Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Daily Bread
By Elaine Fraser

One morning as I dropped my gluten free bread into the toaster, I pondered what to put on it- peanut butter, jam, cottage cheese or vegemite?

It struck me that bread is a repository for toppings. On its own, bread can be delicious, however, it’s best when paired with something yummy. Dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, spread with creamy butter or runny with melted cheese, bread is a wholesome, satisfying meal.

As I bit into my toast that morning and savoured the melted butter and salty vegemite, the words, but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well, got into my consciousness.

I went into my study to begin a day of writing and these streams of thought came with me. I contemplated the various files on my desk which held my current projects- an article about an Australian actress working in New York; a blog post plan for 2014, edits for a young adult novel and another one just begun.

What did I base my writing on? What is the equivalent of my daily bread in my work? Is the bread coming up with the big idea or concept? Is it the skill I bring to the task?

The ‘bread’ of my writing, the base on which I pile everything else is the calling and purpose I bring to it, along with the drive that comes from the way God has wired me. I can’t help but write. This is my passion and calling.

When working as a teacher and principal any written tasks were completed quickly, and on time. Writing reports, programmes, budget proposals and so on were the tasks I completed first as this is my natural strength.

The bread I choose to eat is dense and earthy, baked with the best ingredients. I aim to put the best ingredients into my writing as well. The yeast that makes the bread rise, is like the inspiration, hard work and skill I bring to my work. Whole grains make the bread robust and full of flavour, just as the manipulation of language and the spiritual insight I’m given as I weave lessons of God’s goodness into the narrative.

The final product, ready to be consumed (or read) tastes better because of the quality of the ingredients. The topping is what the reader brings to the table. Their experiences, need for entertainment or inspiration, an escape from the day-to-day and their spiritual needs are added to the mix.

There is always the hope that as I write that the reader will taste and see that the LORD is good.
On the down days when I don’t feel like writing, feel like a failure and want to give up, I seek God first. I feed on his word and listen to his voice and bring the best I can to my work. The rest will be added by Him. After all, He is the bread of life.

Elaine Fraser
Elaine Fraser
Author of Beautiful and Too Beautiful


  1. Thanks, Elaine. I like your bread analogy, particularly the thought that the reader provides the 'topping'! God bless as you keep on 'baking' that bread!

  2. What a great analogy Elaine. I like the idea of the bread being our calling and the purpose we bring to it. If God has called us to write, that should be foremost in our mind when working out what to pile on top. I'm currently juggling a few writing projects and am trying to get into the habit of asking God what to work on each day and then listening to his promptings as I write. I sometimes forget and charge ahead. Guess which days work out best? Good luck with all of your writing projects Elaine. I'm sure they'll be a blessing to many.

  3. Hi Elaine, I love your analogy and that the readers bring their own imagination and experiences, adding the topping.

  4. Really good post which I enjoyed reading immensely Elaine. Your analogy has certainly got me thinking about bringing the best I possibly can into the mix with my writing projects so that His glory can shine through and be a blessing to those who take the time to read what I do. Thank you.

  5. What a wholesome beautiful analogy Elaine. Very well expressed. I felt the deliciousness of biting into a bready feast as I read it. I pray that our offerings would indeed satisfy many. And make them hunger after God. And discover Him - the Giver of all good things including our daily bread. Thank you my friend. Keep writing and keep glorifying Him as you do through both your life and your writing.

  6. Lovely analogy, Elaine. You remind me that our writing is a two-way street. There are stories or articles He wants us to write and we need to bring our best as we trust in Him to produce a sumptuous feast.

  7. Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for that beautiful reminder not to lose sight of the bread, and focus on just the topping. Great read.

  8. What great analogies, Elaine - and such valuable questions you've posed. What is the base for our writing? Are we using quality ingredients? Is our work a base to which readers can add their own condiments? Had never thought of the reading experience from that angle. Really flows on from Cathie's previous blog depicting the reader taking the baton from a writer and finishing the literary race. And yes, doing our best and letting Him add the rest. :)