Monday, 8 August 2011

Why? A journey to publishing

People often ask me why I started a Christian publishing house. So since this is my first blog post (ever by the way, I haven't blogged before) I thought I might share that ...

I am a would-be writer! How many of us are out there in Australia - 1000s. How many in the Christian market - heaps... and we would all love to get published... right? Well I was one of them, still am some days, but then I discovered ...

... there weren't that many places to "get" published and self-publishing was expensive and tough marketing it on your own.

So somehow I thought, hey I could help people get published and then it was like God said - try this. So I started Even Before Publishing, a traditional publishing house for Christian authors. After all why not? It wasn't so much of a journey or even a reason why, it just sort of happened. Interestingly though now I know why I did.


 Running a Christian publishing house has a lot of advantages:

  • I get to read some great new manuscripts
  • I get to work with and support new, aspiring and established authors
  • The books we publish are often suitable for a range of markets and make great gifts for our friends and family... reaching more Aussie readers.
  • It is a wonderful experience to get behind authors and get their inspiration to readers
Running a Christian publishing house has a lot of challenges:


  •  I don't really enjoy saying no when authors submit, but sometimes we do have to, unfortunately there are a lot of manuscripts out there
  • It is a changing industry, what is going to happen next? ebooks, digital printing and so on... this could also be an advantage, but there is lots to watch to see what to do next and what to focus on.
  • Running a business has its own challenges and all Aussie authors are still working for real breakthrough in Australia.

So when asked why I started it, I guess my answer is "If God is for us who can be against us, so why not!?" And I have found I like publishing more than writing most days! It is a privilege to work with so many Aussie writers.


  1. Rochelle, where would we be without you?– seriously. To contemplate all the opportunities the Lord opens up through Even Before Publishing is mind blowing. Thank you for doing what you do.

  2. Great first post, Rochelle. It's always amazing to see how God works in our lives. The road we think we're travelling on, is not necessarily what He wants us to do and it can be scary at times.

    You stepped out of your comfort zone, and answered God's calling. If more people did that imagine what the world would be like!


  3. Rochelle, you have been called, taken the challenge, and wow! Well done on your success thus far! The Lord has much more for you to do yet. Hang on, because exciting things are happening.

    Thanks so much for being part of my journey. :)

  4. Thanks Rochelle. That was interesting. You've certainly filled a niche that was greatly needed. We Christian writers do need lots of God-driven Christian publishers to read and publish our work. Good on you for having taken up the challenge. And thanks for sharing your journey with us. Appreciating all you do too to bring us Christian writers together. Bless you.

  5. Being a Christian and following God's call is certainly not for the feint hearted is it!
    Bless you as you manage the juggle and challenges :)

  6. Yes, so many of us are so glad she accepted God's challenge, aren't we? The timing has been perfect for so many of us, not to mention all the fantastic books which wouldn't have seen the light of day.

  7. Rochelle, your passion and energy are an inspiration. It is such a pleasure to be on this journey with you. :) XXOO

  8. A great first blog post, Rochelle! It has been a real privilege to be involved with you these last twelve months and see my dream of several years to see my darling husband's devotionals in book form. I know we are only one example of the many God has been blessing through your hard work. Thank you!

  9. A great first post Rochelle. God bless you for listening to His voice. Thanks for giving me a voice and an opportunity to reach many, with our story. xx

  10. There are lots of authors in australia who are very glad you took up the challenge to begin publishing and I'm one of them. Bless you and may God continue to bless the work you are doing.

  11. You are an amazing woman, wife, mum and business person Rochelle! It has been a blessing knowing you. I love your honesty, passion and drive and I love working with you. You are so supportive and you give the authors you work with so much say in how our books turn out! I pray that God will bless you in everything you touch!
    Thankyou for believeing in me and the message Im trying to get out to parents who want to invest in the lives of their children. :)

  12. As a reader its good to hear the story of how you started and I am glad you answered Gods call. I love there is more Aussie fiction and by Aussies not americans who get so many facts wrong. The books I have read I have enjoyed and have several to read at present. The ebooks are an exciting direction and now I own a kindle I am loving the ease of using it.
    great first post.

  13. This is the 40th time I've tried to comment. Will it get through? I wanted to say I'm glad to be a writer rather than a publisher. It must be tough putting up with raw writers such as i am, especially old fellows without computer know-how. Thanks for being willing to get out of the 'boat' and walk with the Lord on the turbulent waters of the Publishing ocean.'
    God bless your venture

  14. It always amazes hearing how the Lord leads us in such a variety of paths. And how wonderful to have someone working for authors to help them reach their God-given potential. Way to go, Rochelle.

  15. Congratulations for listening and accepting God's call on your life.
    you are a blessing to many.

  16. Rochelle, great first post! Thanks for rising to the challenge and providing publishing opportunities for Aussie authors :)

  17. Welcome to blogging Rochelle! With you, and now Lee calling for manuscripts, I'm sure Australia will taste brilliant offerings from so many talented writers. God bless your work and thank the Lord for publishers who work with Him to make our dreams come true!

  18. hi Rochelle,
    You must be very talented to run a business. I couldn't imagine doing that. I think that is amazing. I agree we need to pray for a break through for Australian authors.God bless.
    Jennifer ann