Friday, 19 October 2012

the four p's

A few weeks ago I went to a big Pathfinder Camporee. There is a statewide one every two years and a big Australian wide one every four years. It always has a theme, this year is was "The quest for the four 'P's". Pray, pause, pick and peace.

It got me thinking do we do that in our writing. I will explain what the four P's mean.

PRAY - pray to God, for whatever dilemma/ problem you may have.

PAUSE - Pause and allow God's soft voice speak to you.

PICK - Pick the solution that you think is right.

PEACE - Then if it is right you will feel at peace with what you have chosen.

When I write i sometimes pray especially in my devotional writings. I do 'pause', that is usually to decide what God wants me to write and to do. I pick the topic than see if I feel peace.

It isn't always easy but I believe it is a good lesson. Even if we don't use it in our writing we can use it in our daily lives.

Give yourselves a chance to Pause, to listen to God's voice and leading.

May God grant you peace in your decisions.

A Pathfinder Camporee is very much like a scout Jamboree. Clubs from all over come and do activities and we have a speaker to do the worships. Some times the activities are obstacle courses, sometimes messy and sometimes hard and sometimes easy. But they use things that they may have learnt.
Pathfinders are a club that has a Christian basis, they learn spiritual things and survival skills. It is run under the banner of the "Seventh-day Adventist" church.
As you do things during the year you get patches to put on a sash. My husband has so many he is a second sash. They start at age 10 and go up to 16, but can be involved at any age.


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