Thursday, 6 May 2021

Always My Mother; Forever My Friend

 by Josephine-Anne Griffiths

Hello dear writerly friends ☺

With Mothers' Day just three days away, I thought I'd devote today's post to our mums.

God could not be everywhere, 
and therefore he made mothers.   ~ Rudyard Kipling 

Teresa Mary Harnett 

I didn't always see my mother as a friend, and that's okay because initially we weren't meant to be friends. God had entrusted me to my mother's care, along with my father to nurture and raise me to be a good and wholesome adult. As children we are merely on loan to our parents from God, because we are all in fact God's children.

As a young child I knew I must obey and respect my parents, not because it was one of the ten commandments (I was too young to realise and understand this), but being so little I knew that those bigger and smarter than myself were in charge. But as a small child I wasn't able to understand how grownups being so full of wisdom, could at times make so many mistakes. 

Once I reached adolescence I felt much wiser. In fact, in my mind most of my Mummy's  ideas and opinions bordered on ridiculous ... but I loved her dearly and desperately tried to please her. I was a curious child, prone to mischief, which certainly didn't make things any easier for her.

One day, many years later, I found myself ‘in-love' and married, no longer living at home with my parents. Now, as small as it was, I had to manage my own household. Fortunately I had been raised the old-fashioned way and had learnt how to carry out most domestic chores, and at first I guess the whole experience was a bit of fun. Adult life has a way of teaching us many things a young child wouldn't be able to comprehend, but also there are some things that we must learn from experience. I missed Mummy. I missed doing Saturday chores with her. I missed our afternoon chats over a cup of tea after school each afternoon. I missed her friendship.

I don't know exactly when our relationship changed. I think it must have been a gradual thing. Before I knew it I was giving birth to my first child. The dynamics had changed dramatically. Mummy was no longer the authoritarian, she was the one I would ask questions of, and hang off her every word. By the time my second child arrived Mummy and I were inseparable, shopping together every week, going out for lunch, looking after my two beautiful boys together, and sharing endless cups of tea or coffee. This wonderful woman and I had become friends.

After the birth of my third child, a gorgeous wee girl, life became more complicated, more difficult, for everyone I think. But Mummy's compassion and friendship continued. I wasn't the only one facing difficulties, she had her own world of problems to sort and suffer through. Was she still there for me? Of course she was. Mummy was there for everyone. There for my Dad. There for my siblings and their families. But was she there for me? Oh yes, she didn't have a selfish bone in her body. It seemed that she was present in my life more than ever. My prideful side would like to tell you I raised those children by myself, but I must be honest ... Mummy was my strength and stay through good times and not so good times.


I woke up one morning and realised that Mummy wasn't just mother and friend. I knew without a doubt she was my best friend, and probably the most treasured friend I would ever know. And now, I miss her immensely. I miss her funny sense of humour. Oh how I miss her devilish laughter. I miss Mummy's soft voice and understanding. She was and is still, my point of reference whenever I have a question or am feeling ‘just a little unsure’.

As we celebrate Mothers' Day let's not ever take for granted the blessed relationship we share or have shared with our mothers. Let's ring our mothers on the phone ... every day if we can. Don't wait for her to ring. And if like me you are unable to physically speak to your mum, just spend a moment each day talking with her in your heart.


As God said ...

Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.’  ~ Exodus 20:12 ESV

And ...

Pay close attention, friend, to what your father tells you; never forget what you learned at your mother's knee. Wear their counsel like flowers in your hair, like rings on your fingers.  ~ Proverbs 1:8-9 MSG

So as Mothers' Day approaches, I wish to honour my dear Mummy and never lose sight of her compassion, love, patience, wisdom ... and forever treasure her friendship.

Whether here or in heaven, let's always take time to honour our mothers.

How do you celebrate? When we have children of our own, what is most important, the fact that we are now parents, or that our mothers selflessly devoted their lives to us?

Let's try to make our own mothers the first person we think of this Sunday morning (after Our Lord Jesus of course), and then every morning after that. If we love and consider our own mothers first up, then I'm certain our own children will do the same for us, right down the generations so that no mother is ever overlooked. For those of us who for one reason or another may not have known their mother, or only heard her gracious voice for such a short while, take heart in the fact that wherever our mothers are today, they will love us unconditionally, forever and always.

What do you think?. I'd love to hear from you.



About Josephine-Anne Griffiths:

Josephine-Anne Griffiths has always had a passion for the written word, both reading and writing it. She is a professional editor and proofreader, who enjoys making the writing of others shine. Josephine is currently rewriting a fictional memoir. Josephine has also tried her hand at short story writing and poetry, with a poem published in Glimpses of Light Anthology. She also writes inspirational, narrative non-fiction with a fierce passion. Josephine-Anne, fondly known as Jo’Anne to family and dear friends, is happily married to Leon. They live at the base of Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains. Between them, they have six wonderful children, seven gorgeous grandchildren (with another little miracle on its way), and a sooky ‘jug’ dog called Toby. You will find Josephine either lost within a book, behind her keyboard, or in her garden daydreaming.
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  1. Beautiful tribute, Jo-Anne - to your mum and to you.

    I was blessed with a wonderful mother whom I adored throughout her life and mine. Now that she's with the Lord, I miss her so much but I'm forever thankful that through her unlimited, unconditional love, her words of wisdom and godly example permeated my heart and soul to remain with me every day.

    She was extremely ill after I was born, so my aunt cared for me for over five of the first months of my life; she, too, has remained in my heart as my other mother, also a woman of God - all my life, I loved her deeply even as she loved me, and the wound when she, too, went home to be with the Lord rent my heart again.

    But I have another 'mother' - my eldest sister, who asked God for me. And he saw fit to answer her prayer! I'm so blessed because we share a great love between us and also a great love for the Lord. What's more, we share the same mother's heart for our children (and grandchildren) that we experienced from our own precious mum. Though we live a long distance from each other, we still share the joys and trials of life by phone and fellowship daily with each other and the Lord via WhatsApp.

    So thanks again, Jo-Anne, for your beautiful tribute to the power of love and friendship between mothers and daughters, because it gave me the opportunity to reflect upon and honour my mothers too, and the Christ they loved and honoured and followed and revealed to me so that I could do likewise.

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  3. Thank you Mazzy ☺
    What a beautiful response, and how wonderful for you having three mums. My grandma (Mummy's mama) passed away when I was just 18 months old.
    I do have vague memories of jumping all over her, while she lay in bed trying to read to me. We lived in New Zealand until I was almost fourteen, so although I met my Dad's mum, I didn't know her that well. By the time I met her, she had dementia quite severely. Actually, I learnt the most about her life by the eulogy given by my Auntie Mary at Nanna's funeral.
    A did have a second mum. My mother-in-law Violet was always loving and kind to me, but sadly alzheimers took her, and she went to be with the Lord six months after my mum passed. They were the same age with Violet being born just two days before Mummy. There are so many stories to share about mothers. They are indeed very special people. I'm so happy that God gifted your sister with you. It's always wonderful to have that spare mum. Enjoy these precious moments and memories dear Mazzy. Blessings to you and your family ♡

  4. Lovely tribute to your Mother, Jo'Anne. Love the way you pick out how the relationship changes over the years.

    1. Thank you, Jenny ♡
      I hope you've had a wonderful Mothers Day xo