Monday, 4 February 2013

There is one think I don't like

There is one thing I don't like and that is series. It is always nice to have a series, but if you are buying books, it cost you more and can get expensive.

I have one series of seven books. I do have many other series, (3,4 ,5). There was one series I was glad I never started buying as I know there was more than 40. That would break my bank, and also having somewhere to put them.

I have self-published my first book  last year. I hadn't thought about doing a series (trilogy) As I was editing Rosewood, two other characters were telling me their stories had to be told.

I am writing book 2 now. I am happy it is a stand-alone book. The epilogue in Rosewood (book 1).kind of leads into it ,but it isn't needed to be read. I do have that people will want to read all three books in the series. That is mainly because i am to get sales.

Do you prefer series of single books? I do enjoy series as a reader you can get involved in the character's lives. If I don't have to buy the books (or get a special) it is great. It's when you realise the series is long is harder, especially on your wallet. You might be lucky if you local library carries a series of book you want to read. (Geelong library was great).

I don't buy many paper book at the moment as i now have a kindle. It is a lot cheaper to buy series on that.e
I have stand-alone books and series in my collection at home. I have enjoyed some of the series and didn't begrudge having to buy more than one book.

What do you prefer? and what do you write? How do you chose what buy and/or read?


  1. I know my kids love a series, and I love that it keeps them reading. It also makes getting presents easy as they add the books to their wish list.

    I'm also in the process of writing a series of books for kids.

  2. well done on self publishing. I think a series is harder to write than 1 book.

  3. Hi Melanie

    I love a series if I love the characters and the quality remains high. However, I don't like it when it seems that the author is just stretching it out for the sake of a series (or sales?). For example, I read a series of 5 books by a well-known American Christian author and really enjoyed them. But then she had another 5 books with the same family. I read those too and still enjoyed finding out what happened to them all, but it was starting to drag out. I felt that she probably could have condensed the 5 books into 2 and it would have been a stronger story. I thought she'd finished, but then there was another 4 book series and the quality just wasn't as high. Then there was another 4 book series, so I read 18 in all (own 12 of them). Then another 4 came out and I was really over it - didn't even attempt to start that one. A series can be fantastic, but I think we need to know when to wrap it up.

  4. Hi Melanie. I enjoy series - especially with a bit of a cliff hanger that makes you urgently need the next book. But like many others, I probably wouldn't go much past a three book series. I'd be ready to move on by then. :)

  5. I have read a few series. I must say I much prefer them not to go over four books. I had my first book self published. I wrote a sequel because so many people wanted to know more. That is currently with Christian Manuscript Submissions because I didn't want to go to the cost of self publishing a second time. That will be it as far as I am concerned. If I continue writing, it will be in a different direction.

  6. Ah yes, a series. I'd say it all depends on the plot if it definitely won't fit one book. My trilogy is still waiting for book II & book III to be published. While I'm waiting, I'm honing each book to be sharper and more readable. I can't imagine stretching the series like Nola's US author did.

  7. I enjoy reading series especially if well written and with a good trajectory. I don't always buy all the books in one series though - often I get them from the library or borrow them. I love fantasy series that cover a number of generations - giving a story of a world, a sense of history.

    My first book Adelphi(yet to be published) started as a stand alone story but the characters refused to leave it there and insisted on have other wonderful adventures. Before I knew what was happening, support characters were clamouring to have their back stories told. A rather unruly lot if truth be told! Now I've almost completed one of the prequels and written parts of two other books. Each book can be read by itself. Yet each books tells part of a broader story spanning the years. No doubt readers will decide if they want to keep reading. :)

  8. I do enjoy a good series Melanie. But stand alone books are great too. The good thing about a series is the continuity and that the characters become dearer with time. I've written a series already but still have to find a publisher for books 2 and 3.

    Congratulations on your 1st book and all the best in your writing adventures.

  9. I've written both stand alone and series. There is a reason for writing and reading both. A series for series sake doesn't interest me at all. I like authentic characters who are challenged and grow. I like strong storylines and unpredictable plots. If a series can do both of these well then I'll read the entire set of books. But if it runs out of depth and turns formulaic, I'm no longer interested.
    Reading is too much of a precious thing for me these days, so if a book (or series) loses my interest, I have no problems quitting half way. But give me an author who can deliver on plot and character everybook and I'm hooked and will find a way to get my hands on those books!

  10. A series where each book can stand alone is the best. That way if you only ever get one or two of the series, each story is completed in itself, and you don't feel ripped off if you've been unable to get the others in the series.
    I have a series of 5 'The Heart of Green Valley' series. Books 1-3 sold really really well. Books 4 and 5 have taken longer to move. I guess because a lot of people want to finish up the series after 3. However, book 6 is making its way closer to the front of my mind, and by the time we reach the 20th anniversary (in a couple of years) I will have released book 6 as well (I Hope).

  11. I like a good series provided I know I can get hold of them all.

  12. I have to agree with Meredith. A series is great if it is a standalone but ultimately it is up to the reader to discern and purchase according to their taste.

    My kids love series and will devour a good series quickly, so the challenge for authors would be keeping up with their readers before they move on.

    Congratulations on your first book Melanie.