Thursday, 9 January 2020

CWD Highlights - October-December 2019

Christian Writers Downunder is a diverse group of writers, editors, bloggers, illustrators. As a group we support each other through our facebook page and blog.

Today's blog will highlight some of the achievements of our members from October to December 2019


Congratulations Kathy Hoopman for being short-listed for the ALCS Educational Award (UK)

Name: Kathy Hoopmann
One sentence bio: Author of 22 books with translations into 19 languages
Book: All Birds Have Anxiety (2017; Jessica Kingsley Publishers) 

Short blurb: This simple yet profound book validates the deeper everyday experiences of anxiety, provides an empathic understanding of the many symptoms associated with anxiety, and offers compassionate suggestions for change.
Details of highlight: Shortlisted for ALCS Educational Award (UK)- the UK's only award for educational writing which stimulates and enhances the learning experience. I didn't win, but shortlisting was wonderful :)

Book Releases 

Hannah Currie's Heart of a Royal

Hannah's debut YA novel, Heart of a Royal, was published 15 October 2019 by WhiteFire Publishing.


Brought to the palace as a newborn, the royal life bestowed upon Mackenna Sparrow was never meant to last forever. With Princess Alina engaged to be married, Mackenna’s presence as companion is no longer required and, like it or not, she must return to the birthright which should have been hers – that of a commoner.

But not everyone at the palace wants her gone. When the truths she’s based her life on start crumbling as fast as her future, will she find the courage to trust, both herself and the prince she’s fallen in love with?

One sentence bio:
Hannah Currie loves God, family, people (in small numbers, let’s not go crazy here!) and escaping into other worlds through stories - both those she writes and the hundreds of books gracing her shelves at home.

Helen Brown - New releases from Reading Stones

This last quarter has been a busy one for Reading Stones, after the launch of Matt’s Boys of Wattle Creek, we then prepared a second book Maggie & Minotaur, by Olwyn Harris, released on the 5th December. 

Currently we are preparing a workbook, designed by Wendy Wood, for those who work in School Age Care services. The intent of this workbook is to try and make the critical reflection involved in the task of looking after children interesting, and therefore, more productive. We have included some inspirational spots and some clean jokes to help make it interesting. 

We are also working on a new project, a book for younger readers, also by Olwyn Harris, which will be released on the 3rd February 2020. It will be the first of six books, where two girls, through time travel, discover some things about our Australian History and how God works even in the worst of times.


Rendered Realms

Rendered Realms - Lynne Stringer, Adele Jones & Jeanette O'Hagan had a wonderful time at Brisbane Supernova in November 2019.  We're looking forward to more events in 2020

Omega Writers Book Fair 

Omega Writers Book Fair  Saturday 14th March 2020 at Everton Hills, Brisbane

There will be author displays, author readings, a scavenger hunt, prizes and a colouring in contest for kids.

Workshop by Simon Kennedy on Script Writing
Panel on Writing Diversity, disability & difference, featuring Kathy Hoopman, Jenny Woolsey & Adelen Jones.

Attendees don’t need to pre-book and there is no entry fee (but a gold coin donation will help to cover costs), so come along, bring some friends, and peruse the wonderful books, chat to the authors, listen to readings and enter the scavenger hunt.

Registrations for author tables open soon.  Follow the facebook page to keep up to date. 


Bushfires - our hearts go out to all those that have been directly affected by the bushfires in Australia over the last few months.  Cliffton Creek Primary School in Gippsland burnt to the ground. There is an opportunity to donate new children's book to help them rebuild. For more information here.

Writer's Retreat

Penny Reeve and Cecily Paterson are running a virtual writers' retreat this January. Not too late to join here.

Congratulations to all our members for your milestones and achievements and wishing you all the best for your 2020 writing goals.


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