Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Learning From Each Other

Greetings to all, in the name of Jesus. It is my pleasure to Post on here this week.
Thank you Lee for your invitation.

To introduce myself: I am Crystal Mary Lindsey

Christians down under are just the same as Christians Up Over. 
Prior going to live in America, I had misconceived ideas about Americans.
How wrong I found myself to be. 
Yes! Americans are very patriotic. So much so that in their schools they hardly learn anything about any other country accept their own. That is where their power has come from, and that is why they are the strength they are today. They unite together.

There can be good said about this, and there can be bad.
When you don't know any better, then you believe you are the best.
This is a recipe for two things.
Being positive and successful, or,  being ignorant.

My husband Ray is American. I didn't know him very well before I met him in person over there.
He knew nothing about Australia.
I told him I wanted him to come back here to meet my family.
Before he came he told everyone how backward we Australians were.
I didn't say too much in return accept, "Well,  you'll see."

From the first day he arrived, he felt the freedom of this great land. 
Then he began to tell me how more advanced we were in many things. 
Electricity was one of these.
America isn't much older in white inhabitants than Australia is.
They fought earlier in the piece to free their country from the British, while we remain united.
The size of the USA is almost the same as Australia. 

Their population is approximately  311,591,917.
Australia's population is approximately 22,328,800.  
Now that is a vast difference.
It is no wonder Americans are ahead of us in somethings, such as literature. 
There are more people experiencing it.  

That doesn't mean we can't learn, and it doesn't mean we won't improve.

In all truth, these are two things that will and are, already happening very well!

I have to say this also. Americans are hard workers. They do not shirk their responsibilities, and that is something we need to improve on, to succeed.
I speak from experience about this, because I worked there.
Instead of an eight hour day that I had worked here, it was more of a fifteen hour day there, and no one complained. They have a pride in striving for their country.

Lets not feel disheartened about them thinking they are better than us.
At the moment they are. However, we are on our way to better accomplishments.
One day we may even lead the world of literacy.

I was once invited to a church in the town where I lived in Tennessee. Excitedly I was watched for my reaction to the beautiful beach overheads, and the music.
"Well, what did you think?" I was asked at the end...
I didn't want to hurt any feelings, but I had to tell the truth.
"Well," I said as kindly as I could. "Those beaches are Australian and the songs, were from Hillsong."    It was so hard not to laugh out loud....
But then, I laugh at almost everything.
The singing in the church I attended, was fabulous, and I learned a few different songs.
Lets unit and grow together helping one another, and improving our world.
After all, Jesus said the most important thing we can have, is love...  
Love and Blessings to all.  CML


  1. Hi Crystal Mary! It was lovely to read your post. I didn't realise your husband was American. Your blog was very interesting.

    What I have realised by living in 4 different countries is that learning about other cultures broadens ones mind and is good for one's soul! :) I am sure you will agree. There is much we can learn from others and from people from other countries. But we have a lot to be proud about too and hopefully they have things to learn from us too.

    I enjoyed reading the differences you found in Americans and Australians and I have to agree with what you said. I have visited America twice and been to a number of cities. Loved it. But was very glad to come back to Australia which is my home!

    Thanks for your thoughts, Crystal, and yes, let's grow together and be God's light in a world that is seeking a Saviour.

    1. I guess I am a fruit cake Anusha. I derive from a few different cultures although am a third generation on my maternal side. Blessings to you. xx

  2. Hi Crystal,

    So glad you joined us here, I look forward to learning more about you.

    I laughed at your story about Hillsong and beaches, since I've lived in WA I've had people speak to me about Qld, not knowing I was born and lived most of my life there. It can be a real hoot!

    Thanks again for the laugh and your post. It was a great first one. :)


    1. Good onya Lee, A good laugh lifts the mood and brightens the soul hey... While living in the U.S. I was once asked WHY I laughed so much? Well, why not?

  3. I do find patriotism interesting. I wonder if God thinks our nationalities are as significant as we do. Extrapolating Galatians 3:28, I suspect not. Nevertheless, it's good to have our eyes opened to broader possibilities for how to live, and greater cross-cultural understanding should hopefully relieve tensions. Hopefully the internet can help in that regard.

    1. Hello Peter. I believe it will and does.. Have a great day.

  4. It's interesting to see the differences and sometimes the similarities in countries. I remember Bryce Courtenay talking years ago and he reckoned no country in the world has come as far and had so many advances as Australia in such a short history. Personally, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Australia may not be perfect but we have a lot to be thankful for.

  5. Hello Dale. I missed Australia so much while living away. Its the old cliche`... you don't miss it until you haven't got it.

  6. I chat with a lot of Americans online. Slowly I am trying to educate them. One things is simply Aussie is pronounce Ozzie. but while reading Lee's comment some West Australians have never left their state and are kind of sheltered.

    We have a great big world and wherever we live we should embrace it. I have read books set in Russia, Europe and Africa, place I have never been, but have been able to try to at least understand some of another culture and country. Maybe one day I will get the opportunity to travel.

    1. Hello Melanie, It's great the way we can interact on-line. I can believe that about W.A.people. I see the same in many country town. Traveling opens your eyes, but there is no place like home. Hug to you.

  7. Hi Crystal, I agree we can learn a lot from other cultures. We've come a long way in a short time - our population only passed 1 million during the 1850's goldrush. I've always admired the American attitude - work hard, believe in yourself and you can achieve your dreams. I do think the traditional Aussie 'tall poppy' syndrome of pulling people back down to your level rather than striving to achieve is slowly changing and we definitely work harder than a generation ago. I don't know many salaried people who work an 8 hr day, but then I live in Canberra :)

    1. Hello Narelle, Yes we have come a long way, and we have caught up in many ways, I see it in medicine, one of our W.A. doctors invented the I.V. machines.. When I left Oz in 2004 I was working an eight hour rotating shift in emergency medicine. Some nurses opted for twelve hours, however I don't believe that is always safe. Lovely to meet you on here.

  8. Hi Crystal, it is good to hear that our Queensland beaches are seen far and wide. It is good to find out more about you.

  9. Hello Rose. I was amazed to learn our Queensland sand gets shipped to Hawaii! But then, Chinese cars (once a very poor nation) get shipped here..
    What a wonderful world we live in. Blessings

  10. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I new about the sand on some of Hawaii's beaches was told when there.
    its amazing when I was in Hawaii I was asked where I come from well I know they would not have heard of my town. So I would say South Australia, oh is that near Sydney. I then would say The State of South Australia. Is that near Sydney! Then I would say have you heard of Melbourne. I am between Melbourne and Adelaide.
    I finally had someone say Oh I know Adelaide Leyton Hewitt comes from there. It got so frustrating that most only seem to know Sydney.

    1. I know the feeling. I often got asked if I was from England. Then it was, how long have you been speaking English.
      Oh well, the more of us that write about our country, the more everyone will learn.

  11. A lovely message of unity - after all, we are all family in Christ and in the literacy world we are all (hopefully) trying to send out the same message - one of the hope of Jesus Christ to a dying world.
    In the end God can help up give of the best of ourselves and add to what America is putting out in print, rather than take a stance of always comparing.

    Thanks Crystal Mary

  12. What a great post Crystal! We lived in the heartland of the US for nearly two years and I loved the generous folk there, but home is home after all. My husband gave a message at an adult Sunday school class and a fellow came up saying, "Sure enjoyed your talk. It's amazin' how you picked up the language." I think he thought we were from Austria!

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  13. Oh that is so funny. As I wrote previously. I was asked how long I had been speaking English. LOL
    In fact my boss was concerned that some of the patients might not understand my accent.