Monday, 18 May 2015


It hits every one of us. From Lucifer wanting to be like the Most High, to Jesus, the Son of God.

How to describe it and where does it come from?
It has many definitions like; being enticed to do something on the promise of pleasure or gain; the act of being lured to do evil.

It is age old and it is powerful.

It might come from outside, but soon settles itself within our souls if we allow it. It stirs our imaginations to such an extent we see visions of what we most desire. It can even capture the greatest saint. Sadly it plays on those who want to do the right thing. Who doesn't it bother? Those who go ahead and give in to its promises; perhaps even savouring the experience. But only for a while. Consequences always follow. Oh yes, it's a powerful emotion. Who hasn't ever felt its grip? Not I.

Our characters must face conflict in our novels. That's real life. However I believe the greatest conflict is within their very souls. Think long and hard when you were resisting temptation and wrestling against giving in to its promises. Write this into your character's lives. The three greatest temptations of life are these. Money. Sex. And Power. Understanding this will help you write a compelling story with your reader immediately identifying with your protagonist ... or even your antagonist. Write it so your reader can feel the intensity of it in their own heart.

Besides the hook, 'Everything can change in a heartbeat', I have used this theme in my novel, The Tie That Binds. I ached with understanding as I wrote of both Marcus' and Charlotte's pain. But we have a loving God who understands our frailty and gives us an amazing promise.

We have a faithful, loving God who will not let us

be tempted more than we can bear. For when we are tempted and find it hard to resist, He always provides a way of escape for us, so that we can withstand it.
I Corinthians 10: 13

As believers it's a great privilege to share our hope with our readers. Not by giving them the uncomfortable impression we are preaching, but through the struggles of our characters. Jesus 's parables are wonderful examples.

Rita Stella Press is now Indy!

Her passion is historical romances, revealing her characters' struggles. Two have been published.
Signed Sealed Delivered is Book I of a trilogy.

Rita's novel, The Tie That Binds, Book II, is also
a stand-alone story.

Now at the printers, it should be available in the next week or so.

For those interested in pre-ordering in Australia, she will send the book postage free.
She can be contacted at:  ritagal at optusnet dot com dot au

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  1. Hi Rita,
    I find the temptation theme most compelling, for reasons you've mentioned. The boys in my family have introduced many straight action/survival stories to our household,but who can beat the fascination of something being played out within a character's psyche and soul?

  2. Hah! Same here with my fellows, Paula. I love to see characters struggling with issues while my men love the crash back, shoot-em-up movies or books!

    1. My fingers can't spell. I meant crash-bang!

  3. Hi Rita - Thanks for a thought-provoking post. You're so right that we all struggle with temptation in different ways, but the trick is to convey those struggles in an engaging way that doesn't sound preachy.

    Congratulations on the publication of your novel. It sounds like a really interesting premise and I hope it does really well.

    Take care


    1. Thanks Nola. I agree, Their struggle, seen through the viewpoint of one or more characters, holds more weight than preaching at the reader.

  4. Hi Rita, Congratulations on your books and venture as an Indie Author. I love the cover of your second book and the premise is indeed interesting. Those internal struggles - often in situations were it is not easy to follow the truth - are indeed gripping. All the best for your new venture.

  5. Thank you so much, Jeanette. I have to admit it was a big step, but the Lord gave me the peace to go ahead with it.

  6. Yes, seeing character face temptation and sometimes resist and sometimes not is the stuff of great novels ... and moments in life.

  7. Oh, you're so right, Lynne. It makes the character come off the pages enough to feel they were based on a real person...and sometimes they are.

  8. Great post Rita and so true.

  9. Only just reading this now, Rita. Wise words on meaningful story writing and character development - a great complement to the blog I posted today! (There might be a theme here .. :) ) Congratulations on your Indie status and your new book. Looks fantastic!