Thursday, 31 December 2020

CWD Highlights - October to December 2020

Christian Writers Downunder is a diverse group of writers, editors, bloggers, illustrators. As a group we support each other through our Facebook page and blog.

Today's blog will highlight some of the achievements of our members from October to December 2020


CALEB Awards

Congratulations to the the winners of the 2020 CALEB Awards for unpublished authors.

The award ceremony was held in October

Adult Nonfiction

Susan Barnes for 10 Blessings of God

Young Adult Fiction

Jean Saxby for The Craving

Adult Fiction

Mindy Graham for To Dance in the Shadows

New Releases & Cover Reveals

Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Klein published another book in early November.

Self-published Symphony of Star Songs: eBook 4th Nov; paperback 11th Nov. through Amazon.

Evil hunts brothers Dougray and Robbie as they seek the invisible Citadel of Gallenbreigh for the next crystal. Traps await them and time is slipping away.

As the brothers separately embark on their quest to rid the world of evil, increasing perils are sent to stop them. Morgran is growing more powerful and is releasing deadlier demons from the Abyss to overrun Galfane.

Will Belle and the brothers find the Citadel in time and escape the poisonous hunter tracking them? Find out as the story escalates and races toward its riveting climax.

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Besides having written many short stories, articles, plays and poems, Elizabeth Klein also authored 17 young adult and junior fiction books, as well as 4 educational books.

Reading Stones

Reading Stones released the 3rd part of the Homes of Healing series – The Writer’s Retreat by Olwyn Harris, back in August, It’s the story of how Tess, a romance writer, finds the story of Elizabeth and her family and God. 

Helen Brown’s 2nd Edition of Reflections was released in September, this is a devotional, from the memories of her father.

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My Name was Called, An Autobiography, by Graham Redman will be released on the 30th December.

This autobiography by Graham Redman takes a long hard look at life in Australia from the 40s through to today. A man who was raised in the Christian faith, who fell and failed, and yet, God picked him up, time and again, and proved His faithfulness through all of life's ups and downs. Come on a journey with Graham as he shares his failures and his triumphs and throughout it all, the never-ending love of God.

David Malcolm Bennett

In October, David Malcolm Bennett released his first volume of a biography of Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth: From Timidity to Boldness tells the story of Catherine Booth's dramatic early life, and how a timid young woman rose from a home damaged by alcohol to become a dynamic and popular preacher, campaigner for the rights of women and, with her husband, founder of The Salvation Army. Author David Malcolm Bennett has spent much of his life studying Catherine and William Booth and the early days of The Salvation Army. He makes significant and revealing use of the letters that Catherine and William Booth wrote to each other, the letters she wrote to her parents, and Catherine's diary and reminiscences. It is the first biography of Catherine Booth to make use of the complete transcribed editions of each of these works. In Catherine Booth: From Timidity to Boldness, Catherine is allowed to speak for herself and what she says is frequently dynamic and, at different times, insightful, deeply spiritual, and, occasionally, controversial.

David Malcolm Bennett has written over 20 Christian books, mainly biographies and church history. His book “From Ashes to Glory” was a joint winner in the CALEB AWARDS, biography section, and his “William Booth and his Salvation Army” was a finalist in CALEB. That book about William Booth has sold over 25,000 copies in its three editions, English, American and Australian. His book “Hudson Taylor and China” is a finalist in this year’s CALEB. His latest book Catherine Booth: From Timidity to Boldness was published in 2020.

Nola Lorraine

Nola Lorraine released her debut novel, Scattered in October. 

To lose her family was unthinkable ...
To find them will take a miracle.

While working in Europe, nineteen-year-old Maggie never dreamed that her family would be ripped apart and scattered across the sea, with her young brother and sister sent to Canada as part of the Home Children Migrant Scheme. Desperation sends Maggie on a search from England to Canada, with a harrowing shipwreck leaving her stranded on Sable Island. Eventually arriving in Halifax, Maggie is devastated to discover the trail to find her sister and brother has gone cold. An offer of help from industrialist Thaddeus Tharaday seems like an answer to prayer, but is the wealthy Tharaday her benefactor or nemesis? Set in Victorian-era Nova Scotia, Scattered weaves together elements of mystery, adventure, faith, and romance to take readers on a journey of hope and courage that will resonate with their hearts today.

Nola Lorraine (aka Nola Passmore) has had more than 150 short pieces published, including poetry, devotions, inspirational articles, true stories, short fiction and academic articles. Her debut novel Scattered was published by Breath of Fresh Air Press (  on 20 October 2020. She also co-edited the Glimpses of Light charity anthology with Jeanette O’Hagan. When she’s not engrossed in her own writing, she’s helping other writers through The Write Flourish, a freelance editing business she runs with her husband Tim. She is passionate about faith and social justice issues, and loves weaving words of courage and hope.

Other News

Jeanette Grant-Thomson

Jeanette Grant-Thomson's true short story, 'That Wonderful Peace', was published in Stories of Life's 2020 anthology, The Swimmer, in November, 2020. It was also chosen to be read aloud ( by Jeanette with a croaky allergy-afflicted voice) for radio and online. It was published by Immortalise.

Jeanette says, 'The story is set in the beautiful Rabaul that used to be before the volcano buried it in ash in about 1994. I 'happened' to be holidaying there when my sister was flown in from another island as a medical emergency. God's peace preceded the news for me, to my amazement.'

Jeanette Grant-Thomson has been writing in various genres all her life and have had many works, long and short, published.

Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Klein's  Firelight of Heaven was picked up by Rambunctious Publishers for their Storymancers (fantasy books chosen for their UK readers) on 7th Nov and her short story: Carrot's Misadventurous Day was published by Storm Cloud Publishers in their Christmas Tales 5 Anthology on 1st Dec.

Stories of Life

Stories of Life anthology (Tabor) The Swimmers and Other Stories of Life was launched in November, including stories from a number of CWD members Anusha AtukoralaRhonda Pooley, Lisa Birch, Jeanette Grant-Thomson, Jo-Anne Berthelsen, Julia Archer and Esther Cremona

CALEB Awards 2021

The 2021 CALEB Award will cover books published during 2019 and 2020 in the following categories:

  • Picture Books
  • Early Reader and Middle Grade*
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Adult Fiction
  • Biography and Memoir
  • Other Nonfiction*

Note that the categories marked *will also allow entries from books published in 2018, to ensure every book has the opportunity to enter once.  Entries will be opened in late March 2021

Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane) 2021

Despite to the disruptions of Covid-19 , the Book Fair will be held next year (God willing) most likely in early June (rather than March) 2021.

Congratulations to all our members for your milestones and achievements


  1. Well done everyone, it's been a year, that has seen God work in amazing ways, despite all the human misery.

  2. My hearty congratulations to you all. It's wonderful to see what God has done through each and every one of you this year. I'm stoked and blessed by your good news stories.