Monday, 27 April 2020

The Best Scoop of All

by Anusha Atukorala

2020! I heralded the year as THE YEAR above all years. I believed that God’s blessings would abound; that prayers would be answered. I knew they would. I prayed they would. I decreed and declared they would. One day, early in the year, a smile danced on my lips as I zoomed off for a special encounter, one dear to my writer's heart.

Once on the road, I discovered to my concern that I’d taken a wrong turn. I was now heading in the opposite direction to where I was going. Oh no! What should I do? I turned left into the next street—performed a quick U turn and spun back to the road I’d been on, retracing my route. Soon I was back on track. Relief fanned me, like cool breezes on a warm summer's day. But I’d wasted ten whole minutes on that unnecessary detour!

I reached my local library with a few minutes to spare. To my dismay, I found the car park inexplicably full. Grrr! I drove around several times, searching urgently for a park. I would be late. ‘Lord, help me please!” And then … there it loomed ahead of me—an empty spot. Hooray. I slid in with a whoop of joy. Thank you God.

I had chosen the busiest day at the library apparently—a holiday program for kids was on. I reached the building for my 11 a.m. appointment—just in time. The library’s personable Event Officer greeted me and we sat down to talk. Despite the hustle and bustle around me and my frazzled nerves within, the meeting went exceptionally well. Detour or not, sweet melodies now began to hum in my heart. Our local library was willing to organise the launch of my next book Sharing the Journey’. I was delighted to hear how well they’d support me. They promised to even serve wine for my guests at no cost. Oh? Yes! Yes, please!

Afterwards I realised that perhaps my detour was a reminder that the year might not flow as smoothly as I hoped! Plan for detours, I told myself when I got home. Go with the flow, Anusha. Dream on but expect the unexpected. Don’t be fooled into thinking my plans won’t get messed up. I spent the next few weeks making goals and plans for 2020. Soon, I was ready for the year; I was ready to fly, to fly high like an eagle!

That was three months ago. I laugh today as to how naive I was! I did expect a challenge or two ... just not this level of difficulty! Did you? The vicissitudes the planet has had to face in 2020 have been unprecedented.

And by the way … on a personal note, I had:
One Exciting Book Launch  - POSTPONED!
One Exciting New Dream Job - CANCELLED!

A tiny virus which cannot even be seen by the naked eye has romped across our world creating havoc, instigating whole countries to be shut down, including our own! What does that say about us and how much control we have over our lives and calendars? The illusion of humankind being Masters of our fate is being fast stripped away; our dreams laid bare as we scrabble around, trying desperately to re-organise our lives and to return to a state of normalcy.

 “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance? Who can fathom the Spirit of the Lord, or instruct the Lord as his counsellor? Whom did the Lord consult to enlighten him, and who taught him the right way? … Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales.” Isaiah 40:12-15

Part of me has been shocked at the way things have turned out, as if I’m an actress in a pandemic horror movie. But another part of me sees things a little differently. It has caused me to lift my eyes in awe of the One who holds all things in His Powerful Hands.

“To whom will you compare me?  Or who is my equal?” says the Holy One. Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these?” Isaiah 40:25-26

You and I will not last one day, one hour or even one single moment without the mercy and grace of our Mighty Saviour. He cares for us every single moment in ways we don’t realise. We often take it all for granted, so 2020 was a good wakeup call of how much we need Him.

What does this mean for us Christian writers? During the last few months, I have beheld  God’s glory afresh as I’ve been made aware how small I am and how little control I have over my life. I’ve also been made aware of the grandeur and majesty of God. It’s as if I am a tiny ant. As long as I look at the mirror of misconception and worldliness, I am magnified a hundredfold, so I strut around as if I was the size of a giant human being and in control of the homo sapien world. Until … I see myself through the looking glass of reality! And that … changes everything.  I realise once more who I really am—small, insignificant, and in need of a Saviour.

Thankfully, we have good news. Great news. Fabulous news! 

The same God who created the world is a Good Good Father who loves us beyond measure. So let’s focus not on our smallness but on the immensity, majesty and splendour of our awe-inspiring Triune God. We Christian writers have been called by the Creator of the Universe to reach His world.

If He has called us, our calling must be significant!

He is the One Sure Rock who will not move in the shifting sands of life’s insecurities. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, fact or fantasty, you have been given The Best Scoop of all—the good news of Jesus and your Christian worldview! So … hold your head high today. In spite of uncertainty and fear, sorrow and heartache, loss and pain, we still have one thousand reasons to write. We can write for Him with joy and hope in our hearts, inspired by the One who has called us.

Let’s fill the earth with stories 
that bring glory to the magnificent Author of life.

Anusha’s been on many interesting detours in life, as a lab technician, a computer programmer, a full time Mum, a full time volunteer, a charity director, a full time job chaser, until one golden day (or was it a dark moonless night?) God tapped her on her shoulder and called her to write for Him. She has never recovered from the joy it brought her. She loves to see others enjoying life with Jesus and does her mite to hurry the process in her world through her writing and through her life. The goodness of God is her theme song through each season, as she dances in the rain with Jesus.

Her first book Enjoying the Journey'' contains 75 little God stories that will bring you closer to your Creator. Her 2nd book ‘Dancing in the Rain’ brings you hope and comfort for life’s soggy seasons. Her 3rd book, ‘Sharing the Journey’ is a sequel to 'Enjoying the Journey' and was released in March 2020.

Do stop by at her website Dancing in the Rain to say G’day!

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  1. Hi Anusha! Theses are words of inspired wisdom which warmed the cockles of my heart this morning as I read them! My first thoughts were, This is a ‘How to handle oneself in a crisis 101’ lesson.
    We were all so sorry that the official launch had to be cancelled but the celebration of your third published book is enough for now! Can’t wait to start reading my copy when it arrives!
    Blessings and love my dear friend! 💜✝️

    1. Hi lovely Lesley. Thanks so much for your warm words of encouragement (as always). Thank you so much for buying my book despite the launch's refusal to cooperate! :) I pray you will enjoy it. And yes, our great and mighty God is in control despite what it looks like. No doubt about that. Bless you for the way you are coping in this crisis 101 situation and reaching out to others through it too. Blessings and love right back you dear friend. Take care and stay safe and well. xoxo

  2. Such warmth, wisdom and humour in your writing dear Anusha. May the Almighty continue to astound us all with stories to share with each other and a reason to always keep writing ... indeed!

    1. Awww! Thanks so much lovely Anita. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement. Yes, may His words ring out from our pens and our lives. And yes, we have many reasons to keep writing. God bless you Anita and may He make His face shine on you today. Stay safe and well. xoxo

  3. Thanks for those encouraging words, Anusha. I knew your book launch had been postponed, but I didn't realise your new job had been cancelled :( I thought it had just been postponed too. That must have been so disheartening. But it's good to know that God is in control even though we're not sure what is happening. And it certainly has given us lots of fuel for writing. I've started reading your new book and I'm enjoying it. Maybe people need to hear its message even more now that we're going through these challenging times. May God bless you richly for your faithfulness to him. You've cheered many hearts, including mine.

    1. Thanks so much dear Nola for taking the time to read and respond. So glad you liked it. About the job - I could have taken it - but I got it just as we were encouraged to stay at home and the situ with COVID-19 was escalating - and being over 60 with a chronic health condition - it didn't seem like the best time to be stepping out into a new situation. So prayerfully decided I wouldn't take it. I do feel hopeful though that God will bring the opportunity back one day when the time is right. Meanwhile, He's calling me to write more (although I still haven't quite stepped up to the mark in being disciplined enough to do all I should) - and I have plenty to do. Thanks heaps for caring. Thank you for buying my book too and I hope it will bless you. Thanks so much for all your lovely encouragement. Right back to you. Stay safe and well and God be with you. Happy writing too! WAITING to read your book ... not too long to wait now. Yay!

  4. I love this Anusha. A good reminder that our Lord has everything in control. Sorry to hear about your job!

    1. Thanks so much dear Pamela. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, He always does doesn't He - even when it doesn't seem that way. As for my job - I'm OK with it because He's given me lots else to do - mainly writing this year. So am confident He will bring the job back at the right time. Thanks for the encouragement Pamela and God bless you dear friend. xoxo

  5. Beautifully said, Anusha! God til me last year to let go of mourning and embrace the joy ahead..! Many times this year I've shouted in frustration, this dos not feel like joy, Lord! But God, in his magnificent kindness, gently reminds me to look for it amongst the dark times. Perhaps it is up to me to choose the joy in this vast detour? Thank you so much for the reminder. Blessings, Helen

    1. Thanks so much dear Helen. Lovely to hear how God's led you to a journey of letting go of mourning and to instead to embrace the joy. I do agree with you - often reality does not present us with feelings of joy. This has surely been a crazy year so far. And yet, I wonder if joy is not feeling but our attitudes of gratitude and thanks that Jesus knows, cares and is with us in the tough moments. And that's exactly what you said. I do agree with what you said that it's up to us to choose joy. I too have had some tough years and have been struggling to feel my usual joy - so your words do resonate with me. Thank you Helen for taking the time to comment and for the lovely encouragement. God bless you and keep you and your boys safe in the palms of His loving Hands. xoxo

  6. Lovely post as usual, dear friend. I wasn't aware that your new job had been canceled, but I agree that this wouldn't have been the best time to venture out during the pandemic. Yes, the Lord will bring it all together at just the right time! He is not early or late, but unveils His gifts at the perfect time. I have ordered your new book and am very excited to begin reading as soon as it arrives. It makes me feel a little bit like part of your book launch in the virtual realm! Yes, let's all keep writing for now and fill the earth with stories to glorify our majestic Lord. Stay safe...much love, big hugs, and loving prayers xoxo

    1. Thanks so much beautiful Kay for taking time to read and respond. I do agree that the Lord is always right on time. Thanks so much for ordering my book. How lovely of you. I do pray you will be blessed by it. And yes, you are indeed part of my virtual book launch! Bless you. The Lord is pleased how you follow His heart with your own writing. And yes, let's fill the earth with stories of God to bring honour to Him. Much love and hugs right back and many prayers. xoxo