Friday, 14 September 2012

Ask For What You Want

Did you know that God desires to give you not only what you need in life but also what you want?  For so many years I thought it was only OK to ask for what you really needed to get by, that God only gave you just enough, and to ask for anything more was not right.

Reading Luke 18 and the story of the woman persisting with the judge until her petition was answered, speaks mountains to me.  This woman knew she was right in asking for what she wanted. She was a widow that had been wronged, and in Old Testament law she was due justice.  She was in right relationship with God and so she never gave up in asking for what she wanted.

The same is true of us in prayer. Jesus knows the desires of our hearts and waits for us to open our mouths and ask Him.  He waits patiently for us to come to the realisation that He wants to give us more than we could ever ask for.  I am not talking about prosperity gospel, I am talking about practical things, like wanting our writing to be the best that it can be, for Him to open up new doors of opportunity to share our work and heart.  He wants to be the one we go to to increase business and ministry opportunities. He wants to be the one that receives glory for all we do, not just the things that seem more holy.  All things we do are holy unto God, when we follow Jesus. 

So many times as writers and Christians we are knocked back.  Time and time again we struggle and toil, some of us for a great many years. 


If God has placed a dream in your heart, a promise that you know is from Him, hold fast.  Never give up.  Continue to pray and believe that God will answer your prayer.  And I ask that this week  God will provide a new revelation to you of that dream, that promise that was given solely to you.  God will will not fail in His promise to you.

Nicole Watson


  1. Thanks for your encouraging words Nicole. If there is one thing I have learnt in my 38 years of following Jesus is that He is always faithful. And that He will fulfill the desires of my heart when I honour Him in my life. So thank you for reiterating in your blog. Wise words! :)

  2. In the last few weeks I have been in awe of how much more the Lord gives when I ask, so your post truly resonates with me, Nicole. When my desires match His plan, and bring Him glory - there is nothing that stops His blessing. And the gratitude and joy that follows is overwhelming.

  3. Glad to hear Anusha, that you live a life of blessing. God is so good all of the time.

  4. It is exciting isn't it Rose? Knowing that God is for us and cheering us along.

  5. Thanks for your inspiring post Nicole. Learning, trusting and persevering is always the way to go in every aspect of our lives. And with our writing it's great to know that He who gave us the gift in the first place will honour our prayers.

    May we all be encouraged in our work for Him!

  6. Great to hear that you were encouraged Rita. May your writing be blessed and you days be bright. :)

  7. Nicole, Encouragement is what we all need at times I'm sure. Your reminders of God's goodness are that.