Thursday, 24 September 2015

There are people trapped in a dark airless place, and only you can save them...

It's my turn to blog - Yah!
Now if only I could think of something witty and clever; innovative; ground-breaking...cue crickets

Writing a blog is my opportunity to share my thoughts, my heart to the world—but what if the world never reads it? Let's face it, in this new era of the 'information super-highway' there's only so much time and brain-space that an individual has, and one person can't read it all. It's an impossibility. So what if I spend the next half hour pouring out my deep thoughts and innovative ideas, upload it and share the link to all my Facebook connections, and not one person has the time or brain-space to read it? Then everything I have done becomes just a bunch of key-strokes converted to digital data that is floating out there—in the mysterious depths of cyberspace...dah ,dah, dah! (the music to indicate the plot has now darkened to a terrifying degree).

And so it is with anything we write, blog, article, deep and meaningful Face Book post that goes beyond posting a cat video, and horror of horrors, a novel.

The characters I have presented in my latest novel—their life dramas, their lows and highs, their smashed hopes and points of redemption, their love and promise—are trapped inside the pages (or the digital file), and mean nothing unless a reader reads it and connects with it. So Alex and Grace, their family and friends, are wedged tightly in a paperback (a bunch of paper), locked up on a shelf in a bookshop or packed in a box of paperbacks, or floating helplessly in a data file in cyberspace. Their lives and loves mean nothing. They are helpless and cannot be set free until someone reads the book (paperback or eBook). All those words, carefully put together to help you know Alex and Grace; crafted so that you feel the depths of despair, the hopelessness, the light at the end of the tunnel, that point of redemption—all those words are simply keystrokes and have no purpose, energy or power unless you, as a reader, let them free. Unless you, as the reader, engage with them emotionally.

Why would Alex do such a thing? Now there's a question that cannot be answered unless the book is read.
So if you've come this far, and transformed my keystrokes into meaning, you will understand that I am not only promoting that magical process (almost like a chemical reaction) that is the reader engaging with the writing, the characters and the plot, but I'm also promoting my new fiction title.

Echoes in the Valley is now available as an eBook or a paperback WORLD WIDE. Alex and Grace are there, trapped in a dark airless place, and I beg you, set them free...cue 'The Hills are Alive' music.

Are you too busy? Probably. Do you have too much information to read? Well, I'm guessing, if you've got this far in the post, you've either been distracted from your real work, or you have time, so go ahead, click the link. Echoes in the Valley . Here it is again, in case you missed it the first time.

Meredith Resce

Author of 'The Heart of Green Valley' series, Mellington Hall and Cora Villa

So many links to click on...the dramas we have to negotiate in life!


  1. Your keystrokes arrived at my place a few weeks ago. They were encaved in an envelope...a small slice of deliciousness to enjoy when I could find a space. For a few hours Alex and Grace bounced through the light of my imagination, taking on colour, substance and drama. But then the light flickered and faded as the last page was turned. I pulled myself back to 2015 and placed them on my bedside table. Thanks for the read.

  2. That's a clever and funny blog, Meredith--and yes, I allowed myself to be distracted from my real work to read it right to the end! Congratulations on your latest book--I look forward to reading it.

  3. Glad to see Golden grain is sharing another story with us Meredith! I just bought it to uncover those secrets hidden away too long.

    The title and cover are eye-catching and I do like the era you've chosen.

  4. Great blog Meredith and congratulations on your latest fiction title. You are too right - there is so much in today's world that our books can get lost and will be untapped unless people read them. Looking forward to reading your latest treasure one day soon.

  5. LOL Meredith - Great way to introduce your new book. And that's a great image to have of characters trapped in the pages until someone unlocks them. Have just become the proud owner of a Kindle Paperwhite so am hoping to unlock a lot more of those characters soon. Hope your new book does really well :)

  6. Love your post Meredith - and great image of the characters trapped inside a book unread. Looking forward to reading your new release. It's a profound thought on the role of the reader in bringing our words to life. Scary to think that no one - not a soul - will read our work but then, even if no one else reads my stories - I know my faithful beta reader. And they have entertained me greatly :)