Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Only a Toy Giraffe

I received him as a free gift when I did my weekly grocery shopping. Who’s “him” you ask! Good question. The Supermarket was having a special promotion. For several weeks, shoppers who spent over 75 dollars, would be rewarded with a soft toy; a different one each week. They were all on display to tempt us. A lion, an elephant, a monkey, a pig, a cow….. and more. I hadn’t seen them that day, so experienced a happy surprise when I put my bags into the shopping trolley and got ready to pay my bill.

“Would you like a free soft toy with your purchases today?’ asked the friendly girl at the checkout. I was astonished but delighted at the offer! “Sure!” I responded, flashing all thirteen of my top front teeth (which are often determined to make an appearance when I grin)! She handed me a lovely little soft toy. A Giraffe. He looked so cute and cuddly that I took an instant liking to him. I also had a distinct feeling that God whispered in my ear that it was a gift from Him!

I had been going through a difficult season in my life. Perhaps this little giraffe was a special gift (not just from the supermarket), but from a loving Heavenly Father to comfort me and to see me through my difficult moments! Back home, I took the little giraffe out of the shopping bag and cradled him. Instantly, warm, fuzzy feelings engulfed me. The strength of my feelings surprised me. If I felt so loving towards an inanimate soft toy – how much more would my loving heavenly Father feel love towards me, His child. Perhaps that’s what this ‘gift’ was about!

My husband was equally interested when I showed him our latest acquisition. “He does look cute, doesn’t he?” he agreed. We had often discussed the possibility of getting a pet. But for many reasons didn’t think we could have one. And so Raffy – our little toy giraffe became our family pet. And what a perfect pet!

Our new pet had a roundish oblong face, two cute little ears and two small brown horns. He was white with brown patches all over him. He possessed two little nostrils to breathe through. But the most appealing part of him were his large melting brown eyes which gazed soulfully at us. We were hooked!

What a wonderful difference little Raffy made in our lives!

You may laugh… but it’s true. All three of us in my family; that’s my husband, my 22 year old son and I play with him. We leave him in various places, in cute contortions, for the others to find and enjoy a throaty chuckle when they do. When I ask questions of Raffy – my husband helps him nod or shake his head. Raffy’s beautiful brown eyes look deep into me and he looks so lifelike that he’s cute as well as hilarious.

Whenever we watch TV, Raf sits plonk on my husband’s knee or between us. Raf greets my husband joyfully (with a little help from me), when Shan returns from work! At bedtime, Raffy walks over to the bottom of our bed and lies down, is covered by our duvet and instantly goes to sleep. (Far easier than putting a child or live pet to sleep, I should add!)

Yes, Raffy our soft toy is also Raffy our pet. I would not have believed it had I not lived it. Raffy may not be a living creature. But the smiles and laughter he brought was exactly the therapy I needed. He also added an extra zip to our marriage. Laughing and playing with him together reminded us of how we’d play with our son when he was little.

So God not only reminded me how much He loved me through Raffy. He also brought a new element of fun into our family through him.He was only a toy giraffe but what a lot he did for us! He was only a soft toy but he was also so much more.

I wonder if you feel a bit discouraged today? If so, I would like to encourage you. Are you ‘only a writer?” or ‘only a Mum?” or ‘only a something else’? Are you disappointed by your writing achievements to date? Do you feel you only write children’s stories? Or only write non fiction? Or only write romance novels? Do you sometimes compare yourselves with other writers and feel that they are racing ahead in your careers while you are stuck in a groove?

Let me assure you that there is no ‘only’ about it. There is only one you and only one person who can fulfill the future God has for you. That person is YOU! So whatever you do is not an ‘only’ but an ONLY! Get the difference?

You, a writer are one of a kind. God is working out His special purposes through you. Raffy was only a soft toy but what joy he brought into our lives and our home.

You may be only one writer but what a difference you make to this world.
Write on, friend… Write on! You do make a difference!

Anusha has always been fascinated by the English language and loves playing with words. She is passionate about Jesus, life, love, family, friendship, the beauty of creation and many other wonderful facets of this wonderful world. She lives with 1 husband, 1 son & 1 pet giraffe, tapping keys at 1 little computer in 1 cosy home, in 1 beautiful suburb, in 1 breathtaking country, in 1 brilliant continent, in 1 glorious world, in 1 vast universe, but also finding over 1 million and 1 reasons every day, to praise her Amazing Creator.

Do drop by to say Hello to her at her website and blog, Dancing in the Rain:

PS And please DO Keep Writing (or Publishing... or Whatever Else you do)! :)


  1. So a gift is what we make of it.

    I'll bet if the supermarket knew what value the toy had they would have charged more for it. Fortunately, God is not like that.

    1. Exactly Peter! We often underestimate the value of what we do! But God doesn't. Only Eternity will reveal some of the ways our lives and words have impacted others.

  2. Strange the things that bring surprises of blessing into our lives. Thanks for sharing Anusha. :)

    1. Hi Anusha,
      He has lovely, soulful eyes. You don't have to feed him, walk him or clean up his mess, either. A perfect pet.

    2. Yes Amanda. God often surprises us with many blessings, doesn't He? Who would have thought! :)

    3. And yes, Paula, I have to agree with you. A perfect pet indeed! :)

  3. So, so cute Anusha :) I love how you find blessing in the simple and profound.

    You have me on the look out for a 'writing' buddy of the soft variety now too. Not that my critique partners are not soft when they need to be. But I wouldn't mind some silent company in my writing room. xx

  4. Hi Anusha, I really enjoyed your blog & pic of Raffy!

    I looked up your website and copied your personal story. Would you give me permission to place it on my weekly blog? It's at I need more Aussie content. I also have a couple of other CWDU bloggers who are going to send their stories to me.

    1. Hi Rita,
      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your lovely words about my blog. So glad you liked it. I'm delighted to hear you copied my personal story and yes, you are most welcome to use it on your weekly blog. I will have a look at it asap.

      Go for it. I am honoured! :)

  5. Hi Dotti,
    Thank you for your most encouraging words. They blessed me. :)

    As for a writing buddy - yes, I am also ready to put my hand up! I don't have any writing buddies really - and would be glad to join up with you. Let me know how and when and how I can help you! Sounds good to me! :)

  6. We can't really have a pet, we go camping and are away too often. yet we have two stuffed toys in our car. Spud, a brown wombat, and Rainbow, a fish. Shows or games is how we gained them.
    Right now by my feet is a little stuffed dog, on my bed are several teddies.
    Writing can be a solitary existence but we have these little reminders of others in my life. As for my teddies they come from people who care and love me.

  7. Lovely post Anusha and I'm glad Raffy is bring you joy :)

  8. That's lovely Melanie. Sounds like you too have your faire share of special 'pets'. Like you, we also go away often so it's not practical to have a pet. And yes, teddies from people who care for you are special aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Thanks Narelle. Thanks for reading and for your positive feedback.
    Bless you.

  10. Hi Anusha, I absolutely loved this post!

    I have a feeling we'd get along really well if we met in real life! I have a real "thing" for stuffed toys - did you know Footprints has a mascot, called Sophie? She even has her own Facebook page, and you can read her story here:

    Of course Sophie is only one of many, and they all have their own personalities, habits, and voices - there is Bananas the very cheeky monkey, Rebecca the dainty little rabbit who somehow has picked up a Filipino accent in her travels (perhaps when she came to Manila with me in 2009?!), Georgia the Giraffe ... Mr 18 in particular has a real gift for doing their voices!

  11. Hi Janet,
    So glad to hear it. Thanks very much for your encouraging feedback. Yes, I hope we do meet up in the not too distant future. Are you coming for the Writer's getaway in Oct? Hope you are. That's lovely - hearing about Sophie - the Footprints mascot. Sounds great.

    Couldn't help laughing as I read your list - they all sound gorgeous. Bought my son a cheeky monkey last week and he too is getting to know us and displaying his unique personality, so I fully understand what you say! :) Your bunch sure sound interesting! :)

  12. I still have my favourite stuffed toys. They were all given to me by my Dad who passed away a year ago. Having them reminds me of his love. Beautiful post, Anusha.

  13. That's lovely to hear Rose. And am sure they comfort you in a special way since your Dad passed on. My sympathies for your loss. And thanks for your encouraging words Rose! Bless you.