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CWD Highlights November 2017--February 2018

Christian Writers Downunder is a diverse group of writers, editors, bloggers, illustrators. As a group we support each other through our facebook page and blog.

Today's blog will highlight some of the achievements of our members from July-October 2017


Congratulations Nola Passmore

Nola Passmore's debut novel Scattered was the fiction runner up in the 2017 FaithWriters Page Turner competition. She has also signed a contract for the novel with Breath of Fresh Air Press. You can read more about it at the following link

New Releases

Jeanette Grant-Thomson

Jeanette's short anecdote, Amazing Gracie, is included in the Stories of Life anthology, The Gecko Renewal.  Jeanette says, 'My story is the account of how our car broke down in New Zealand on a cold evening and God came to our rescue.'

The Gecko Renewal is an anthology of true short stories about how God intervenes in our lives. It consists of the long list selected from entries.

Published by Morning Star Publishing October 2017

Jeanette Grant-Thomson has been an author most of her life and currently lives in the Moreton area.

Christine Dillon 

Grace in Strange Disguise

Christine Dillon's Grace in Strange Disguise was released in October 2017

Physiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream, and it doesn’t surprise

After all, her father has always said, “Follow Jesus and be blessed.” But at twenty-eight, her world shatters. Everyone assures her God will come through for her, but what happens when he doesn’t? Has she offended God? Is her faith too small? So many conflicting explanations.

Will finding the truth cost her the people closest to her heart?
Grace in Strange Disguise won a Gold star for cover design from Joel Friedlander Coverdesigner competition (October 2017)  You can find how to get a copy from here.

Christine Dillon is an Australia author working in Taiwan as a missionary since 1999. She writes non-fiction (traditionally and indie published) and this is her first novel. 

Stories aren't just for kids

Christine also re-released Stories aren’t just for kids: Busing 10 myths about Bible storytelling (indie published, Oct, 2017)

In a world increasingly anti-Christian, how can you communicate in a way that slides under listener's defences? How can you leave them hungry for more?

Stories are God-designed way to impact hearts. But many Christians reject stories as just for kids. Christine Dillon has trained thousands of people in storytelling. 10 myths come up over and over again, and they block Christians from using this life-changing ministry tool.
MYTH 1: Adults won’t listen to stories
MYTH 2: Stories are only for non-literate cultures
MYTH 3: Men won’t listen to stories ...
MYTH 6: Storytelling won’t grow mature disciples
MYTH 8: Storytelling will lead to heresy ...

Using stories from around the world Dillon tackles each myth and challenges you to master this tool. 

Christine Dillon is a Bible storyteller and trainer who works in Asia and Australia. Her book, Telling the Gospel Through Story: Evangelism that keeps hearers hungry for more (IVP, 2012) has inspired many to start telling the greatest story of them all.

Mixed Blessings: As Time By Go By

This delightful collection with one-hundred-and-one perfectly bite-sized stories, articles, devotions, and poems, on these ten time-related topics: Minutes, 24-Hours, Weeks, Seasons, Years, Centuries, Era, Time-Consuming, Once in a Blue Moon, Eternity...

Mixed Blessings—As Time Goes By is filled to the brim with fun, encouragement, food for thought, and inspiration. You may find yourself chuckling one moment and shedding a tear the next. In fact, it is the perfect mix of blessings for your daily reading enjoyment.

Includes stories by Christian Writers Downunder members:
Nola Passmore
Jeanette O'Hagan
Kirsten Hart
Rachel Timms
Debbie Roome
Helen Curtis
Noel Mitaxa

18 November 2017
Published by Breath of Press Air Press

Available on Amazon  or at Breath of Fresh Air Press.

Wonderment edited by Leigh Hay and Maree Silver

WONDERMENT – a poetry anthology – Grand themes do have their place in literary works, but good poems are more often the result of carefully observed ‘spots of time’, to use Wordsworth’s term. Being attentive to these moments in our lives, moments when we see the wonder of God’s creation in the world around us, is an aptitude that gifted poets develop. They observe what many often miss, divine glory revealed in the small things of life. This collection contains many such poems.

Including poems from Christian Writers Downunder members Valerie Volk, Nola Passmore, Jeanette O'Hagan, Rachel Timms and Pamela Heemskerke.

Poetica Christi is running the next competition - on the theme of Interludes - deadline 30 April 2018.  You can download an application form here.

Published by Poetica Christi
2 December 2017

May-Kuan Lim - Fish in the Well

May-Kuan Lim with Hen Chin Lim and Penne Lim, have relaunched Fish in the Well: A memoir of faith and aspiration. 

In his memoirs, Lim Hen Chin, born in 1940, recalls his early years around Ipoh and his search for a way out of poverty. His journey is described against enormous socio-political changes: Malayan independence, war against Communism and birth pains of a new nation, Malaysia. It tells of a young man's determination and his sister's unwavering belief in him. In later years, success brings its own troubles. Resigned to the life that fate has dealt him, peace remains illusive until he makes a decision that changes his life.

First published in 2013, relaunched as eBook on 16 Feb 2018. Available on Amazon

May-Kuan is the administrator of the 2018 Stories of Life faith-writing competition and a freelance writer, who blogs on migration and crossing cultures as The Curious Scribbler.

Jeanette O'Hagan - Ruhanna's Flight and Other Stories

Jeanette O'Hagan's Ruhanna's Flight and Other Stories (By the Light Books) is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for 6 March release.

Tales of wonder, romance, adventure - dip into the world of Nardva with this collection of stories.

* * *Ruhanna's Flight - Ruhanna’s father is coming for a rare visit from the capital. When everything goes terribly wrong, she discovers a mysterious gift that could save her --- if it doesn’t kill her first.

* * *Heart of the Mountain – When shapeshifter Zadeki slams into the mountain side, he finds himself trapped in a strange underground realm. Can he escape or is he there for another reason?

* * *The Herbalist's Daughter - Anna has her heart set on an burly guard at the palace, but the antics of the young Prince could jeopardise both of their futures.

* * * Rendezvous at Alexgaia - In her last mission, Space operative Dana secured the Infinity Cube at the cost her partner's life or at least his humanity. Will Neon's sacrifice be for nothing or will Dana be able to retrieve the key to the mysterious cube's use?

Also Anna's Dilemma, Lakwi's Lament, Moonflame, Withered Seeds, Space Junk, Rookie Mistake, Inferno and other stories.

Ruhanna's Flight and other stories includes Nardva tales previously published in a range of anthologies plus some new stories. While mostly set in the southern hemisphere of Nardva, the adventures range across the ages - from early days on the Lonely Isles to the space age of Nardva.

A delightful introduction to Jeanette O'Hagan's fantasy world of engaging characters and stirring adventures.

Jeanette spun tales in the world of Nardva as a child. She enjoys writing fantasy & poetry. Her stories span continents, time & cultures in another world.

Release date; 6 March 2018
Publisher By the Light Books. 
Preorder now for low price of 99cUSD at Amazon US or Amazon AU

Other News

Hazel Barker 

- Sides of Heaven Friday 23 February 10-11 am

Safe Harbour

Congratulations to Simon Kennedy. SBS is presenting a Four-Part Drama, Safe Harbour developed from Based on an original concept by Simon Kennedy and Phil Enchelmaier.

Old secrets come to light, relationships are shattered and lives are put in danger. One question hangs over it all – who cut the rope?

Friends on a sailing holiday discover a struggling fishing boat overloaded with asylum seekers. Deciding to tow the refugees, they wake the next morning and find the fishing boat gone. Who cut the rope between the two boats? 
Did they know it would end with tragic consequences?

Simon Kennedy is an award winning writer who loves discovering stories that will move people's hearts and challenge their minds

Safe Harbour count premieres on SBS, March 7th at 8.30 pm. You and watch the trailer here

Missionary Biography

David Bennett has a new release, his latest missionary biography -  Hudson Taylor and China
Published by Rhiza Press in March 2017

 Book Fairs, Conventions, Events

Rochelle Manners will be running an online Rhiza Celebration on Tuesday, 6th March - 3-8pm (Brisbane time) here.

Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane) - a number of CWD authors will be at the Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane) 10am-2:15pm 10 March, 19 Queens Road, Everton Hills.

Several CWD authors, publishers and editors will be there - including Rochelle Manners, Deb Porter, David Bennett, Lynne Stringer, Anne Hamilton, Victoria Carnell, Nola & Tim Passmore, Adele Jones, Hazel Barker, Jeanette O'Hagan, Jan Morris, Ruth Bonetti, Raelene Purtill. If you are in or around Brisbane - this will be a great opportunity to meet up with other Christian writers, do a fantastic workshop with Gary Clark (creator of Swamp) and/or have a table to display your books.

To find out more look at the Omega Writers Website - or the FB event page.

Lynne Stringer, Adele Jones and Jeanette O'Hagan will have a stand at Gold Coast Supernova from Friday 27 - Sunday 29 April. We'd love you to drop and say hello and talk to us about our books :)

Towoomba Writers Retreat - Bookings will soon be open for the Omega Writers May Retreat in Toowoomba from 4th-6th May 2018


  1. Warm congratulations to all our gifted writers. What a lot of writing and a wonderful variety of it too. Great job Jenny of sharing it all so vividly. May your words change the world! Blessings to all.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Jenny. It's amazing to see what the group as a whole has accomplished, and I'm sure there are many other milestones that we don't know about. I've been meaning to get a copy of the Gecko Renewal. I think there are also a few other familiar names in there. I'm also looking forward to hearing Simon Kennedy talk about his SBS series at our retreat in May. Well done, everyone!

  3. It's fantastic to see how much has been achieved in a few short months :) And I'm sure you're right, Nola, there are probably other milestones as well.

  4. Positive forces to be reckoned with! Well done, all.