Monday, June 9, 2014

Musings from a PJ Day

It is a cold day here in Adelaide, most unusual but perfect weather for a PJ day given that it is a long weekend.  So yes it is now after 5pm and what I woud like to know is where did the day go?  I have actually been up since ths morning and spent time fixing a friends website, and then made a phone call to my friend.  I did propose (hahhaa) at the start of the conversation it would just be a quick 10 minutes as I still needed to go and get x, y and z done before Tuesday arrived. But you guessed it 1.5 hours later we were still talking - or should I say my friend was talking LOL!

Family and friends are to be treasured.  Life is not about achievements and goals and accumulating things, but life is about the people we meet on our life journey, the people we take into our lives, hearts and homes. Given my Type A personality I have always been rather focussed on achievements, goals and schedules. God was gracious in brining into my life a beautiful fijian man who as my husband has taught me the physical, emotional and spiritual strength that can be gained from having a PJ day!  We need to take the time to sit underneath the coconut tree as it were, instead of always being busy rowing the boat so fast that we miss the people and the scenery on the way.

My husband loves to spend his PJ days with people. Sometimes (or should I say a lot of the time) I never know who my husband is going to bring home next; I have given up count of how many people he is related to; or the names of  what seems like hundreds of neices and nephews and cousins etc  Tevita is a huge lover of people and of community.  Many times our lounge room has been full of over 20 people at midnight talking, eating and singing.  At tmes like these I am glad that our bedroom is at the other end of the house so I can grab my quiet hideaway.

God is a lover of people. God does not want to deny us dreams, goals, achievements, accomplishments, houses, land and other material things, but want He wants us to remember is that His heart beats for people: He came to seek and to save that which was lost.  He came to seek and to save the rich, the poor, the black, the white, the king, the truck driver, the unemployed etc.

We get good at the polite "how are you" but we hope like hang that person is then not going to take the next half hour of our time telling us how they do feel! We allow our lives to become so busy that we don't consiously make or allow the time to STOP AWHILE and pause for the PEOPLE that are around us - our friends, our family and those that God would have to take in to our lives - even at times if it is just for a season.

So there you have it, two of my musings from my PJ day!  Have a faith-filled week!

Love Maree xx

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  1. Thanks for those musings Maree. I think as writers, it's easy to focus on our goals and achievements, when we need to remember that God cares about the readers. If we don't focus on those who will hear our message, we won't be as effective in representing God to them. Blessings.

  2. I love your description of your hospitable husband, Maree. I can just see you all crammed into your front room having a whale of a time...with you heading off for a bit of peace and quiet!
    Thinking and dreaming time is something so necessary to creativity. Life crowds us out at times and we just need that little bit of time and space to just sit and think.

  3. Thanks for your lovely post Maree. Love the idea of those PJ days and yes, yes, yes, people are most important in the world. Jesus died for them didn't He? Thanks for that lovely reminder.Your husband sounds a wonderful man. And you must be too - seeing he chose you for his wife! :)

  4. Hi Maree,
    I agree how cold it was in Adelaide. A perfect time for hunkering down down and enjoying a relaxed long weekend. I agree that these are often most productive for revelations. Good on you.

  5. Thanks for your post Maree. I love PJ days too. It's good to remember that God's heart is for people - as C S Lewis said people have eternal significance - unlike things or even achievements. A good reminder of what's important.

  6. So true, Maree, that life is not about achievements but people.Thanks