Thursday, September 25, 2014

Combining the Creative Strands

Many of us creative types would realize that we are often blessed with creativity that runs deeply in several veins of our lives, whether it be music, dance, writing or art. We may not practice all of these things, but certainly we can have a love for several.

I, for one, have a passion for the Arts in several areas - music, film, visual arts and creative writing. However, my talents lie in creative narrative and visual art. So how can I successfully cross-pollinate these areas of my life to shine out what I want to share with the world? With some of us, it comes naturally; others have to learn to manage and balance.

I found for me that what I work on creatively comes and goes in seasons. I sense where I’m at within myself and I don’t try to force it. (And often you have to allow yourself space to do this.) If a commission job comes in, I find motivation to work on it, but I still allow myself the freedom within the correct time-frames to work in a way that allows me to keep it fresh and inspired. Whilst working on my current novel, I will surround myself with images and music that reflects the themes and time periods without distracting the flow of my imagination.

In both writing and painting, I find the best way to condition myself into the correct mindset is to do some warm-up activities. If it's writing, I will open a blank document, pick a random object or the first thing that pops into my head and simply write whatever comes to mind…in painting, I will grab a blank canvas or paper and just draw – without a reference image or video camera set up. Just to loosen myself up and at the ready.

Which ever way you chose to get yourself inspired ready to work, know that it’s an individual thing and that we’re all wired differently. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but allow yourself plenty of time. If your project is stressing you, move away from it and do something else. But ultimately, I’ve found that having the ability to both enjoy and engage in more than one creative discipline helps rather than hinders the creative flow in my life. Currently, I work on my novel during set times of the day, but when I enter into the evening, I find relaxation in pulling out the canvas and paintbrushes.

If you would like to see some of my current projects, please feel free to visit my website and YouTube channel. I always love hearing feedback for my artwork as well as my writing, so feel free to share and/or leave comments.

Skye Elizabeth Wieland


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  1. Thanks for that Skye. It was great to hear more about how your creative process works. My main creative pursuits are writing and music but I also dabble in a bit of art. I too find that doing something in one of the other creative pursuits can help spark creativity in another. For example, visiting art galleries often prompts me to write a poem. I'd also like to explore the use of words and art together a bit more through mixed media, maybe combining poetry and art. You've given me some good food for thought. Thanks Skye :)

  2. I'm glad you made the point that we're all different, Skye--otherwise I would be quite jealous of you as I'd love to be able to paint or draw well! I play the piano so that can be a helpful thing to do in the midst of writing. But sometimes I find doing a bit of gardening is a good balance too--a different kind of creativity that also enables me to be in the midst of God's amazing creativity.

  3. It's awesome how much creativity God has blessed you with Skye. Well done on using that creativity so well too - despite the demands of family and work. You do very well to manage to produce all you do. I too have a musical gift as well as my creativity in writing. Do love composing songs - but have let that slide for a bit. Perhaps it's time to pick it up again. So thank you for the reminder that it helps rather than hinders. Perhaps it's God nudging me through your pen. Bless you!

  4. Hi Skye,
    If only I was in the position to take your advice! How lovely it would be to have such skill at more than one thing. I am in awe of you, with your wonderful visual art, and some of the others, with their music. I'm afraid if I want to give writing a rest, it'd have to be a choice between drawing stick figures badly, singing out of tune or amusing my kids with funny looking dance moves :)
    I'd encourage anyone with more than one to use every creative outlet you can.

    1. LOL Paula - You'll have to demonstrate those dance moves at the conference :)

  5. Love your foxy loxy, Skye! So appealing. Art is a great outlet and you can always say" a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

  6. I love to draw Skye....some very impressive Israelites have been on my Scripture drawing pad over the years.....even if I do say so myself! ;-)

    On a serious note, it is a wonderful blessing to have the creative juices flowing. Thanks for the inspiration of how you 'allow' space and opportunity to 'warm up'.

    (Such a helpful place this blogpost is!)

  7. Good thought Skye on how the different facets of our creativity can cross-pollinate and enrich each other. My two loves as a child was painting and writing (and adventuring). I haven't painted much since the 80s but I'm finding my writing is inspiring me to create images again - if only to bring my fictional world to life visually. I've love watching your paintings develop :)

  8. I think you're right, Skye. I used to draw a bit, although I was never that good at it, and my writing grew out of my desire to create stories that I could act out myself. Oh, how I wanted to be an actor! I think honing in on writing was the best thing for me to do, though.