I also find Isaiah's prophetic insights provoke my awe and wonder at the eternal, forever nature of God's plan and the incredible, willing sacrifice of our saviour. Through every word of Scripture, we are drawn in and caught up in the mystery, from poignant beginning to thrilling, triumphant, victorious, eternal conclusion ... and then there is more!

    2. The greatest story ever told - and lived. It's good to re-remember it and make it part of how we live our lives. Thanks, Jeanette.

  3. Lovely thoughts, Jenny and Mazzy. It's a strange feeling this Easter not being able to go to church and have physical fellowship. But strangely we've actually been attending church more with online services and am probably spending more time this year reflecting on what Jesus has done for us and wanting to share that with others than ever before. I pray lots of people will be searching and find Jesus this Easter. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nola. I'm with you in that prayer. Sometimes the greatest blessing is when we realise Jesus is willing and eager to meet us right where we are, wherever we are.

    2. Thanks, Nola - that's wonderful to have a more reflective time this Easter - and with so many church services online, a time when many people who otherwise would not be part of a service can be. Praying for our nation and our world this Easter.