Monday, 5 September 2016

Omega Conference Update

by Raewyn Elsegood


This years Omega Writers Conference wants to empower you to believe ‘Your Words Can Change the World’. We all have a unique voice and story to be told.

My daughter’s anxiety driven screams began a journey that would lead my husband and I to learn that our words could change our daughter’s world.  Who would have guessed that being vulnerable with our journey with her would lead to my words changing Australian girls' worlds through being invited to write empowerment programs for Netball Australia’s Confident Girl program.

When God calls us to do something, we may laugh, procrastinate and doubt while He patiently waits confident in His choice. I wonder what word you might need to believe in His choice? 

You can choose to be:
Resilient, careful, generous, curious, clear, fair, thoughtful, confident, respectful, Happy, strong, caring, honest, serious, peaceful, calm, patient, free, creative, practical, forgiving, flexible, brave, grateful, satisfied, reliable, interested, committed, consistent, helpful, exuberant, decisive, passionate, polite, myself.

Many years ago I choose to be RESILIENT and now God has given me the opportunity to build resilience in others.  It only takes one word to change our own worlds.  Just imagine what your 40,000 plus can do for others.

The Omega conference has had an outstanding response to registrations. Our 25 presenters are looking forward to sharing their empowering WORDS with you on The Craft of Writing, Publishing, Marketing, Editing, Creativity, Inspiration and multiple genres. 

The conference gives you a great opportunity to network with others, make appointments with publishers and editors, join a writers group in your area, and possibly even find a mentor. So why not identify your goal in attending and come with a plan. We want everyone to leave with something they came for, a new idea, new connections, excitement for writing or just your next WORD.

You can find further details on our Facebook page ‘Omega Writers Conference, Australia’ or website

Omega Writers Conference will be held in Sydney
Friday 28 - Sunday 30 October 2016
Edmund Rice Retreat and Conference Centre
1315 Mulgoa Road - Mulgoa

Raewyn Elsegood

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  1. Thanks Raewyn for an inspiring post. Wonderful to hear what God did when you chose the word 'resilient' and acted on it. I loved your list of words and even copied them - what a lovely idea. I decided to focus on one word each day! :) And yes, looking forward to the conference and to changing our world one word at a time and one heart at a time. Blessings to you and the team as you prepare for it. And thank you.

  2. Hi Raewyn, I had a word given to me many years ago which I have found to be ever present in so many situations that have cropped up. That word it has been perseverance and although it has been difficult to persevere sometimes, with God's help I can push through. Anusha's idea of focussing on one word each day appeals to me as well and I think I might just join her in that endeavour. Thanks for inspiring us with this blog. I will be attending the conference in October as well and look forward to meeting you and indeed others who were not there last year. 😊😊😊

    1. Glad to hear you are joining me in the one word a day to focus on challenge, Lesley. :) Great too to hear of the word 'perseverance' been given to you. I also have needed to 'persevere' a lot through various life challenges so think it's a great word and one I have focussed on often. See you both at conference if not before.

  3. I'm really looking forward to it. :-)

  4. And just mixing with fellow writers...wonderful!