Thursday, 23 April 2015

Well, this is embarrassing...!

I, like most here, love writing devotionals. I see the world in pictures, and often find myself chuckling at rather inopportune moments at the things God reveals to me in my head.

Devotional writing tends to come easily to me; it's a great blessing and one I don't take for granted.

At least I didn't think I did. Until today.

Unlike my last sheduled CWD blogspot, which I quite simply forgot about - my apologies once again - I have had this one at the forefront of my mind for some time now. And I've been actively using my senses to hear/see from God as to what he wants me to write about.


More looking, more seeking.

Still. . . nothing.

As the days moved closer, my senses started going into overdrive! God, what do you want me to share?!


Even now, as I sit here and type, I am pleading with God to give me something - anything - that might sound better than this confession.

Because it feels feeble to write that I have nothing. 

Have I failed God?  Did I not pray hard enough or look hard enough? Surely I could scrounge up something that would "meet the criteria" and sound so much better than...well, than writing about my desperation!

I wonder if I should have handballed this spot to someone else, someone with a pre-scheduled, fully edited and truly awesome message ready to go?!

No, that's not the answer.

So then God, tell me, what is the answer?! What do I do when I have nothing to say?!

You always have something to say Helen; you can praise me!

When it feels that I am silent, praise me.
When it feels that you are getting nowhere, praise me.
When you are doubting where you are walking, praise me.
When it feels that the road ahead is blocked, praise me!

Remember that King Jehoshaphat won the battle when he and his men praised me! They did not put their trust in their own strength, but called upon my name and sang praises to me before facing their enemy.  And then I moved in power and in might, and I defeated their enemies before them! 

Ahh, yes, this most wonderful tale of King Jehoshaphat, found in 2 Chronicles 20. It has always been one of my most treasured scriptures, revealing to us the importance of praising God when facing our enemies.

And so today I have been reminded of two things; firstly, I never have "nothing" to say! No matter what blockages I might be facing in my mind, my spirit is never without praise and exhortation of my God, who is my everything! 

And, secondly, as I begin to praise my God, he will start to move things in the spiritual and natural realms, allowing my gift of exhorting and encouraging others might flow as it should. 
Not for my sake alone, but that I might be blessed to be a blessing to others. 

I pray that as I have struggled and shared today, that my revelation would be one that opens up the gates of your praise, and brings breakthrough in whatever areas might feel blocked in your ministry. Keep on praising Him, no matter what, and trusting in his strength to flow through your natural abilities, and your breakthrough will happen.

With many blessings,

Helen Curtis


  1. Thank you, Helen, for your lovely, honest blog! Just right for me today--and so true that, as we focus on God in praise, rather than on ourselves, our creativity so often begins to flow. And, even if it doesn't ... well, we still praise God and listen to the things God is showing us right at that point, don't you think?

  2. I absolutely agree, Jo-Anne! And when I do enter into worship at these moments, I find that God's peace is that much more comforting; no matter what, God is God, and that is enough for me. Blessings, Helen.

  3. Thanks for an inspirational and honest post, Helen. I think even just knowing that other accomplished writers struggle with the process is good to know, and turning despair into praise of our powerful and loving God a great tip :)

    1. You are most welcome Jeanette. I'd like to say it was my pleasure, but I'll be honest, I was quite worried that I'd have nothing to post! Of course, in hindsight I should have trusted that God would come through, he always does! And whilst we wait, we praise! Blessings, Helen

  4. Thanks for an inspirational and honest post, Helen. I think even just knowing that other accomplished writers struggle with the process is good to know, and turning despair into praise of our powerful and loving God a great tip :)

  5. That was lovely Helen. And you had much to teach us during the time the ideas and pictures didn't come - for a reason. He is God of all seasons - the times our writers pens rush across the page. And also the silent times when we can't even take the pen cap off and are stuck!

    Thanks for the reminder too of praise being needed - no matter if we are thriving or struggling. Now that you have shared what we needed to hear - no doubt you will see lots of pictures and be able to write till the cows come home! :)

    Happy writing and thanks for your lovely post.

    1. Thank you Anusha. Those silent seasons can be tough, but yes we always come out of them stronger, when we put our trust in God and praise him through the silence. Our pastor said recently, "No matter what our circumstances are, God is still who he says he is!" And so worship and praise him I shall. Blessings, Helen

  6. How true! We always have something to say- Praise the Lord.

    1. Exactly right Meredith! Actually, I often have too much to say...perhaps this was a hint to say less and praise more?! Blessings, Helen

  7. There is so much hidden deep within us that the Lord has placed there after years of reading His Word. It's just digging it out that baulks us. I;m working on a talk and experienced a similar happening, Helen. So I just wrote bits and pieces dowm and they all came together in answer to prayer. Our God is faithful!!!!!!

    1. That is so true, Rita; sometimes things just flow out so easily, and other times I really feel that God wants me to work hard for the message he wants me to get out. But then often those are the very best talks or devotionals so yes, it's worth the effort. Oh yes, our God is faithful indeed! Blessings, Helen.

  8. This is beautiful. Thank you. Praise Yah!

    1. Hi Mimi, thank you for your lovely comment. It didn't feel beautiful to begin with, but yes but the time I had submitted this, I could very much see God's hand in the entire process, and there is nothing more beautiful than God's plan falling into place so that he, and others, are blessed. Thank you again for commenting. Blessings, Helen