Saturday, 3 December 2011


I was reading on Facebook recently, the following quote by Albert Edward Day

{Methodist minister, died 1973}

God is nearer to our minds than our own thoughts; nearer to our hearts than our own feelings, more intimate with our wills than our most vigorous decisions….’

As I pondered these words I felt a sense of delight that God was closer to me than even any ideas that I had. Before I do any thinking, He is already there.

I then clearly sensed the Holy Spirit opening my mind to the realization that for many decades, I had subconsciously taken pride in any thoughts that I had that had been in any way wise or astute.

3 things then occurred:

  1. I immediately knew it to be true.
  2. I agreed with God that this certainly had happened many times and sought His forgiveness through Christ.
  3. God gave me a deep sense of thankfulness that His kindness extended to correcting me for sins that I had not even been aware of.

It reminded me of Psalm 19:12 – 14 where the psalmist asks God to forgive his hidden faults, to stop him from presumptuous sins so he can walk blamelessly before God.

Just like the chameleon in this photo hidden faults can blend into our lives and be almost impossible to recognize.

So I start this week with a new sense of awareness that:

  1. All good thoughts {of course our writing included} are from God, may He be praised.
  2. God is great in mercy and when we desire to please Him in every aspect of our lives. He has us covered and will indeed bring to mind those things that we need to repent of and allow our meditations to be acceptable in His sight. We can trust Him to do so.

May God bless you all this week, Jennifer Ann.

Bio –Jennifer Ann is the author of “Broken Pottery the life of an African girl” published by Ark House Press Australia. It is the fictional journey of an obstetric fistula sufferer.

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  1. Thank you so much for that, Jennifer Ann. The chameleon makes a perfect analogy for 'hidden faults', and your post inspired me to read the whole Psalm right away. It struck me what a profound statement v.12 really is: "Who PERCEIVES his unintentional sins?" (As a counsellor I work with perception management all the time.)I will certainly ask the Lord to show me those imperceptibly dirty patches in my own life. Again, thanks!

  2. Pride seems the most subtle sin and perhaps the most prevalent, in my life as much as anyone's. Yet how can anything I think of or achieve not be a direct consequence of God's love, power and inspiration? Thanks Jennifer Ann. I needed to hear this today.

  3. I love hearing things that strip back the layers of our hearts and reveal more that needs dealing with. Your post has made me search myself. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love the chameleon analogy too. It's so easy to nurture 'acceptable' sins without a thought.

  5. Some times we are not even aware of the things we harbour that keep us from Him. Thank you Jennifer Ann, for the reminder that He knows us far better than we know ourselves.

  6. Thanks Jennifer Ann. I loved the quote you used. It speaks powerfully to me. God's also been nudging me about living a blameless life before Him - so it is spot on with other things He has been saying to me. Thanks so much for the thoughts and the beautiful picture of the chameleon.

  7. Hi to all who posted comments,
    Its so uplifting as a christian to know that even though I have never met any of you, we are all in fellowship together as the Lord works in our lives.
    thank you

  8. I too find myself proud of "wise" thoughts and often forget to give the credit where it's due. God's grace is an amazing thing. Thanks, Jennifer, for reminding me to dwell in it again.

  9. Hi Penny,
    it's great how we can all encourage each other.

  10. Very thought-provoking and essential to consider! Thanks Jennifer :)

  11. Thanks Dorothy,
    May god continue to bless us all with his wisdom.