Thursday, 27 July 2017

Recent Local Author Meet and Greet

by Raelene Purtill

The Moreton Bay Regional Council was formed in 2008. Until then, it was known as Pine Rivers. The little gallery in our suburb is still called the Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

It was there on Saturday June 24 that the first Moreton Bay Local Author Meet and Greet was held.

Following my recent post (and confession) about being a conference junkie, networking meet ups like this are exactly what I enjoy.

The resident artist at the gallery that week was Marg Bennet. She presented a talk to our gathering on her display called ‘Morning Glory.’ This is the name given to a cloud formation seen in Northern and outback Queensland. Its presence attracts glider pilots who ride the associated winds. As well as Marg’s beautiful textiles, the audio-visual images taken by one such pilot, were the back drop to our writers meeting.

So, among the clouds, children’s author and blogger, Jenny Woolsey hosted the inaugural Author Meet and Greet.

Each writer presented themselves, talked about their work and then we mingled and networked over morning tea.

I have always found the writing community in Brisbane to be friendly and supportive. People genuinely care about each others creative journeys. The numbers present that morning reflected this.

Writers there ranged from aspiring to emerging, from traditionally published to indie or self- published.

Hebrews 10:25 encourages us to not give up meeting together and while this refers to gathering as Christians. I also think writers can be encouraged in the same way. Have you thought about organising one for your area?

This post follows from my own recent ‘Confessions of a Conference Junkie.’

Don’t forget to sign up for the Omega Writers’ Conference in October in Sydney to meet up with their lovely aspiring writers and authors.

From the feedback received, these meetings will continue.

The next Moreton Bay Meet and Greet will be in October.

Contact Jenny at her website

If you would like ideas about hosting one in your suburb, please get in touch.

Images from Raelene Purtill c 2017

Raelene writes as R.A. Purtill.

Raelene enjoys all sorts of creative writing but short stories have been her most successful medium. Her current work in progress is a novel length fantasy/fairy tale with steam punk tendencies and Christian themes.

She facilitates a local writing group and is a member of the Writers Anthology Group, the editorial committee which oversees an annual anthology in the Moreton Bay shire. She loves connecting with other writers through workshops, retreats and seminars.

Her virtual world is a life in the northern suburbs of Brisbane with her very understanding and long-suffering husband and their three young adult children.

You can connect with her at:

Facebook: R.A.Purtill – Writer


  1. Thanks Raelene for that interesting post. Loved your pictures - I could see you sitting there lapping it all up! I had a read of your post about being a conference junkie. Good on you! Great to read on your website that you run workshops too. I agree that writing being a solitary post, we need to meet often with others in order to fuel the flame. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of meeting up with other creatives. Much needed always.

    1. And we wouldn't have met were it not for Conferences!! Thanks Anusha

  2. Thanks for your post Raelene 😊 It was an enjoyable event and I'm glad more are planned. Getting together to encourage each other helps enormously in the writing journey.

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to be here, Jenny. And see you at the next event?!

  3. A lovely encouraging post, Raelene. I have always enjoyed those times of togetherness, especially hearing of other writers' journeys.

    1. I love to encourage folk in their creativity and times of togetherness.
      Glad you found it encouraging, Rita.

  4. There is an author fellowship here in WA that I belong to... but I am the only Christian writer.
    I tend to be a bit 'timid' about reaching out - however, your photos reminded me of a talk arranged for me at a Baptist church meeting. It was great - called Three Lives, Three People. I was the first speaker and everyone was so encouraging. Then I was able to listen to the other speakers' lives. I can see how these things could become addictive LOL.
    A very encouraging share, thank you.

    1. Addictive is the word, Susan! Hang in there as the only Christian. I've been a minority in my writing groups over the years too but we are called to be in the marketplace, I believe.