Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear God...



Another year has almost gone. It's awfully hot here, the dogs and I are sitting inside while the guys have gone to help someone whose car broke down.  I keep hearing the song 'Yesterday' playing in my head. You know that one the Beatles had a hit with?

That's exactly what the past year has felt like, snapshots of yesterday. Does that make sense? Let me explain.


Wasn't it only yesterday that Pierce turned eleven and started school for the first time? I'm sure it was. We introduced him to his teacher on that hot summer day, gave him a hug and walked away leaving him to the care of others. Lord, it hurt to do so. My boy looks so little…yet I see glimpses of the man he is to become, and I'm thankful. Sad, but thankful.


Summer was still with us when our dog was hit by a car and her pelvis was smashed. Who knew vets could be that expensive? But you'd never know, now, to look at her that she'd been hurt. You guided the surgeon's hands as only You can.


Then, surely it wasn't long ago that Narelle Nettelbeck and her family were visiting us, and our pet cow, Babette, died? I know it wasn't long ago, but there is her baby running around in the paddock, nearly grown. Thank you, Lord, she is so cute and the spitting image of her mother.


And wasn't it a few moments ago that George was diagnosed with an incurable illness, that will eventually steal him from us? I'm so grateful for the time we've had and the time we will have. Even if still doesn't hang up his clothes! You gave me the greatest gift by sending him into my life.


The tenth of June was a day we won't forget, but it, too, seems like yesterday. The tornado that hit our home took almost everything from us. Darkness filled our minds and hearts but from the devastation You showed that people cared. People we didn't know prayed, and sent us gifts and thoughts that tugged and pulled us toward You. We were humbled.


Wasn't it only a moment ago that we walked past our house filled with water and slime, and saw a wild duck having a bath on our lounge room floor? We opened the door and asked it to leave. The poor duck was not amused and walked passed us quacking in disgust. I guess he was right; he couldn't do any more damage than had already been done. But, really, a duck?  Your sense of humour couldn't have been more apparent. Thank you.


The day Pierce came straight from school to swimming with legs and arms covered in bruises is a day I would rather forget. My son being bullied because he was too polite was heart breaking. You took hold of that incident and used it for good. His headmaster was amazing and we're thankful for him.


Winter had passed and spring was here when George's sister came to live with us. People questioned our decision and thought we were crazy, but she's been such a blessing. I can't believe it's been three months already. Pierce loves having his aunt here to do things with and look after when they go out together. She even brought dippy dog, aka, Gaylord with her. His original name was Pierre. Pierce and Pierre. Two boys who go wild and love to run.


Just when my heart was mending, it broke all over again. I listened as my sister cried and said my nephew was diagnosed with early onset dementia. He's only fourteen. How could this happen? Wasn't it yesterday I stood as his godmother promising to look after him? Lord, help me to understand.


It's still hot here, Lord, and my friend, Chris, is in hospital and not expected to see the new year. Can You hold her hand please? Whisper in her ear how much she's loved by all of us. It's so sad to say goodbye. But, I know, You'll be there to hold her hand.


Can you hold mine please? Give me grace to see the new year in, help me to be a blessing to someone, and, Lord, please just be there to hold me up when I can't do it myself.


Thank you.


You're loving daughter,



The Franklin Family wishes you all a wonderful New Year!








  1. Dear Lee,
    thankyou for such an honest post and I will pray that you and your family will continue to know God is holding your hand in the days ahead.

  2. Even in the midst of heartbreak, you find things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your heart, Lee. Blessings. XXOO

  3. Beautiful post, Lee. Thank you. God bless and comfort and provide for you in so many ways.

  4. Such a difficult year. Thank you for the witness of keeping your eyes fixed on God and his provision.

  5. Beautiful! You've had a long year of trials, dear friend. But you've always held onto God to get you through. Bless you as you say goodbye to a difficult year, and forge ahead into something new and wonderful!! xx

  6. Oh Lee. Your post was very moving and beautifully written. I felt very sad hearing of all you have been through. So much sadness. Too much. Much too much.

    Thank you for sharing with us. May 2013 bring you much blessing and God's strength, comfort and peace. May He fill your hearts with all things beautiful.

    Thanks again Lee for what you've done for us at CWD which is greatly appreciated.
    Many blessings to you,
    Anusha xo

  7. What a year. What a terrible year.
    I am always so glad that no matter what we face, God walks with us. You've reminded me again of that.
    I truly hope that 2013 is a much happier year.
    We'd love to catch up with you again.....maybe you should come here this time?!

  8. Hi Lee,
    Its really great to found you and your blog at the fag end of this year. Glad to be here, sad to note about the developments in this year, May God help you to overcome all these in the upcoming year. Be Sure the Person who hold your hand is Almighty, He can make the impossible possible, firmly believe and be more closer to Him He will lead you thru.
    The concluding para touched my heart: and of course the ... thoughts...Help me to be a blessing to someone :-) that is really wonderful, let us be more useful to the fellow brethren, This thought made my day. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful time ahead. Season's Greetings.
    Keep inform
    Best Regards
    Phil & Ann
    Hyderabad India

    Lee, please remove the word verification, it really irritate to comment at the page. Pl. remove, you can do this by going to the dashboard.

  9. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. And humbled by your perspective on it all. Grace and strength and peace and joy to you this year. xx

  10. Lee, a beautiful post about an eventful year and still finding blessings in the hard times. may 2013 be a blessed year for you and yours,

  11. Oh, Lee. Thank you for sharing with us. May the Lord Jesus be even more real in your family's life as each day and each month of this new year unfolds. What a testimony to God's strength in your weakness. And what a challenge to each one of us.

  12. I admire:
    Your strength in adversity.
    Your generosity of spirit.
    Your enduring love.
    Your faith in testing.
    Your counting of blessings in spite of great loss.
    Your ability to go on hoping despite taking heavy knocks.

    Your journey in 2012 was a tough one and reminded me that:

    If all misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can ever do to help you along the way. That's what a community is for.


    Elaine x