Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you Ready

   Are you ready? Ready for the unexpected? Ready for the new thing?
   Revival is coming to Australia. As a writer, are you prepared? As a reader are you open?
   Two thousand years ago, Jesus came at the fullness of time. He came when everything was ready. The Roman empire supplied roads and communication systems that had never been seen before  The stage was set for the Good News to travel the known world quickly and efficiently.
Revival was been prophesied for this nation for over 200 years and the time is ready. Although there have been mini outbreaks in places, our nation has never seen a big revival. It is now imminent.  Across our nation  stories abound of the Spirit moving in power. My Facebook feed reports miracles and healings daily here in Australia.
   About six weeks ago, we saw an amazing miracle at our church . A young lady from England came to Australia for a holiday. She was deeply depressed and had lost hope. The first day here she stumbled across our church. Three weeks later she went home renewed in spirit, but also with restored sight. Yes, you read that correctly! She had been totally blind in one eye. One morning, after prayer in a home group the previous evening, she woke with near perfect vision in that eye. (See her story here)
   A blind eye opened! Here in my Aussie church! Amazing.
   The Spirit is on the move and I'm excited! So writer - get ready.
   With every move of the Spirit, there comes new revelation. God opens his Word in new and fresh ways.     These revelations will be written in blogs, e books and books to spread the message to the world. All is ready. Messages can travel the world in a nano second! But the world is also suffering information overload.    So as writers we need to ask God for the messages and the communication methods that will be noticed!       And we need to keep our ears to the ground and know what God is doing.
   Along with readers, we need open minds. The greatest enemy to revival is an attitude that says "I know."
We've read the Bible. We've heard the sermons. When we think we know what the passage says, our minds switch off, unconsciously. But this is a time when we need to deliberately turn on! Turn our hearts toward the heart of God and be open to His thoughts, His revelations. We then apply them to our lives.
   The day after I wrote this blog, I sat under the teaching of Brian Simmons, one of the most revelatory teachers I have ever heard. He put it this way.
             The on-ramp to revelation is  "I don't understand, Lord. Show me."
             The door to revelation isn't a sharp mind, but a spirit that is tender toward God.
   As Christian writers, we have never had such an opportunity. God is pouring out new revelation, doing a new thing. Lets catch the wave and fill our writings with new understandings that will inspire our readers

PS. Check out Brian Simmons and his range of books. He is translating the bible one book at a time, restoring the passion to the Word. I really love his translation.

Jo Wanmer (Check out her blog) is on a road of learning, desperate to be transformed, degree by degree, into His image. Her book, Though the Bud be Bruised, is also transforming lives, bringing healing and hope. 


  1. Jo, love this. Great words from Brian:

    'The on-ramp to revelation is "I don't understand, Lord. Show me."
    The door to revelation isn't a sharp mind, but a spirit that is tender toward God.'

    Reminds me of the classic revival verse of 2 Chron 7:14 - "if my people would humble themselves ..."

    Oh, and I'm ready. Wonderful inspiration to start the day. Thanks Jo.

    1. Thanks Ian. Ah, yes, if we would only humble ourselves and pray... :)

  2. Thanks Jo for that challenge. I too like Ian loved those words 'The door to revelation isn't a sharp mind but a spirit that is tender towards God.'

    I pray I will be ready. I pray that I will always keep my time with God as my most important time of the day. I pray my spirit will be tender towards God.

    Thanks Jo for that awesome reminder.
    Bless you.

    1. Bless you Anusha. May God pour out revelation on you as you write.

  3. Hi Jo, what an inspiring word. You're so right that it's easy to switch off when we think we already know all about a passage, but time and again God can show us something fresh if we're open to his leading. Bless you.

    1. Hey Nola. Thanks for your encouragement. You are a great writer and on the cutting edge. I love your work.

  4. Wow, sounds like some amazing things happening up your way Jo. That's really interesting how you talk about writers being the ones to record and share the stories of what God is doing. Quite the responsibility. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Adam, it is amazing times! Grab them. Great opportunity for Christian writers. Thanks for your encouragement.

  5. Yes and amen Jo. There is some great stuff happening. It excites me. Woot! Praise God!

  6. Yes, I'm ready! Bring it on. You're right, there are little rumbles of great things beginning. Let us writers be ready.

  7. Wonderful insight Jo and very True the time for revival in Australia is very close, we see the signs as you shared.

    I have been healed more than once Mercilessly and so have others that I know and I have also experienced signs and wonders but perhaps the most wonderful was when being confused I asked for and received God's wisdom and could then understand His Truth, I thank Him everyday for this amazing gift and as Jesus leads me into full understanding, I rejoice that the confusion and doubts have ended and that in knowing the heart of God, fear no longer has a grip on me. 1Corinthians 2:9-16

    Christian Love - Anne

  8. Sorry Jo about the spelling mistake it should be miraculously not Mercilessly, my spell checkis not working and I missed it.

    Thanks again and I look forward to sharing with you soon - Anne

  9. Thanks Paula and Amanda. I admire you and your talent immensely! Keep writing God stuff. Bless you.
    Anne, thanks for your encouragement. Isn't it great that God's revelations and wisdom have no end? Every time I read a passage I don't understand (and it happens often) I get excited. Ah this is the spot to mine more revelation. God is good.

    1. Thank you for your response to my comment Jo and it is good that you have asked for God's wisdom and walk in it, so many ask but then keep asking and don't believe they have received it and so they Trust in their own understanding or others.

      I Posted about wisdom on my Woman's Blog, Kingdom's Garden if you have the time perhaps it would resonate with you.

      Blog Post

      Thanks again - Christian Lov Anne

  10. Thanks for that wonderful reminder, Jo. It so helps to refocus on what is really important, when the day to day stuff blinds me to the eternal. It's a great thought to hold when editing our books, so that we are guided to lead our readers to the truth.

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  12. Writer get ready! I like that challenge because it speaks of action. One thing that has been pressing on me more and more is the importance of staying in the word. Thanks Jo great blog.

  13. Bring it on. I see it exploding everywhere and our church is looking like it will be one to catch the fire too - whoo hoo! We need it - the world needs it. I'm in!