Thursday, 27 August 2015


Dianne Riley

When our son was young he was given a wonderful hand me down.  Two buckets of Lego - Duplo.  What enjoyment we had with him making endless configurations from the bits held within those two buckets.  Naturally he has become a Lego enthusiast.  He is 23 now and would be most disappointed if there wasn't some sort of Lego treat tucked into his birthday or Christmas presents.

All those little Lego blocks, little pieces when connected in a certain way can make amazing things. 

It's somewhat like writing.
I enjoy being told how someone has connected with what I have written.
When I'm reading I love it when the words, story connects with my heart and my mind.

Crafting words in a way to connect with people.  To make them laugh, feel inspired or lead them to a place of escape.  The thrill of a writer.

A friend recommended a book to me recently.  I haven't been so keen on the author but she was insistent I read the book.

So I did.
Albeit skeptically, at first.

In the end I was sobbing my heart out.

This story connected to a pocket in my heart I had kept bolted, barred and locked away with a 'no trespassing' sign hanging firmly on it.

Isn't it a joy my fellow Christian Writers Downunder?
.....used by God.

Like Lego, words when put together in a certain way can make amazing things, to touch hearts and change lives.

May our pens and keyboards flourish under the inspiration of our great God.

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  1. What an inspiring thought Di. It is indeed amazing that God can give us just the right words to connect with the hearts and minds of others. May he continue to bless all of our words so they can bless others and have an impact for the Kingdom. And I wouldn't mind some of those Lego gifts under my Christmas tree too :)

    1. Thanks Nola
      I was so glad my friend insisted I read the book she suggested.
      I've always been a Lego fan but when I was a child is was VERY different to all the splendid pieces of today!

  2. What a lovely analogy Dianne. Loved it. Very beautifully expressed too. As for me - connecting has been what life has been all about. Connecting with others is one of my passions. And yes, connecting words together as well. And using words to connect with others is the thrill of being a writer indeed. Thanks for sharing so beautifully!

    1. Thanks Anusha....clearly you are a connector, glad we connect!

  3. Lovely post Di - yes, it is a wonderful thrill when someone says he or she has connected to something I've written - have been inspired, encouraged or stimulated to think. That is why I send my writing out into the world - to connect :) Well said.

    1. My husband is my biggest fan and he is always encouraging to write because he thinks I have something to say, and connect well with others - such a blessing!

  4. Hi Dianne,
    Those connections are partly what makes all the hard work worthwhile. I love both doing the connecting and being connected with. Blessings both ways.

    1. Paula, I am thankful God is able to use my gift and I love being connected through this fabulous arena - CWD!

  5. Wow. That's amazing. I love it when I read something like this. You probably had it in your head that you were going to dislike the book. :-) I bet you were both shocked and sobbing in your heart. Very inspiring. These connections are a writer's lifeblood. Thank you for posting this.