Monday, 16 July 2012

Writing  To Inspire

Storytelling is powerful. A good story captures the imagination and reaches the heart if it resonates with the reader.

The temptation I have as a writer (and teacher) is to give a solid message and hammer it home with enthusiasm. My obsession is to write and teach. The tension is in how to tell stories without preaching.

I need to write in such a way that gives value beyond any message. It needs to add value to a person's day. They need to feel inspired, entertained, moved and involved in the story for as long as it takes them to read it. They don't want me giving them a lesson. They want a few hours of escape into another world.

My goal is to write stories that function as more than a vehicle to push my own agenda. Stories that remind the reader of beauty, inspire them to relate to others better, to connect them to a time and place and give them vicarious experiences they can relate to. That's the sort of story I want to write.

Religion creates vivid stories that speak to people's hearts and souls. At the heart of all religions there is a meta-story filled with beautiful imagery in prose and poetry. As readers, or followers, we are drawn to be a part of the story and belong.

Stories don't always appeal to our rational selves, they appeal to our emotions.

I want the reader to feel inspired and to connect with God, but my writing is poorer if all I do is give a lesson. I want readers to look at my characters with the same emotional care and passion as I do. I want them to resonate with the characters' lives and to think about what their own lives could be.

We all need role models and I want the reader to get the most out of their own lives. Hopefully, the stories I write will be a tiny part of that process.

I want my characters to have courage and guts, to be fun, honest and genuine. I want readers to see that just as the characters are on a journey of discovery, so too are they. A book ends, but lives go on. 

If I can get someone to read my book and enjoy it, I have achieved success. Even if just one phrase from a three hundred-page book helps someone on their journey or inspires them in some way, that is the icing on the cake.

Elaine Fraser


  1. Thanks for an inspiring post. What I love about great books is they speak to different people about different things. They seem to adjust to each individual reader to meet their need at the time.
    BTW - I can't work out who wrote this!

  2. I don't know who wrote this either - but I like what it says. :)

  3. Is it Elaine Fraser @ Beautiful Books?
    Yes, the only words I can add to this beautiful post are ditto for me too.

  4. Love your post, Elaine. Especially the timely reminder that we read for entertainment, to escape into another world. The last thing we need is a lesson...unless it's how to write brilliantly! :)

  5. Good post Elaine. Unless we relate to the characters and connect emotionally with them, I doubt we will listen to the lesson they have to teach.

  6. Welcome to our friendly group, Elaine. Amen to everything you've laid out so succinctly in your post!

  7. I am sure that your book will be a book that is worth reading. I admire people like you you have the gift.

  8. Hi Elaine, beautiful words, from a beautiful heart! I have read the passion in your words and know there will be more than one phrase per book to inspire!
    Blessings, xx

  9. Another reminder to write well, with genuine honest characters and strong storytelling. Thanks.