Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Are you looking to meet with a small group of Christian writers?

Omega Writers has recently seen a burst of wonderful people volunteering to lead small groups. Here is a list of groups now on offer, including groups affiliated with Omega Writers, and the people leading them:

Geographically based

  •        Adelaide has two affiliated groups. Author.docx is aimed at those still learning the craft of writing and is led by Drs James Cooper and Mark Worthing. For published authors, CWA offers prayer and support, with Wendy Noble and Rosanne Hawke acting as facilitators.
  •          Sydney’sOmega Chapter, led by Raewyn Elsegood, meets every couple of months and often has a guest speaker.
  •          A Gold Coast Chapter is about to start up at the end of February. Michelle Evans plans on holding meetings every second month.
  •          The original Brisbane Chapter will continue to meet monthly at St Francis College in Milton. Their first meeting will double as the AGM and boasts a couple of excellent speakers.
  •          Toowoomba’sChapter began half way through last year and already Nola Passmore and Adele Jones have hosted a half-day workshop and weekend retreat! They have big plans for 2016.
  •          New groups in Melbourne and north Brisbane (Redcliffe) will soon be under way so stay tuned!
  •          Our friends in NZ Christian Writers have a heap of groups listed on the Contact page of their website.

Genre based (online via Skype and Facebook)

  •          I’ve been leading our screenwriters group since halfway through last year. In 2016, we’ll be critiquing member’s scripts and using them as a springboard to discussion of screenwriting principles.
  •          The sci-fi/fantasy group’s Facebook group is already flourishing. They have their first Skype call tonight and will be joined by a Canadian publisher. Thanks to Cate McKeown for stepping up to co-lead.
  •          A non-fiction group will start a Facebook group very shortly and we’re investigating the possibility of a group for children’s authors.

Look on the Omega Writers website for event or contact details, or to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Omega Writers exists to educate, support and inspire Australasian Christian writers towards excellence. We want to work with existing groups so if you know of any that have a compatible mission and would like to be listed, drop me a line. I’d also love to hear from anyone who would like to help lead a group for their genre or location, either in the comments below or via email.


Simon Kennedy is the current president of Omega Writers. He has won national awards for poetry and short story, is developing a TV series with production company Matchbox Pictures, and has a first-look option with Wickham Park Productions on a feature film screenplay. His YouTube channel, Songs with Simon, was recently signed with Broadband TV, and has had over 2 million hits in the past month alone.


  1. Wow, I wish I could be at one of these. I would love to get together with my Christian Aussie friends. I don't have that here in the states.

    1. Perhaps you could start one Robyn? :) Or join one of the Aussie Online groups?

  2. Hi Simon, Thanks for sharing the Omega list of face-to-face groups. I belong to a romance writers group that meets monthly in Canberra. I often have schedule clashes and only make it to a few meeting each year.