Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Holy Spirit: Author of Scripture

"First of all you must understand this, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoken from God." - John Piper

WOW. Think about that. Powerful stuff. I've been praying for God to inspire my writing, my poetry, my words. I expected this to happen right away. I even wrote an earlier post on it. And so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.


No word from Him.


And so

I threw a pity party. Poor, poor me. Cue the violin music. Turn it up. Louder. Louder!

Ahhhh, now it's a REAL party.

And so

I sulked.

And dropped more pity on poor little me.

And then

He spoke to me. And this is what He said.

"Robyn, you are not listening to Me. You're so consumed with self pity that you don't SEE what's in front of you. Have a seat in front of your computer. Now type Psalm 138:3."

 "In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul."

I was ashamed. He reminded me of all He's done in my life. How could I forget so easily? All I could do was sob at His feet.

My writing? I'm writing poetry and revising the middle grade. I have just cut 160 words from a picture book.

And so

I will never forget the day of my awakening. The day when I really understood that He listens and cares even about the little things. Like the day last week when my Mac's battery passed away. :-) I was worried I'd lost everything. The computer would not turn on. I was told it should as long as it was hooked to the charger. The battery arrives today (the 13th here in America). I'm not concerned. I know He has this. I learned a valuable lesson. He cares about our words. If it matters to us, it matters to the Great Author of the universe.

I started this post with the words, First of all you must understand this.
I end with the words, know He listens to your smallest concerns. He cares about your writing. He really does. Make Him proud. I know I intend to. No more pity party. (Well, maybe not.) *wink*

My heart talked with the Maker
of life
My eyes saw what my soul
cried to see
A prayer had been answered
but not
no not
as I dreamed it should be.
The God of Heaven
came down
And with Radiant glory
He spoke to me.

(Rhyme not intended.)

Have you ever experienced what I did? Please tell me in the comments.
Love you all,
Your honorary Aussie friend.

P.S. I never put my photo up. I might break Blogger. 


  1. Hi Robyn. Thank you for the reminder. The Holy Spirit is THE Author isn't He? Of creation, of life, of man, of me, of you, of scripture and yes, even of our own writing. We do have everything we need in Him as writers. Thanks for sharing that paraphrase by John Piper. I believe he was referring to 2 Peter 1:21. I loved your little poem by the way Robyn. Oh yes. I too have experienced answers to many prayers over the years, but not the way I expected. Our Heavenly Author is grand and has a great deal up His heavenly sleeve! Let's keep writing and stun the world with His glory! :)

    1. And this will be our year, Anusha. I just know it. You are right. Sometimes He answers us in unexpected ways. But in this instance, I believe He wanted me to be aware of His voice. I was so intent on having the pity party that I completely blocked him out.

  2. Hi Robyn - I love the way that God acts and speaks into our lives - in unexpected ways, in the little things and sometimes with big flourishes :) He certainly is speaking through your words. And, yes, how quickly we can forget what He has already done for us. Thanks for your post. BTW I think John Piper might have got his words from 2 Peter 1:20-21 (I felt very familiar to me :) )

    1. Yes, he did get his words from 2 Peter. You and Anusha are very astute. I used the quote because (from the Bible) as his quote because I feel like we should use scripture as our own. That we should own these verses that speak to us.

  3. Lovely words.
    I so relate to the Mac battery as my geriatric laptop is fading.
    And just what I needed: Acts 1:8 yesterday.

  4. Hi Robyn. Isn't it wonderful the way the Holy Spirit ministers to our deepest needs? He waits until we are truly ready to accept what He has to tell us and then it resonates. Yes, a very special message that meets our need. And always so timely!
    God bless,

    Rita Galieh

  5. Really enjoyed your post. Thanks!