Monday, 6 August 2012

Words of Affirmation

Day by day God is teaching me to be intentional with my words.  What I speak, write and even think have a profound impact, not only on myself, but also those around me.  Words and experiences help form our ideology and beliefs.

For example when we are pregnant, everyone asks, "How is the baby and when is your baby due?"  Nobody asks, "How is your fetus, when is your fetus due?"  Yet, when difficulties in pregnancy arise the baby suddenly becomes a fetus therefore changing perceptions, rendering a baby less than precious, even dispensable.

When I am asked what I do for work, how I reply often depends on my state of confidence.  At times I reply, "I write." And if I am having a particularly daring day, I tell others, "I'm an author." There are many days that I don't 'feel' like an author, as if there is some kind of grand author ideal out there and I don't measure up.  Yet, despite my feelings God is teaching me to embrace and share the fact.  I think part of the problem in announcing my 'authordom' is I don't like labels. People put you in a box when you tell them you do something for a living.  So sometimes I like to mix it up, keep it fresh and be defined by who I am not what I am.

So I wanted to ask you all how would you like to introduce yourself?  It doesn't have to be something you would actually say aloud in public.  If you could declare to the world in full who you are in one sentence, what would you shout?  At the risk of blowing my own horn and doing something entirely against the Australian grain, here is what I would say:

My name is Nicole Watson, princess in the Kingdom of Heaven,  God's salt and light upon the earth, perfectly imperfect thanks to Jesus, speaker of truth and encourager of others.

Now, share yours with me and do something really brave and say it aloud.  Remember your words and thoughts impact your beliefs.

Nicole Watson
Author of Sam's Heart


  1. That is so true (and the baby/fetus wording an excellent example). Very thought-provoking... How would I introduce myself?

    "I work for a higher authority - the Lord Jesus Christ - who has equipped me for service as a counsellor and writer."

  2. I would probably say the same as you said who you are. Or I will say a forgiven sinner, saved, restored and blessed by our heavenly Father.

  3. Loved your post Nicole. Thank you. Also loved the way you introduced yourself. Words of affirmation are very important to me - I think it's one of my love languages. And encouraging others through what I write has been a mandate to me from God, I believe. So I fully endorse what you say.

    How would I introduce myself? Good question. Perhaps something like this:
    "Hi, my name is Anusha Atukorala. I am a child of God - a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has called me to share His grand story and the news of His love with others. Which is what I do - (or try to do) - through my life and through my writing." :)
    Blessings Nicole,

  4. Hello! I'm a child of God and, this side of heaven, they call me Penny. :)

  5. Hi! I'm Jo and I'm God's favourite kid. I'm His messanger here on earth. Sometimes He has me writing, or marketing, or teaching or preaching: hugging or listening, blogging or emailing, always inspiring others to greatness so they come to understand they, too, can be His favourite.

  6. Hi, I'm a daughter of the king which makes me an heir to the throne. Highly favored :) xx

  7. Hi Margaret, Joy, Anusha, Penny Jo and Michelle! Thank you for letting me meet the real you. Have a blessed week ladies. x Nicole

  8. One day the Prince of Peace saved my life and now I tell anyone who will listen that He can save them too.

    What a great post! I read about the freak tornado that leveled your home. I'm so sorry about that! But thank God you and your family are well.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  9. Greetings Nicole.
    I would think the way you introduce yourself depends upon the company to whom you are speaking. To those outside of the Christian Faith I'm happy to say I'm Ray a Christian. If asked what I do in retirement simply say a writer of Christian devotionals to honour my Lord and share His word on particular themes. To those with a knowledge of the Faith I'm happy to say I'm Ray, a disciple of Christ Jesus (or a retired preacher now devotional writer.) Or if required in the Professional World I introduce myself as Ray Hawkins, pastor with..... Church.

    Ray H.

  10. What a lovely post, Nicole. For years I looked on myself as an parents had a ceramic studio. Then I married my husband and as I illustrate his gospel messages and co-speak on a radio program, I thought of myself as an evangelist. Now I'm writing, I can say to my neighbours I'm an author who writes faith-based stories. That usually leads to an opening to speak about the Lord.