Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing on a Fiction Writers’ blog ‘cause I don’t write fiction. That’s my wife, Mary’s, expertise. But I don’t know of any other realm catering for the likes of (strange) me. And I do need the encouragement of others who tell stories and play with words.

So I hope you can endure this writer whose way might be a source of friction to writers of fiction. However I dare to say in each of us there is a strange streak, a madness only those similarly infected understand. Hence the following poem.

What Madness has Gripped Me?

What madness has gripped me?
This compulsion an insanity
Runs riot around my mind
Interest in others decline.
My heart trembles
My conscience crumbles
I’m bewitched

What madness has come near?
Characters like ghosts appear
Yelling, begging for release
Unsettling inner peace.
My fingers twitch
My mind has an itch
I’m hypnotized

What madness has driven me?
Away from friendly society
To a room, solitary
Outsiders find so scary.
My passions stirred
My emotions unfurled
I’m in a daze

What madness has transfixed me?
Daring me to break free
Before giving humanity
To ghosts of my insanity!
My hands begin to write
My story comes to light
I’m amazed

Will I ever escape those periods of madness?
I hope not!

Raymond Hawkins ©September 2011.

Am I correct in thinking you too are a little ‘strange’ from time to time when a story line is born?

Ray Hawkins is a retired Churches of Christ minister and married to Mary, a multi-published Romance author. Over the years his writing has developed from magazine articles and Bible studies to having two themed devotional meditation books published by EBP. They are ‘Children: God’s Special Interest and From Eden With love (About Marriage). He will be a presenter for the workshop on ‘Writing Devotionals’ at the Brisbane Word Writers’ Fair in November. Poetry also seems to creep into his heart from time to time.


  1. My hands begin to write
    My story comes to light
    I’m amazed

    Yes, 'a little strange' but oh so glad to be in the grip of our mad 'compulsion.' :)

  2. Loved it, Ray!
    Thanks for sharing your poem with us. :)

  3. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for sharing your poem. It appears the same affliction effects both writers of fiction and non-fiction! :)

    Thought I should mention; CWDownunder is not a fiction authors group like other groups out there. We're open to ANY writer of words for God, regardless of what genre you belong to.

    We're so glad you joined us here, Ray!

  4. Thanks Dorothy
    hands that write
    upholding the Light
    of truth and love
    bless all who read
    including you and me.

  5. Greetings Penny
    Being part of a group of writers under the spell of writing with whom to share words and stories is a delight. Thanks for encouraging

  6. Good morning Lee
    I'm glad CWDownunder has a wide embrace, wide enough to include me (and others I'm sure will say their own amen) I'm not sure why the poem came up a bit disjointed in the opening lines but then I suppose it's circuit was feeling out of balance.
    Thanks again for the privilege.

  7. I think I fixed it for you, Ray. It just needed to be realigned a little. :)

  8. Thanks Lee
    computers and me
    are almost incompaptible.

  9. Ray, I've had more non-fiction published than fiction, so you're not alone in that regard either!

  10. Ohhh, now I know the reason why I wake at night with ideas that won't go away. Just a little bit of insanity is it, Ray?

  11. Love the poem Ray! It's seems we are all smitten by the same malady - but I doubt any of us are looking for a cure. :)

  12. Likewise love your poem, Ray! No friction to fiction writers, I'm sure:)
    It seems that there are quite a few non-fiction writers among us, me being one of them. You call it madness, to me it seems like a flight of obsession; but one thing's for sure: others don't understand why writing becomes more important than being out and about. My husband pokes his head in the door, "You are there - again?"
    I pray that your workshop will be a great success in the Lord. Enjoy!

  13. Hi Ray,
    That was a terrific poem. I too have a spouse who shares the 'madness'. Moods, pre-occupation, late nights of intense concentration - how very normal!

  14. I'm going for a weeks holiday
    With two grandkids
    Watch out Sydney
    Here we come...
    But my characters
    Are frozen - mid scene
    In a dilemma of immense proportions
    Stuck - until I return to the keys
    And release them, rescue them.
    And I can't get them off my mind!!

    Thanks Ray for an inspiring post. :)

  15. Hi Ray,
    I loved both the content and form of that poem. It looks so neat written down, like an upside down Christmas tree.

  16. I love having you here Ray! Thanks for sharing your creative insight :)

  17. Greetings all.
    To know others share somewhat of a writer's personal 'insanity' makes you feel you are thereby normal - until you mix with others who don't have fingers which dance to a keyboard beat.
    Thanks to other non-fiction writers for reminding me of our CWD wide embrace.
    May your trip to Sydney with those unseen characters frozen in the mind enjoy a holiday with you Jo.
    For all like Rita awakened in the middle of the night by your character or scene in the heart may you capture the moment and flesh it out in ink.

  18. Ray, thanks for sharing your poem with us :) And I really like how our blog caters for both fiction and non-fiction writers and readers. We're glad you're here :)

  19. Nice to meet you Ray, on the blog site. I'm familiar with your wife Mary, not just through her books, but have also met and chatted on a number of occasions. Good to have you here on this site.

  20. Always in awe of those who can write good poetry!

  21. It takes all sorts to make a good group of Aussie writers, let's keep the enthusiasm and touch of insanity alive!

  22. Ha! Brilliant Ray! Thank you for your words ... I love poetry.

  23. Thanks for that Ray, lovely to hear from you! :)

  24. Glad to have a place that is for all genre :)

  25. Hi Ray - I wake in the early hours of the morning, while it is still dark - knock things off my bedside table, fumble for a torch, a pen and notepad to write down my 'mad' thoughts! My husband doesn't share my obsession but he is unbelievably patient with me. Loved your piece. Great poem.