Thursday, 7 February 2019

Welcome Susan and Kirsten

A couple of weeks ago we announced that Anusha Atukorala was stepping down from the Christian Writers Downunder Admin team after five years to pursue other goals, and that Mazzy Adams would be joining Paula Vince and myself (Jeanette O'Hagan) as a new team member.

Both Paula and I appreciate Mazzy's enthusiasm and contributions.  And all three of us are delighted to announce two newer members to the team: Susan Bruce and Kirsten (K A ) Hart.

Who are they?

Both Sue and Kirsten have been active members of Christian Writers Downunder and, in fact, both have contributed to the CWD anthology Glimpses of Light and are regular CWD bloggers.

Susan J. Bruce

Susan J. Bruce, aka Sue Jeffrey, spent her childhood reading, drawing, and collecting stray animals. Now she’s grown up she does the same kinds of things. Sue worked for many years as a veterinarian, is an animal artist and is notorious for including animals in almost every story – even when she tries not to.

Sue won the ‘Short’ section of the inaugural Stories of Life writing competition and recently won the 'Unpublished Manuscript' section of the 2018 Caleb prize. Sue is the editor of 'If They Could Talk: Bible Stories Told By the Animals' (Morning Star Publishing) and her stories and poems have appeared in multiple anthologies. Her e-book, 'Ruthless The Killer: A Short Story' is available on You can check out Sue’s animal art on Facebook.

Kirsten (K.A.) Hart

K.A. Hart is a born and bred Territorian who moved to Queensland and had no choice but to stay after her assimilation into Toowoomba’s infamous, collective known as Quirky Quills.

Since then, K.A. Hart has had two short stories published. Stone Bearer, appears in Glimpses of Light and Tedious Tresses, in the As Time Goes By Mixed Blessings anthology. She is currently working on a fantasy novel.

When she is not writing, perfecting the art of starring into oblivion or buying-up all the books in Koorong, she is locked away in the gym learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing the guitar and cruising the streets on her Kawasaki Ninja (when she finally gets her licence and replaces the back brakes).

Welcome aboard Sue and Kirsten. 

This brings the CWD Admin team to five:

Jeanette O'Hagan (Coordinator)
Paula Vince
Mazzy Adams
Susan Bruce (aka Sue Jeffrey)
Kirsten Hart

And so you can get to know us a little better, over the next five Thursdays we will be posting a Meet Our Members post on each one of the team. 

Jeanette O'Hagan


  1. I'm excited! Sue and Kirsten, a huge, warm welcome to the team. When Anusha stepped down from her administrative role, she left huge shoes to fill, and I felt about little toe size. However, I'm sure that together, with God's help and the wise and gentle example set by Jenny and Paula, (and Anusha, Nola and others that have gone before us) our footprints will be substantial. What else can I say, except thanks, Jeanette, for your post and welcome. We'll try to behave ourselves, Mum. xx

    1. Thanks, Mazzy. Looking forward to working with you all. However I wouldn’t promise Jenny that we’ll behave ourselves. Where’s the fun in that? :D

    2. Ha,ha, Sue - will have to keep our eyes on your. Seriously thought, it's great to have you, Kirsten and Mazzy on board. Looking forward to what God has for us in 2019.

  2. It's a delight to welcome you ladies to the team, and as Jenny said, excellent to have some new faces to bounce ideas with. I'm sure we'll all get along famously 😍

  3. Welcome to the team. I hope you enjoy serving and feel encouraged. Thank you for stepping up!