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CWD Highlights - April to June 2021


Christian Writers Downunder is a diverse group of writers, editors, bloggers, illustrators. As a group we support each other through our Facebook page and blog.

Today's blog will highlight some of the achievements of our members from April to June 2021

New Releases 

Rebekah Rodda

Rebekah had a devotional published in the book ‘Pandemic Devotionals: How the World Overcame Fear by Faith” edited by Alisa Hope Wagner and Holly Smith released on the 27th April 2021.

This is an anthology of how people found strength through their faith in God despite the pandemic. Available here

Meredith Resce

Meredith has released Book in the Luella Linley – License to Meddle series - All Arranged.

After being jilted, Luella Linley’s 35-year-old son, Pete, is alone and broken-hearted. But he’s not likely to respond to Luella’s usual matchmaking method that was so successful with his sisters. This calls for something special – like in her Regency novels. A parent-arranged marriage where there is no risk of rejection. What could be easier than to place an ad?

Carrie Davis is dedicated to her career. She had not considered that she might even like a relationship, but now thoughts of loneliness are stalking her. Carrie’s sister, Ellen, knows and when she sees an odd advert in the classified ads, she begins to wonder if this is a prank or an opportunity sent from heaven. “Wanted. For a social experiment. A family arranged marriage.”

“If you love marriage of convenience tropes, you’ll love this modern-day twist. Realistic characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and a deep emotional journey making “All Arranged” a satisfying read. A stellar novel from Meredith Resce and the perfect ending to the series.”

Lisa Renee - Author of the ‘Single Again’ series

Available as both paperback and eBook on all platforms here.

Elizabeth Klein

Elizbeth's short story, Zac’s Terrible Idea, was published in Short Tales 7 on 11th May, 2021 by Storm Cloud Publishing. 

And her Self-published ebook: Mists in Time was released on 14th June, 2021 on KDP. 

A car crash on the lonely English moor. But that's not Fran Gilbert's only problem. One of the caretakers at the Perilous Lands, the creepy estate where she's recovering, is a serial killer who preys on anyone that wanders through the mist. Will she be his next victim? And how will she return to her own time of 2021?

Mists in Time is available here.  

Reading Stones 

At Reading Stones, we have again been busy this year. Our first book, Fireside Stories, was released for Helen’s father’s 90th birthday in February.

This quarter got off to a flying start with the release of Arnah Leigh’s children’s book, My Family, on April 5th. ‘Explore the many different kinds of families in this book by Arnah Leigh. Beautifully illustrated, this book demonstrates that, while the make-up of our families might be different, we all have one thing in common - Love.’ She is currently our top-selling author.

We published three more books by Olwyn Harris, the Guthrie’s Lot Series. It is another three-part series. Book One, A Spacious Place was released on April 8th. ‘In this first instalment of the Guthrie's Lot series, set in the late 1800s, we meet Irvin Guthrie, a practical, no-nonsense man with a sick wife and a small child to care for. When his wife's doctor suggests they move to a warmer climate, he spends everything he has on a property that ends up not being what he expected.’ Book Two, A Level Path, is to be released on July 8th with Book Three, The Crying Tree, to be released on September 7th. We look forward to publishing another six-part series of hers in 2022.

Helen also managed to complete her first novel. After five devotional books and one poetry book, this was a real change for her. Christmas Journeys was released on June 16th. It is a complete trilogy in the one book. ‘A successful devotional writer, Helen Brown's debut novel takes her characters on a journey through time - to the past, and the future. This book gives us three stories in one. Mary, an 86-year-old has become stuck in her ways. A journey to the past gives her a new perspective on life and faith. Her granddaughter suffers a tragedy and then embarks on a journey of her own which gives her a new hope, and mission for the future of both her family and her country.’

Wendy Wood & Helen Brown

Marion Kilchester

Marion's book - Book: Though the Storms Rage yet Will I Dance - was released in print on 21 May 2021 (first published 11 Nov 2020), Date of Publication: 11-11-20 (first published) by Dusruptive Publishing

With no memories of her mother and brought up by an abusive stepmother, her life journey took her through many storms. These storms included the death of her daughter, rejection, false accusation, attempted suicide, the death of her husband and learning to dance solo again. Though the Storms Rage is about dancing through those storms of life. This book is a gentle guided tour through her life. The stories are humble; the reactions real and honest. Storms batter and often bruise her, but she hangs on and we find her feet dancing again. This is real life.

Available here

Bio: Marion Kilchester, now in her seventies, a mum and grandma, has been a school teacher, piano teacher, music examiner, composer and counsellor.

Jeanette O'Hagan 

Jeanette has released the second book in her Akrad's Legacy series - Rasel's Song on 26 April 

The discovery of would-be assassins dead in their prison cells puts Prince Mannok and his friends in increasing danger and threatens the stability of the realm. The arrival Rasel, a mysterious stranger with hidden abilities, causes further turmoil. Will Rasel bring peace or conflict to Tamra? Will the elusive mastermind behind the assassination attempts be unmasked before someone else dies? Picking up from where Arkad's Children finishes, Rasel’s Song is the exciting second book in the kingdom fantasy, the Akrad’s Legacy series.

Available here.  

And until the end of the month - the first book in Jeanette two series - Akrad's Children & Heart of the Mountain are reduced to $1.30 for ebooks. Check out her other books here.


Writing Competition

Get those entries in - the Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane)'s writing competition cut off is 1 July. For more information check out here.

Book Fair

Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane) will be held on Saturday, 31 July 2021 at Hills Church, Queens Road, Everton Hills. The Book Fair will have author stalls, workshops, book readings, and prizes. A great opportunity for Christian authors and readers in southeast Queensland to get together and celebrate books and writing.

Anne Hamilton will be running a workshop of overcoming the deadly duo -  rejection. Sally Eberhardt, Jeanette O'Hagan and Lynne Stringer will be on a panel on Marketing and Promotion for Writers.

Mark you diaries - 31 July 2021  For more information check out the website or the event page.

Coming up

Omega Writer Conference and CALEB Prize in October. For info check out here.

Congratulations to all our members for your milestones and achievements