Monday, November 10, 2014

God's Provision - A Tale in a Writer's Journey

First came the announcement of 9-day fortnights. The rest of the company are doing it so we have to as well. Then the rumours of more redundancies. I spent the day sitting at my desk with my heart clenching. Yes, these are uncertain times, but it’s times just like these that God teaches us and shows us opportunities.

The rumours that had me so worried turned out to be inaccurate. My job was safe for the moment. Still, times are tough at my workplace - probably yours too.

With the difficulties and struggles at my day job I've been realising that more than ever I need to get my writing career going. I’m under no illusions that I’ll get rich off writing books, or even make a living off it, but it might help supplement my income. I've heard it said that it’s wise to have something on the side these days, and for me, the obvious choice is to use my writing gift. In order to make it work I’d have to step up my efforts. Despite my busy life I’d have to give my writing more regular and consistent effort.

With the news that I’d have to take three days off before the end of the year (either annual leave or unpaid) came the realisation that the very thing that worrying me was an opportunity. I would treat these days like normal work days - except instead of going to the office and developing software, I’d spend eight hours on my writing. I’d edit my novel and I’d write some more first-draft material to practice my craft. If I could get a novella together I could self-publish it. My idea could be expanded to a series of novellas - each one each one building momentum for the next.

It turns out that this setback was the shove I needed to help move me up to the next level in my writing journey. It was time to stop talking about approaching it professionally, and start actually approaching it professionally.

As all of this was happening it dawned on me that NaNoWriMo was just days away. What better time to try building a new habit and upping my level of commitment to my writing? I’d be joined by millions of others around the world doing the same thing. After a months of writing every day it would start to become second nature right?

In the midst of all this, my wife has just started working as a nurse - fulfilling her life’s dream. That has been a long journey and is a story all its own. If things go badly for me next year at least she’ll be making some income to help us get by. God’s timing?

As I pondered what I would blog about for this article today, I began to see the hand of God around me. He never promises that our lives will be free of trouble, but I can see how he has been putting things in place. Unexpected and undeserved blessings.

I've haven’t got it all down pat yet? I still have my times of doubt an anxiety about the future. I really don’t know what’s going to happen next year. I haven’t written every day, although NaNoWriMo is helping me to up my game and you don’t give up just because you fall over once or twice.

Really, I should be more worried than I am, but I just can’t help thinking that somehow, all will work out as it should. I wonder where I’ll this time next year.

What about you?

What challenges are you facing, and are you seeing the opportunities and blessings from God?

How are you 'upping your game' in your writing?

Can you reach a point where you've got your process down pat, or is there always room for improvement?

Adam CollingsAdam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction and video blogger. He is actively working toward becoming a published author. He lives in Tasmania, Australia. Adam discusses books and movies on his youTube series Stories. You can find Adam on-line at or his Google+ Profile


  1. Hi Adam - Thanks for taking the time to do this blog in the midst of NaNoWriMo. Maybe this can count as part of today's total :)

    Good on you for stepping out and making the most of those opportunities. It's amazing how sometimes things seem to be going wrong, and then we realise that God had a better plan for us all along. Last year, I voluntarily went from full-time to three days a week in my job so that I could spend the other two days writing. Then when a voluntary redundancy round was offered later in the year, I felt God saying to go for it. We're on a lot less income, but much happier and I'm able to devote my time to writing. It's not always easy, but when God's in the plan, you know it will work out.

    Good on you for making that commitment to your writing. Good luck with NaNoWriMo and I hope it's not too long before you see some tangible fruit from your labours.

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  3. Great post Adam. That's wonderful how you found God's hand in a situation which was challenging and unsettling. That's always the way isn't it? :) I too had an unsettling year - and found God bringing to mind the words of Proverbs 3: 5, 6 which have been two of my life verses for many years. He does use hardship and uncertainty to take us out of our comfort zones and to take us on new journeys and pathways.

    Great to hear your wife too has been following a life long dream. Sounds like you are both walking in some interesting new paths He has planned for you. May He continue to direct you.

    And yes, there is always room for improvement! :)

    PS I found some typos in my first earlier - hence I deleted and re-posted. :) Wouldn't do for a writer to have spelling mistakes would it?

  4. Thanks for your honest post, Adam. Yes, it will be very interesting to hear where you're at by this time next year! I am in the middle of editing my second memoir and, in the process of this, have just read through what I wrote about my various career changes etc. In all those unexpected twists and opportunities I can clearly see God's hand--and I'm sure you will too.

  5. Hi Adam,
    When God arranges opportunities like this, he so often lets us see only the next step, doesn't he? That's why we get anxious. I hope your writing endeavours go well, whatever happens.

  6. Hi Adam, thanks for sharing such an honest post. I too reduced my work hours recently, despite being in a precarious work environment. There were a number of reasons for me doing this, and spending more time writing is included. Only God Himself knows what lies ahead for any of us. I love the verse from Jeremiah 29; 'For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, plans for welfare, not for woe...'

  7. Hi Adam, Thanks for your post. It does give a sense of peace when we realise that God knows what he is doing - and what we see as diasters are actually new opportunities. I like how Anusha put it 'He does use hardship and uncertainty to take us out of our comfort zones and to take us on new journeys and pathways.'

    All the best with NaNoWriMo. I'm finding it a struggle this year, but once I get my major assignment out of the way, I might actually get time to do it.

  8. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey, Adam. The other comments have already expressed my thoughts, so I just pray that Psalm 121 will be your portion...

  9. Hi Adam, go for it. Get that novella written, find a great editor (there are a few Aussies/Kiwis we know), learn the production side and get it out! Oh, and keep working, and spending time with your family & friends.

    It all sounds so easy, doesn't it? It's not, but be assured the Lord walks with you through each and every step. Keep pressing into Him, allowing the Spirit to provide those gentle nudges that will help guide you.

    Thanks for your honesty and know that you've got a cheer squad over here at CWD cheering you on.