Monday, 30 July 2018

As far as I go

Quote by Gene Mauch
by Jenny Glazebrook

There is a quote that says we cannot take anyone further than we have been ourselves; that we cannot lead someone to a place we have never been.

True or false?

For a believer, for God's children, I think it’s false.

I’ve been re-writing a novel I wrote almost twenty years ago. I was young, inexperienced, and quite na├»ve.

Or was I?

I have made a lot of changes to the structure of the novel, fixed point of view issues and removed hundreds of dialogue tags. But they’re all technical issues. All skills I’ve picked up along the way. 

What has surprised me, is the true depth of the novel. Depth and spiritual insight that is extraordinary for someone so young with twenty years less experience, heartache and wisdom than I now have.

Interesting that my original title for the novel was ‘More than a story.’ I won’t be keeping that title as its not appealing for young adults, but it has certainly made me think.

What do I make of it?

It’s all to do with our inspiration. We have the Holy Spirit within us. The God of all ages, all power, all knowledge. He gives us His words to speak (or write). His words spring from the treasure trove of eternity, of all goodness, wisdom, depth, beauty and love.

That’s why I read some of my own words and gasp as a new truth sinks into my heart. Did I truly understand it when I wrote it? Maybe not.

God works through us when we're available, whether we are aware of it or not, and if I’m working with Him, I can learn from my own writing.

Is it the best way to write?

Yes, because God can be putting words into our minds that we are not consciously writing for a particular person or situation, but He is. He alone knows what our readers need. He alone knows what will be happening twenty years from now. Two hundred years from now.

It's amazing that in this book I’m now re-writing, He gave my twenty year old self words for my forty year old self; words that ring truer, sink deeper into my heart than they could have when I first wrote them.

At the same time, as I now re-write I am able to share from my heart; from my experiences in a way I couldn't back then. I am able to live and breathe what I write because it's not just God's inspiration, it is part of who I've become. I have a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ.

All my cleverness, my experience, my skills, can never reach the depths and purpose that God’s words written through me, can. And in the end, it’s His words that matter.

It’s a good reminder to me that we should write our books prayerfully, with Him, inspired by Him, trusting Him.

May we, as Christian writers, let Him be our inspiration, depth and beauty. Then, through Him, we can take people further than we’ve ever been ourselves. We can impart to them, God’s wisdom and love beyond our own understanding.

What we write will be more than a story. What an honour and privilege.

A miracle.

Jenny Glazebrook lives in the country town of Gundagai with her husband, Rob and 4 children along with many pets. She is the published author of 7 novels, 1 traditionally published, and 6 self published. She writes because words burn within her. She is an experienced inspirational speaker and loves to encourage others to walk closer with God and hear His voice each day.  Jenny’s website is:


  1. Hi Jenny. Thank you for a special thought provoking post. You opened my eyes and heart to such an important truth. I'd never realised it before but of course, that's what God does by inspiring our writing. I love it how your 40 year old self learnt from your 20 year old's writing. Wow! Just wow! And that's the wonder of it all isn't it? As Christian writers, when we open ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit, miracles happen. Thanks for the encouragement and the hope you share with us through your beautiful post.

  2. Hi Jenny, what a great post, and also a reminder that refining great work can take time, even around 20 years. I've had similar experiences, of getting a wise reminder from something I'd once written when I didn't consider myself 'wise'. It's great to think that every step contains its own style of wisdom. I hope your re-writing continues to go well. Sounds like an intriguing project.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jenny. Love this "He gave my twenty year old self words for my forty year old self; words that ring truer, sink deeper into my heart than they could have when I first wrote them."