Monday, 5 November 2012

Australian Flavour

Today, Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are visiting our small town of Longreach, in the QLD outback.  It is hot here (40C hot), it is often dusty, there are always flys, and McDonalds is a good four hour drive away.  However you will never find more friendly people. You cannot walk past someone in the main street and not nod your head and smile in greeting.  The businesses are thriving, and people know how to make their own fun. When the royal couple descend upon our humble town they will be treated to a welcome they will not forget in a hurry, and a BBQ with many from the local community.  Those attending the BBQ were also given a list of etiquette rules as long as your arm, but their country charm will still shine through.

As Australian authors we have our own flavor flavour.  We should be so proud that our writing does not blend so easily with the international market. Our work has a unique and zesty freshness that once tested cannot go by unnoticed.  Australian authors are beginning to break through in the market place, due to the hard work of many persistent and enthusiastic authors and their publishers. This coupled with God's blessing for His Kingdom's work more than promises our success.  We are pioneers in essence, a rising tide of Christian voices that refuses to be squelched or knocked back for long. The more we write, the more we fight, preparing the way for future voices to be heard. I am honoured to be a part of such a community of inspirational people, who are obediently using their gifts for God's glory.  A special blessing for each of you:

May your heart be at peace and with knowledge of purpose.  May your mind be filled with all manner of inspiration and stories yet to be told.  May your words be sent far and wide in print, to countries you yet to set foot upon. May your work and profit be multiplied according to God's riches. 

Nicole Watson
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  1. Hope you get an invite to that BBQ! That would be really something, and you could write your blog on that next time! :)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Yes, we do a have distinct flavour that can't help shining through whether or not we intend it to. Thanks for your encouraging words for us all. I remember calling myself a 'pioneer' back in 2000 when my first book was published, but part of pioneer-hood is that we never know how long we may have to stick at it. But as you say, we absolutely are paving the way for future voices to be heard.

  3. Unfortunately we did not receive an invite to the BBQ Meredith as we have only been living in Longreach for two months. Some of our new friends did though. I thought we may have got a wildcard invite being the newbies to town but oh well. We will just go along and enjoy the fun of the walk around.

  4. It's true what you say about being a pioneer-the slog can be long and hard. But it is a leagcy that we are leaving and I am content enough in that. May God bless your ideas Paula and the work of your hand.

  5. We are special, Nicole. And we have such strength as we work together. I loved how Matt from Vision's The Journey put it recently: We are a 'Literary Amy'. Makes me feel an important part of a much greater picture.

    I would love to meet the royals. How cool is that.

  6. Sounds a lovely place to live despite the 40 degree heat and the flies. Am sure the royal couple will be blessed by their time with there.

    And yes, Aussie writers definitely have our own unique flavour and something good to offer the world. Thanking God for our calling.
    Blessing Nicole,

  7. Love it Rose-literary army! With God leading, how can we fail :)

  8. Hi Nicole! My family lives in Longreach (mum and dad own the Longreach Caravan Park). I was talking to Mum today about The Visit. She said there isn't much happening to welcome Charles and Camilla. Yes, there's a BBQ, but it's invitation only. Only the bigwigs and vips (not that Longreach has that many) are invited. Mum said she's not booked out with people coming to town to see the royal couple and there seems to be a general air of ordinariness about the town
    Very different to when the Queen visited many years ago.
    All the best as you write for His glory, Lucy.

  9. Yes Anusha Longreach is a wonderful place to live. And thank you for clarifying the correct spelling of 'flies'. Spell check liked it both ways and I could not choose! Our writing is a special gift, our legacy to the world, all leading to God the original creative genius.

  10. Hi Lucy,

    It is true the BBQ was only for invited guests. I did not receive an invite but quite a few people I know did. There were still about 1000 people lining the streets for the street walk and I was very proud to be there with my children. There were a few out of towners there as well. However there was no great pandemonium in town and it was relatively quiet. Many of the people I spoke to in the lead up told me that would not be going due to their personal views of Charles and Camilla. They fail to realise that we are still a part of the Commonwealth and this is our Royal family. I guess it is like anything really, you get out what you put into it. I am going to have to go and introduce myself to your Mum. Is the caravan park the one on Ibis St? If so, we live across the road from it and I have met your Mum many times already :) Maybe we will meet one day.

  11. LONGREACH! How Australian is that? There's something very special about our outback towns. The air and the earth are different and the people are genuine... no airs and graces. I spent some years of my childhood in several outback towns, and even on Aboriginal reserves where my grandparents were matron and manager. So yes, Nicole, that flavour must be there in our writing, even if we're unaware of it.

    Thanks for the reminder!