Monday, 12 December 2011

Waiting on me?

Writing is a waiting game:
Waiting for inspiration to write - or a great new idea.
Waiting for time to write (around distractions - finding just one hour to sit still!)
Waiting for an editor or appraiser to get back to you
Waiting for a publisher (yes we can take ages!)
If you get a contract now you wait again - wait for the next lot of edits, the cover preparation, to get it proofread, to get it printed and so on and so on.

But despite it being a waiting game sometimes I find it amazing that most of the time I am waiting on myself.
Waiting for the inspiration to write is a funny one. We writers almost always have a good idea – or at least an idea that we can get started with. So most of the time I am waiting on myself; to simply get into it – to write it down.
Then finding time to write. We all have 1000s of distractions – other work, kids, husbands (or wives for those male writers!!!) friends, the TV, or another good book to read. But really if we want to write we can find time. Even if it is half an hour before everyone else is up or after everyone else goes to bed. So am I really waiting for time to write?
While we wait on an editor, appraiser or publisher we can start something new. We don’t have to be waiting. And then when we wait for publication we can be preparing for that publication. Getting ready for speaking engagements, promotion, launches, book signing and so much more.
So why am I always waiting?
Where is my motivation? I think what makes me think like I am waiting is my motivation to get moving is lacking. So why is it lacking? Am I not really a writer? Do I want someone to tell me what to do? Am I giving up before I have even started?
I have been thinking about this for a while and I think what I rely on is God. My inspiration and passion is God inspired. Sometimes however I get so caught up with life – the busy-ness of it, the adventure of writing, the chaos of life – I forget to ask God what he wants. And I forget that God can steer me, but if I am not moving it is hard to be steered (you know the old analogy that a car that isn’t moving can’t change direction but if you are moving you can be directed). So I am returning to God. Returning my motivation for writing to what God wants. And I am going to keep moving in faith.
Whenever I am waiting on will reflect on this. Who am I waiting on – myself or someone else? And if it is someone else what can I be doing instead to keep up my motivation and passion?
If this is just me I am glad, but if anyone else knows where I am coming from let’s find our inspiration and remember who inspires us each day.


  1. Hi Rochelle,
    Well said! I too often feel like I am waiting but in the meantime there are so many constructive things that I could be doing that God wants me to do. Some not necessarily relating to writing. I feel God wants me to start writing my second book but I had begun to worry about with work etc, etc how I would manage it, so your post was a great encouragemnet that I probably can find the time to do so. After all how many hours do I spend watching TV? that I could use constructively.

  2. Hi Rochelle,
    I'm sure we can all identify with this. This reflection made me stop and consider that every day of the year, I'm sure I'm waiting for something or other.
    One of the hardest things I feel is waiting for inspiration. For a lot of last year, I didn't feel I had the impetus to begin a new book because my head was still so full of my last project, "Best Forgotten." I had ideas but they just didn't 'grab' me with that spark we all recognise when it comes. Now it's sparked and I'm off and away.
    You sure need patience in the business of writing.

  3. Interesting: this says that we should not necessarily wait for clear guidance from above before we stop waiting and start moving. I like that!

  4. Maybe we are little scared to start writing. We think that what we are writing is no good. I get that sometimes.

    Inspiration can come while you are writing. So we don't really need to wait. We need to write and see what will come up.


  5. And this from the most motivated person I know...! You're a star, Rochelle!

  6. You got me thinking... I've discovered that part of any of my own waiting/not moving forward 'seasons' is procrastination. And once I start going down that track, it becomes more and more constraining, sort of like a prison from which I must escape.
    It usually happens when I don't have a definite goal or time constraint and just float through life. And that usually occurs after a big energy high, when I've had to push hard to get a job done. And after that there's the low that follows the high.
    And so I love deadlines. I'm a duty-bound person, so they make me focus and produce my best work. I've even taken to making up my own deadlines when they aren't imposed by external events.
    And yes, Peter, I have definitely noticed that when I keep moving, God keeps giving inspiration and guidance.
    Thanks so much for that reflective post, Rochelle!

  7. I have stopped waiting (well as much as I can - procrastination just happens sometimes, and there are things I have no control over). I have now made a commitment to set aside two days of my week for creative endeavours - and that, of course, includes writing. I have told my boss that I am unavailable on those days. As a casual staff member it was easy for me to end up working on days I had planned for writing, now this can't happen. I wonder why I didn't step up and do this earlier. Funnily enough I am actually happier at work now because I am allowing myself time to create on the days I am not there. I have the balance I need.
    Thank you Rochelle for sharing this piece with us.

  8. Great post Rochelle, thanks :)

  9. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It is good to know I am not the only one!
    Meredith - some days I am not motivated at all! :)
    Peter - well we still listen, but we always do the next right thing and let Him steer (well I need to remind myself to do that sometimes too!)
    Perhaps I may even be inspired to write something myself this week :)

  10. You're right. If we call ourselves Christian writers then we need to be relying on God.

  11. If this was a facebook post I'd click 'Like'.
    Good post to remind us to wait (expectantly) on God, and keep questioning our excuses. Thanks Rochelle.

  12. I know waiting can be frustrating. I don't like to wait in line or wait for things to come in the post or wait for people to turn up, and yet when I was reading this what came to my mind were scriptures like Psalm 27: 14 "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." I think I've had to learn over the years that some really good things come from waiting. So perhaps when we feel we're just waiting, it's a good time to focus on God and let our waiting be on Him.

  13. I can wholeheartedly relate Rochelle. I sometimes get bogged down with the day to day.It seems like all the necessary tasks get in the way. But you are right - we can always find the time to do what God has for us. He never gives us more than we can handle. There is also a time for everything. A time to work so hard we feel as though we'll never catch up on the lost hours of sleep, and times when we just have to let it all go and rest. It's all about trusting His timing isn't it?

  14. Its like writing blogs - I can wait and wait for inspiration, but when I stop procrastinating and start, the inspiration comes. I, too, need deadlines. If I create a timeline it keeps me moving. Now all I need to do is stop waiting for time to make the timeline!

  15. I agree Rochelle. While waiting for one thing, it is important to keep moving with something else. I often find the inspiration comes once I step out and begin something - I don't wait for the appropriate time, I schedule the time and just start. If I didn't, I wouldn't get any writing done, I think. Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Some days it does seem that's all we do. You're so right, we do need rely on God to be our steering wheel and guide us.

    I guess that's one of the reasons I love this group, we can not only lift each other up in prayer but each of us has been in the same position.

    Great post, Rochelle. :)

  17. Waiting, waiting, waiting ... Always waiting, but God has shown me through an American children's television program that the waiting time won't feel as long if we do something while we are waiting. A great reminder,thanks Rochelle.

  18. Rochelle, thanks for your inspiring post :) I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. I tend to work on multiple projects at the same time and I find I usually have something to do that is writing related.