Monday, 17 October 2016

We Need Each Other

The principle - no person can succeed alone - whether in their personal life, work life or, in this case, creative life, is one of the reasons that groups like Christian Writers Downunder exists. I think it has been demonstrated clearly over the years that fellowship and connection that takes place within a church community has many benefits to not just a person’s spiritual life, but also their emotional, mental and relational life as well. In the same way, the connections and friendships we make within Christian Writers Downunder contribute to each of us who identify as creative with the written word. 

We should not take this group, or other groups that provide resource and support, for granted. 

This last month, I have been in constant communication with the leaders of Omega Writers. Similar to this Face Book group and regular blog, Omega Writers seeks to provide help for writers, editors, publishers and other creative types. Omega Writers are the group who sponsor and organise our Christian writer’s conference – coming up next week. They are the group who sponsor and organise the CALEB award writing prize – winners to be announced next week.

But Omega Writers and all that it provides by way of resource and support doesn’t just happen. In my discussion with the leaders, it has become evident that we need to appeal to the greater Christian writing group, and see if they would be willing to help. I have written a piece, but rather than put it here in text form, I decided to stretch my skills in presentation, and have filmed, edited and uploaded a short piece. I’d love for you to click on this link and have a look. It has been endorsed by the Omega Writers leaders.

PS my skills in audio manipulation are not well developed, and I have discovered it sounds much better if you use ear-buds or ear phones. 
PPS the background music was written and recorded by one of my sons – used with permission. That definitely sounds better if you use ear-buds or ear-phones.

Meredith Resce has been published in the Australian Christian market since 1997. She has been part of Omega Writers since its beginning, and is still very much a supporter of Australian Christian writers.
To read more about Meredith Resce, visit her website –
That link again: Omega Promo Video


  1. Good job Meredith....loved the music too.....Off to sign up at Omega now!
    (and I love all the people I have connected with because of CWD....wonderful community of encouragers. Road trip of life far more enjoyable)

  2. Thank you Meredith. Well done. Omega is a great organization and I'm proud to be part of it.

  3. Well done, Meredith! I've been a part of Omega Writers for quite a few years now and have benefited significantly from that. I hope many more join up--and volunteer.

  4. Wow! What a talented girl you are Meredith! Great video clip. And yes, working together makes all the difference! I shall second that! :)

  5. Great post Meredith. Omega Writers make an invaluable contribution to Australian and New Zealand Christian writers.

  6. Great video, Meredith.

    I especially like the bit where the elves and fairies disappear!

  7. Great video, Meredith. Maybe we could do a bit of busking at the airport :) Looking forward to the AGM at the conference and seeing what next year holds for Omega. Our Toowoomba branch is hoping to get more involved with writers in our region. We have about 40 on our mailing list and a lot of them are interested in meeting more regularly. Will make sure we pass on your video. Take care.

  8. Don't short-sell yourself, Meredith. This is a great and engaging presentation. I hooked up my speakers and it sounds fantastic. Kudos to your son for the music too! I still haven't joined Omega Writers because I basically live hand to mouth and always seem to have other priorities. I think that needs to change now. I now a number of the women involved and they're gold.