Thursday, 16 April 2020

Mischief and Mayhem Afoot! (A Spot the Author Mystery)

by Mazzy Adams

Am I going stir crazy? I know I've been housebound for the last few weeks but ... I'm a homebody, an introvert, a reader, a writer ... home is my thing!

But alas, all is not as it should be ...

Imagine my confusion when I looked at my shelf of titles by Australian Christian authors (many of them members of Christian Writers Downunder) and discovered that my favourite books had ...

Gone walkabout! OH NO!

Where, oh where, could they have gone?

*Scratches head in puzzlement

Well, it appears that my books held their own little isolation rebellion. They were sick and tired of being cooped up on the bookshelf so, in cahoots with their mischievous authors, the whole adventurous crew decided to play hide and seek in my back yard.

Can you help me spot those naughty authors so I can have words with them about ...

How much I LOVE their books?

Who knows ... you might be one of them. 

For a bit of fun, (and to discover some awesome authors and their books) have a go at naming the plethora of Christian Aussie authors (and their book titles) appearing in these pictures. Add your sleuthing suggestions to the comments below. There are several anthologies shown too. Have you contributed to any of them?

Feel free to add your suggestions for other CWD authors/books you'd personally recommend.

Or, if commenting on blogger is not your thing, maybe you could post your own 'run away' book photos under the comment with this link in the CWD Facebook Members Group.

Have fun spotting. :)

Who wrote these? Fantasy, Mystery, Poignant representations of truth, Women's Lit, and Magical Realism ...

The power of a cover to pique the curiosity. Can you guess why it's hiding in this particular spot ... ?

Delightful non-fiction to heal and help ...

Mysteries abound for Adults and New Adults alike ...

Now here's a unique trio ... some deep diving via a verse novel, intriguing historic fiction set in Australia, and a delightful story of three friends ...

Hiding in a cement mixer? Well, there is an eclectic mix of stories, devotions and encouragements in these collections ...

Hmm ... rusty metal and crucifix orchids attracted these gems; love, laughter, and high adventure in Australia, USA, and South Africa brought to you by these Aussie authors ...

This package missed out on the trek into the backyard because it is waiting to be collected by its real owner (after I managed to borrow it for a while) ...

I'm a YA fan, that's for sure! These high favourites of mine are filled with high stakes, high adventure, and highly interesting characters ...

Whoops! Did this fellow forget to join in the fun? No. It is being faithful to its purpose, waiting patiently for me beside my bed because I'm in the middle of reading it now ...

So many anthologies filled with short stories, poetry, and devotions. Lots of authors too, but I'll give you one clue - I'm one of the authors in all of these. Woohoo!

Back in March at the Omega Book Fair, I scored some new additions to my collection, all waiting to be read through and through (though I've already giggled at quite a few of the funnies in one of them) ...

Hope you had a bit of fun sleuthing. But here's a word to the wise, some sage advice, for these days like no other: Perhaps you might be wise to check out your bookshelves to see if their contents need to see the light of day again. Maybe you'll discover they're crying out for some newcomers to liven up their book parties. ;)

Mazzy Adams is a published author of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. She has a passion for words, pictures, and the positive potential in people.



  1. Hi Mazzy - what a gorgeous and very naughty - book collection you have :) I recognise a great many of them & have enjoyed most of those I recognise.

    I can see my Blood Crystal, of course (photo 1), and have stories or poems in Brio, Imagine & Glimpses of Light (photo 10)

    In addition - books by Nick Hawkes (photo 1 & 2), Elaine Frazer (photo 1), Jo Wanmer (photo 1), Ruth Bonetti (photo 1 & 12), Anne Hamilton (photos 1, 3, & 10), Pam Heemskerk (photo 3), Paula Vince (photo 4), Michelle Evans (photo 5), Carol Preston (photo 5), Lynn Fowler (photo 5), Jessica Kate (photo 7), Skye Elizabeth /Wieland (photo 7), David Rawling (photo 8), Adele Jones (Photo 9), Cate Mckeown (photo 9), L D Taylor (photo 9) Lynne Stringer (photo 12), Sally Eberhardt (photo 12), Mazzy Adams - along with Nola Passmore, Adam Collings, Sue Jeffreys, Kirsten Hart, Anusha Atukorala etc (in various anthologies) :)

    I've enjoyed so many of these - Ruth Bonetti, Jo Wanmer, Lynne Stringer, Paula Vince, Nick Hawkes, Anusha, Nola, Anne Hamilton, L D Taylor.

    So many of my books are on my kindle - but I do have some print books that may be wanting to break out :)

    1. Good spotting, Jeanette! I've enjoyed rubbing shoulders with you, and several other author friends, within the pages of Brio, Imagine, and Glimpses of Light. Can I add that you, and at least one other Aussie Christian author mentioned in my book photo collection, have been notoriously influential in drawing me in to the mystical wonder of fantasy literature, dispelling my early resistance to the genre and delighting me with your intriguing, other-worldly stories. Also, thanks for adding your own bookish hide-and-seek pics on the Facebook post. So many good books!

  2. Hi Mazzy,

    How naughty of them. I hope you've rounded them all up now, but as you say, they might have been seeking new homes :)

    I see:
    The Celtic Stone and The Viking Stone by Nick Hawkes
    God's Panoply, Poetry, Pottery and Pageantry by Anne Hamilton
    Though the Bud be Bruised by Jo Wanmer
    Rather a Small Chicken by Pamela Heemskerk
    Perfect Mercy by Elaine Fraser
    Blood Crystal by Jeanette O'Hagan
    Against the Unknown by Graham Carter
    Next of Kin by Carol Preston
    The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings
    Sink, Drift or Swim by Michelle Dennis Evans
    The Boy in the Hoodie by Catriona McKeown
    Motive Games by L.D. Taylor
    Burn my Letters and Midnight Sun to the Southern Cross by Ruth Bonetti
    Activate, Replicate and Integrate by Adele Jones
    And Best Forgotten and Imogen's Chance by Yours Truly

    I haven't even had a go at all the anthologies, but what a varied lot of treasure from Aussie Christian authors.

    1. Oh, well done, Paula! Spit-spot spotting to name so many of them. And your books are among my favourite faves! The number of contributing authors in the anthologies is mind-boggling; even I don't know them all, but I recognise a number of names from among the CWD community within them. My current collection forms a small drop in a very large ocean, so I can only imagine the scope of positive influence we Aussie Christian authors are making.

  3. Yay! A lot of good choice there. :-)

    1. That's what I thought! I'm very much looking forward to reading yours - which is waiting in my to-read pile (last photo) - as well as catching up on more of the jocularity leaping from the pages of the little yellow gem beside it (courtesy of another author who is rather close to you in the gene pool). Will you join in the fun and post your own run-away book collection in the Facebook group?

  4. You are very creative, Mazzy, as are the great writers shown here. I’m running against a deadline at the moment so I’ll do this challenge later but it’s a great way to highlight our talented crew.

  5. What a great way to give a shoutout to some Aussie Christian authors, Mazzy. I spotted 'Glimpses of Light' and a few others that I have short pieces in. When you said you'd been working in the garden, I had no idea this was what was sprouting! And the fact that they were in your garden and surrounds, means that you've also supported a lot of Christian authors by actually buying their books! Well done, Mazzy! Brought a smile to my face :)