Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Only One Rose

It was only one rose. 
But it was red. 
Eyes downcast she accepted it.
'Thanks Dad.'

He realised he'd been holding his breath.
He'd taken a risk.
But what could he lose? 
Things couldn't get any worse.

She hadn't allowed the smallest touch for years
Spoken words of love had been spurned
The shell of pain around her life 
Seemed impenetrable.

'I'll get a glass.' 

Only one rose every day
But it built a splash of red
That vibrated through the room

He couldn't hold her close
Nor kiss her tears and fears away
She was too bruised.

But where words or touch couldn't reach
Symbolism spoke volumes

It was only one rose
But it was red.

Jo and Steve Wanmer discovered the power of unconditional love while walking through family crisis. Jo tells the story in the award winning novel 
'Though the Bud be Bruised'. When all seems lost God promises a flower.


  1. Hi Jo,
    That's beautiful and I remember that particular scene in your book. A wonderful reminder for when we're floundering to figure out what we could possibly do to help somebody who has suffered hugely. Small gestures can have huge impacts.

  2. Wow! That is powerful writing.

  3. Lovely, Jo. Sometimes a gesture is all that is needed, especially when words fail.

  4. That's beautiful Jo. Thanks for sharing such a powerful message.

  5. Just a few words, yet I pictured it so clearly. Very moving.

  6. Thanks for that, Jo. Often it is the little gestures that mean the most.

  7. A great sentiment Jo. When someone else is hurting, it's not always easy to think of the words to say. But a gesture like that can speak volumes.

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  9. There are times when actions speaks more than words could say. Beautiful Jo.

  10. Beautiful Jo - especially have read Though the Bud be Bruised and knowing how meaningful that repeated and loving gesture was in the healing journey.

  11. Wow. Thanks for your encouragement guys. Haven't been back to this site in a week so I'm feeling greatly blessed by your comments.