Monday, 12 July 2021

Uplift in Lockdown Lows – Ruth Bonetti

How are you coping with the lockdowns that rear their inconvenience on many hapless citizens? Some are still home-bound, others venture out, smiles hidden by masks. Add to this cold and rainy days at home with barely a trip to the shop or park. NSW and greater Sydney readers, we support you in care, thoughts and prayers.

Are we writing more–because we can? 

Or feeling lost in a dry Wasteland?

My mantra is “We are blessed: many have it worse.” 

With absorbing books and a pot belly fire, a quiet holiday between hectic terms was a tonic. A welcome R & R after my whirlwind of write-edit-rewrite-edit-proof-publish-launch-PR. 

Which books?

Most were by author colleagues. Many have finessed their skills over decades. Nola Passmore's debut novel, Scattered proved she’s a worthy novelist as well as editor. 


Several books by Anne Hamilton await my review on (Do join if you haven’t already, and encourage fellow writers with even a sentence or two of commendation! You will make their day/week/year.)


Annie’s books are so deep they usually warrant a reread before writing a cogent review. Yet I steamed through Dealing with Azazel: Spirit of Rejection. Because, like fellow authors, I know that scene. Her Jesus and the Healing of History series of artistic, colourful books are design masterpieces, courtesy of Rebekah Robinson, of Beckon Creative Design, who captured the Art Deco style of my recent book. 

 Lighten Up!

Romcom provided ideal holiday reading. Meredith Resce inspired me with her lighthearted approach in The Luella Linley series – perfect holiday reading and showed increased finesse from her books a decade or so ago. I love how Meredith was having fun writing. That tempts me into a new genre after my past decade writing family stories with relatives looking over my shoulder. 


Many books, my own especially, would not have seen the light of day if it were not for encouragement, support and insights, beta reads and edits by writing buddy colleagues in Omega Writers.

Looking back over three decades, how many excellent writers were published due to just that support that I felt! And still feel. The high quality of recent books can be partly attributed to that. My team of editor, design, beta readers and supporters, have enabled me to see to fruition a far better book than I envisaged a year ago.

Is that the case for others? We read each other’s work, comment, encourage. Memo to self: next is a beta read for Jeanette O’Hagan.

Book Fair 31 July

What to read next? Book Fair will provide a feast of options. 


Omega Writers’ first book fair was attached to its first conference, held in a New Farm, Brisbane church. How exciting to browse through the work that had since been published. Especially as our early years of Omega Writers consisted of sitting around moaning how difficult it would be to get into print. Now we just do it!


The 2020 book fair went ahead amid fingernail biting. Next day came lockdown. We hope and pray that Brisbane and southeast QLD will again be clear on July 31.


Book Fair offers a wonderful network opportunity and a chance to see what other authors have achieved since last year.

It is also a chance to hear workshops, one from the insightful Anne Hamilton, The Deadly Duo. Annie initiated the CALEB Awards during her presidency. 

Much credit for running the book fair goes to Jeanette (Jenny) O’Hagan, who handles the lion's share of the work. Our small committee is keen but time challenged. Do offer an hour or so to assist with any options of an hour or two. If so, please contact us at


Book Fair is an opportunity to enjoy face-to-face with readers and fellow authors again. It is so high on my agenda, that I will drive 100 km to and fro to be there. o encourage and support. To buy Christmas and birthday presents (and avoid shopping malls). To sell some books and swap wth others when we’ve overspent our budget. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


Ruth Bonetti is grateful for support from Omega Writers writing buddies along the path to publish the third book (The Art Deco Mansion in St Lucia) of her Midnight Sun to Southern Cross trilogy. Available at good bookstores, libraries, online, and at Ruth's website where you can view her book launch. 



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Ruth. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time catching up on your reading. I'll look forward to seeing you down at the book fair.

  2. A pleasure Nola, and credit where it's due. I wanted to write a Goodreads review before other books occupied my mind, so it was rather hasty. Might go back and edit later. Well worthy of CALEB short listing.

  3. Thanks Ruth for highlighting the positives of which there are many, but a good read plus time to relax and enjoy it offers pure bliss. I'm glad you had a relaxing break. Nevertheless, your industry always challenges and amazes me. Well done.

  4. Thanks Mazzy. And I'm inspired and amazed at the industry of thousands of Christian authors through the past 30 years.

  5. Thanks, Ruth - sitting by the potbelly stove and zooming through your to-be read pile sounds like bliss. Great to see the history of past Book Fairs and looking forward to the one in a couple of weeks (God willing no lockdowns). Appreciate your help and encouragement over the years :)

  6. Let's hope and pray a lockdown doesn't impinge on Book Fair. That we have clear air and a wonderful day sharing, browsing others' books and supporting each others.