Monday, 8 July 2019

Omega Writers | Announcing the 2019 CALEB Finalists

The results are in!

The books have been read. The score sheets have been completed. The scores have been totalled, and Omega Writers are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2019 CALEB Award.

First, a big thank you to our first-round judges. No writing contest can operate without judges, and we appreciate the time and effort you've contributed.

Published Awards

Picture Book

The finalists in the Picture Book category are:
  • The Invisible Tree: Goodness, written by Kirrily Lowe and illustrated by Henry Smith
  • Lily's Balloon, written by Katrina Roe and illustrated by Helene Magisson
  • Wilbur the Wooly, written and illustrated by Nikki Rogers

Sponsored by: Simon Malcolm Productions

The Picture Book winners will receive their choice of a $400 voucher from Simon Malcolm Productions, or two $200 manuscript appraisals from a children's book specialist.

Young Adult Fiction

The finalists in the Young Adult Fiction category are:
  • Finding Kerra by Rosanne Hawke
  • Out of the Cages by Penny Jaye
  • Being Jazmine by Cecily Anne Paterson

Sponsored by: Christian Editing Services

The Young Adult Fiction winner will receive a $400 voucher from Iola Goulton at Christian Editing Services.

Adult Fiction

The finalists in the Adult Fiction (General) category are:
  • Under a Blue Moon by Phillip Cook
  • Grace in the Shadows by Christine Dillon
  • Iscariot by Mark Worthing

Sponsored by: Fire Wheel Press

The Adult Fiction winner will receive a $400 voucher from Cecily Paterson at Fire Wheel Press.

Biography or Memoir

The finalists in the Biography or Memoir category are:
  • The Sides of Heaven by Hazel Barker
  • Hudson Taylor and China: A Dramatic Biography by David Bennett
  • Hidden Thorns by Marie-Rose Fox

Sponsored by: Apricot Editing

The Adult Fiction winner will receive a $400 voucher from Shona Weston at Apricot Editing.

Unpublished Adult Fiction

The finalists in the Unpublished Adult Fiction category are:
  • Catherine Murray
  • Claire Steel
  • Carmen Thornton

Sponsored by: Book Whispers

The Unpublished winner will receive a $400 voucher from Rowena Beresford at Book Whispers.

Congratulations, everyone!

These entries are now on their way to the final-round judges—I don't envy their jobs!

The winners of the CALEB Awards will be announced as part of the 2019 Omega Writer's Conference. The keynote speaker this year is Christian agent Steve Laube, of the Steve Laube Agency.

Omega Writers Conference

The conference will be held from 11 to 13 October  2019 at the Edmund Rice Retreat Centre, Mulgoa. Transport is easy, as there will be a bus transfer to and from Sydney Airport.

Sign up now—earlybird registration closes on 15 July.

Click here to find out more and register.

Conference Scholarships

Omega Writers have been able to offer are offering one full and two partial scholarships to the 2019 conference. To apply, email with:
  • 500 words of your best writing.
  • 25-100 words telling us what you hope to achieve by coming to the conference, and why you haven’t been able to come before.
Click here to find out more.

Applications close on 11 July 2019, so get in fast!


  1. Well done everyone. Looks like a great variety. And thank you too to Iola and the judges for all of the hard work you do. Can't wait to hear the winners announced at the conference.

    And well done too to everyone who entered. It's a great achievement to have your book out there or your unpublished manuscript completed.

    1. Yes - well done to all the finalists, and to everyone who entered. Our first-round judges had a tough job, and the final-round judges are going to find it hard to pick the winners!