Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Omega Writers Needs You

Hello CWD people. 

Let me introduce myself, if you haven’t run across me before. My name is Meredith Resce, and I am the new president of Omega Writers—a formal members group who seeks to connect writers from around the Australasian region, and to put them in touch with resources and educational programs.

I first became aware of Omega Writers about nine years ago, and at that time it was a Christian writers’ group based only in Queensland. They invited me as a guest speaker from South Australia to one of the initial writers’ conferences, and it was the first time I had connected with other Christian writers in Australia.

From that time to this, Omega Writers has expanded at a steady rate. One of the affiliated resource/Face Book groups is ChristianWriters Downunder, and I don’t need to tell you how valuable this group is. I might take this opportunity to congratulate Jeanette, Anusha and Paula on the opportunity they create to connect, engage and discuss writing issues, and they do this making it freely available to us as Christian writers.
We are all part of a large body of writers—a team, if you like—who unselfishly work to encourage and assist other writers to improve their craft and find success in their dream of being published.

Omega Writers as a group has been working to increase the benefits of membership. There are not nearly as many paid up members as there are Australian and New Zealand Christian writers, and I would like to take this opportunity to again encourage you to become a financial member. Well how does that benefit me? You may well ask. There are a number of things that are accessible to you as a member:

1.       If you are a writer, publisher, editor or illustrator you may give us your profile, details and picture to add to our resource directory.
2.       You will receive discount on conference registration, CALEB prize entry fee, and a number of editing services will offer a discount to OMEGA members.
3.       You will receive a 25% discount to become a member of the Australian Writers’ Guild.
4.       There have been some substantial discounts offered from Day Translators (a reputable translating group) for OMEGA members.
5.       You will get information on groups that are forming in your region, or who are aimed specifically at your genre. (eg state chapters, the screenwriters group, the science fiction group etc)

Other ideas have been floated that would add value to your membership, but I need to remind everyone, that this organisation is run by volunteers, who give up time and effort to pull all of these resources and opportunities together.

                Being a financial member helps us pay the bills, and at times we would like to be able to remunerate certain volunteers who pour months of work into the jobs done.

                Next month, I will be initiating a fund-raising strategy (currently being prepared by a fund-raising professional, free of charge). We want to bring some better known writing specialists to our next conference, and this of course takes money. We would also like to offer some good prizes for our writing competition, while at the same time being able to offer some remuneration to the judges and other hard working officials.

                What do Omega Writers need you for? Well at the very least, if you would consider becoming a paid up member, that would encourage us, and give us a little bit more in the kitty. But wait, there is more you could do for us. We need judges for the CALEB prize; We need enthusiastic, confident members who will help enact the fund-raising strategy; We need conference help volunteers.

                One thing I’ve learned from over twenty years in the Australian writing scene, if we don’t band together, and each carry some of the load, there won’t be an Australian or Australasian writing scene. We do not have the huge Christian population of the US, and we have to fight for every small thing we achieve. Will you become part of the team?

                Omega Writers needs you!

                Check out this short promo video I made last year.

Blessings and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  1. Thanks Meredith - the conferences, retreats and CALEB prize are all invaluable contributions to Christian writers, editors, publishers in Australasia. And without the backing of Omega Writers last year, it would have been much harder to have the Omega Writers Book Fair - another endeavour that benefits writers & for which we will need volunteers if it is to happen again this year. Exciting times

  2. Hi Meredith,
    I'm really looking forward to having you at the helm of Omega Writers, and your great team too, of course. It's been terrific to see the coming together of Aussie Christian authors over 20 years, and how hard it is believe that such a long sounding time can pass so quickly. I hope the next twenty are just as eventful.

    1. Me too, Paula. Let's get our faith hats on to see if we can't believe for Australian Christian writers to make a bigger wave in the ocean of writing.

  3. Thank you Meredith. Looking forward to seeing you take Omega Writers to many exciting Mountain Tops with spectacular views! Thanks for taking on the job. Here's asking God to bless and equip you with all you need for this task. May you find much inspiration, God's steady Hand and many willing helpers!

  4. Oooh, it all sounds very exciting! You know, I wouldn't mind being a judge, although I think I'll have a book in a category at the next event, so maybe not this year or in a different category.

    1. You can judge unpublished only, if you have a book in the published category. Send me a note on email.

  5. Thanks Meredith - Omega has certainly given me support in my writing. Looking forward to another great year. ANd, yes, it is so important we all pitch in and share a little of the load!