Friday, 30 December 2011

God in Our Writing

When you write do you consider God? Is God part of what you write? If so what part does He play, is He integral to your story?

I have done both non-fiction and fiction writing. I try to put a message of hope and love and God’s plan of salvation in everything I write. Though how I do it is different depending on what I am writing.

When I write non-fiction, which are mainly devotionals I obviously pick a scriptural reference. A verse that goes with what I am saying or have learnt. So when I am writing them I ask God to give me the message that needs to be said. To have it be received in the way it needs to be.

If is different when I write fiction. How much do I include God in my writing? Do I make my characters Christian or do have them struggling with the idea of following God? I generally write romances and I want them to be Christian and follow Christian values.

But you may ask where does God fit in? When I write I don’t like to be preachy which I know can turn people off. I might explain a few things, using the Bible or I may have my character struggle with something in the Bible. I hope that what I write shows others, the readers, things that they may not have thought of.

I like to think God gave me the talent and the gift to be able to write. He also has given me the love and message of His plan for our lives. I believe the plan for my life is to write, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

I always ask God to bless my writing. If I bring out a Christian value let it be something that others may deal with. I think we all write pieces that may be slightly biographical. I know I have and through my characters learning things, so do I.

So I don’t mean just thinking about God in your writing. We need to ask God to be with us and guide us in our writing. It is only by His grace that we are here and doing what we love, writing.

I don’t always ask God to help me with my writing but I always remember Him as I use Him in my stories at some point.

Maybe the characters were brought up as Christian and have gone away. Maybe the person didn’t have Jesus fully living in their heart. Maybe the person has never heard the story of salvation. Maybe someone is dealing with how being a Christian meshes with their life.

If I can touch just one person’s life with my writing. If just one person finds a deeper understanding and relationship with God it will all be worth it.

Melanie Carter Winkler


  1. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for the post, I hope and pray with you that all our writing will bring people closer to Jesus.

  2. I'm with you Melanie. I want the message of salvation to come through all my writing, whether my characters are already Christian, or haven't come to that place yet. I always say to myself "If God gave me a voice, I must use it to glorify Him." Blessings. :)

  3. Amen to that, Melanie. If writing is anointed and inspired, the presence of God can fill every page. There's a big difference between powerful fiction like this and the more preachy type I'm sure we've all come across.

  4. Nice post, Mel. I too dislike 'preachy' writing, after all, the people who read our books are usually other Christians so it's like preaching to the converted.

    You don't have to shove Christianity down someone's throat in order to show Christ's love. Messages of hope and love are things we all need to hear. :)

  5. God on you, Mel! I'm with all of the previous comments. If we can't be God's ambassadors through our writing (in whichever way it's expressed) we may as well stop. You, like most of the writers on this blog, have shown a real heart for our Lord, Mel, and I love that. Blessings to all for the New Year.

  6. great blog, thank you. somebody asked Marilynne Robinson why Biblical themes came through all her fiction. she answered that it wasn't a conscious effort, just the result of constant priming. with those themes she won a Pulizer prize...

  7. Great post and I agree with all the other comments! :)

  8. Someone asked me once why I write themes of faith. I answered because it's who I am, and how I live. My faith is the biggest, best and most honest part of who I am. How can we not have God in our writing when He is the reason we write in the first place.
    Very real Mel.

  9. A tricky issue is how to deal with this when targetting a broader readership (ie, not just Christians). Others can be very quickly put off by any mention of Christian matters; ie, their tolerance of 'preachiness' is much lower. I tend to focus on bringing out Christian values rather than explicit lecturing, but I do wonder whether I'm wimping out!

  10. Thank you Melanie. If we have a heart after God and set aside the fear of man(ie some Christian publishers)the Lord will bless our work. And that one person that's won over to following Jesus might be the means of winning many others!

    BTW, I can't figure out if that's a croc or a very big goanna you're holding. Brave girl!

    1. It's actually an Iguana (sp?) at the Reptile Park in Bali.

    2. It's actually an Iguana (sp?) at the Reptile Park in Bali.

  11. Hi Melanie,

    I think you covered the topic very well. "don't want to sound too preach!" . . . a challenge for us all.