Thursday, 14 June 2018

CWD Member Interview – K A Hart

Each Thursday in 2018 we will be interviewing one of the members of Christian Writers Downunder – to find out a little bit more about them and their writing/editing goals.

Today interview: K A Hart

Question 1: Tells us three things about who you are and where you come from.

I’m happy to report, I’m only half crazy. One side of my family is 5 stars-wacky and the other, well, they didn’t get the memo. The most problematic issue I have currently is I’m living with the former. 

It doesn’t help when you reside in one of the most dangerous places on earth. Even the everyday gardening stories my family has accumulated over the years have ended with blown up trailers. Not to worry - every single green ant did not survive.

I’ve recently moved from Toowoomba, QLD back to Darwin, NT. I’m still adjusting to the flames. My personal sadistic enforcer of pain still trains me every week via FaceTime, but it’s not the same. He can now only glare at me when I stop at twenty burpees.

Question 2: Tell us about your writing.  What do you write and why?

I write specks of ideas that have inevitably exploded beyond their tiny existence. Fanciful lands and space-skirmishes. Daring rescues and gasping torture. Heart-pounding hide and seek. Hold-your-breath moments of love and affection. It all sparks into life and irritates with consistency until it’s written down. Only then, can I rest.

Question 3: Who has read your work? Who would you like to read it?

No one famous. Oh wait, the Quirky Quills have. And a few I-could-start-my-own-library, book-hoarder family members - they’re not famous though.

I envision the perfect readers of my work to lie upside-down on their bed with their feet against the wall and their head hanging over the other side while they read. And Ted Dekker.

Question 4: Tell us something about your process. What challenges do you face? What helps you the most?

Well, the first thing you should have is an idea and then ... Well, first you need something to write with. They ... they know that. Well, obviously you need a writing instrument and you need an idea. I'm just not sure which should come first.
Bones, Season 1, Ep 11

There are those annoying, yet somewhat satisfying distractions like Pinterest, Facebook, life … life … more life. And then there are those procrastinations like … procrastination.

You’d think having a deadline would help with my writing process. If I didn’t have multiple alarm clocks on my phone every morning to get up for work, I’d be scrambling for the car-keys. It’s the same with writing. A deadline is great. Not having people hound you a couple times each month before the deadline isn’t helpful (no need for everyone to volunteer, I already have my Cheer Squad).

Visual cues like collages depicting my story (this is why I love Pinterest) and inspiring quotes are amazing slaps-in-the-face to keep me on schedule. I do wish they had an app to create your own storyboard collage though. It’d save on bluetac.

Question 5: What is your favourite Writing Craft Book and why? 

There are Writing Craft Books? Maybe someone could suggest a few in the comments. Books might help …

I have recently bought the Trait Thesaurus’ by Angela Ackerman & Becca Publisi, but have yet to really explore them.

Question 6: If you were to give a shout-out to a CWD author, writer, editor or illustrator – who would they be?

Oooh, wow. Just one? How about a CWD, separate, individual group. The Quirky Quills. Mazzy Adams, Adele Jones, Nola Passmore, Janelle Moore and Sandra Troedson. These ladies are some of the most inspiring women I know. They all have unique strengths. All encouraging in their own ways. And all absolutely and beautifully crazy.

We may need to have a honourary Quirky Quills, though. Charis Joy Jackson. Such an amazing and gorgeous soul. Her first novel, The Rose of Admirias debuted in the On the Horizon ebook box set. She is a talented storyteller and I can’t WAIT to have that book in my hands, literally.

Question 7: What are your writing goals for 2018? How will you achieve them?

I plan to write … something. Woohoo! I just did. NAILED IT!

I would leave it there, except I now have the lovely Nola Passmore and Adele Jones whispering in my ear with sharp, hissing words. ‘Finish editing your novel. You need to send it to a publisher.’

So, there’s that. They’ll probably send strategically, worded texts to help prompt some of the editing.

I’ll Skype the Wright Write session that occurs every third Thursday of each month. We may do some writing. We may not. Depends …

Question 8: How does your faith impact and shape your writing?

My talent, the stories, they all come from Him. I cannot boast it to be mine alone.

He slips in silently and threads his way through the story. Unnoticed. Unassuming. He doesn’t hinder the true nature of the human or the depiction of a sinful world. He works through it and transforms words into sentences, into paragraphs, into chapters to entire stories. And I marvel at his creation.

K A Hart has had two short stories published. Stone Bearer, appears in Glimpses of Light and Tedious Tresses, in the As Time Goes By Mixed Blessings anthology. She is currently working on a fantasy novel.


  1. Loved your interview Kirsten. Thank you for sharing so beautifully and with such a lively sense of humour. Glad you plan to write something in the rest of the year! :) And all the best with editing that novel. Hope you don't miss Toowoomba too much. Glad you can still skype with the Quirky Quills. Happy settling in, in the dangerous Darwin and happy writing.

  2. Thanks for a fun interview Kirsten. I enjoyed your story in Glimpses of Light and look forward to reading more. All the best settling into your new place and job.

  3. LOL - You can move to Darwin, Kirsten, but you can't hide. (Cue crazed laughter from the Quirky Quills). Loved the humour and creativity in your answers. It certainly does help to have a cheer squad. You can nag me about my novel too. I need to do some serious edits. Now, when did you say you were going to finish yours?????

  4. What a lovely, cheery post, Kirsten. Just fabulous, m'dear! Bright, breezy, brainy, and moderately bizarre - quite perfect in every way. Thanks for helping to make Quirky Quills famous with your encouraging shout out. Keep writing. :)

  5. Aww thanks for the honorary mention 😊😊😊 I feel exactly the same. Can’t wait to hold your book in my hands!! But I must say I’m a bit jealous the Quirky Quills have read your novel. Ummm I think I should too you know being an honorary member and all 😬🤓🤓🤓

  6. Love your upbeat, quirky (where have I heard that word before?) humour and honesty. Mind you come back to Toowoomba retreat next year or we honorary members will feel down beat.

  7. What a fun interview, Kirsten. Cheering you on (and still nagging a little too ;-) ). Thankfully there's Skype so you can hear the cheers (and nags). Though now I'm a little worried about the effectiveness of our quirky nagging ... er ... I mean, encouragement, given you use the distance to your advantage with your PT ... Hmm, might have to book some random flights to keep you on your toes. LOL. Looking forward to reading more of your gripping adventures. Go Kirsten!!!

  8. What fun to read your interview again Kirsten. I am so delighted that you've found your way back to Quirky Quills country in person again. Did I see something recently about you posting a story-in-progress somewhere?

  9. I've re-read your very entertaining post Kirsten. Love your writing style and love your sense of humour. There must be something in that Toowoomba water I'm thinking! :) Or perhaps it's the humidity of Darwin? You are an excellent writer. I look forward to reading your work. Also loved what you mention about how God slips into your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Loved this interview the first time round. I too are glad you are back with the Quirky Quills and Toowoomba. And welcome to the Admin team.