Monday, 23 September 2019

How's the writing going?

You’ve all heard the question before. Every writer has. Maybe you’ve anticipated it and given a well-thought-out, succinct answer. Maybe you were just excited someone asked and prattled on and on about how it’s all going; your voice rising an octave while your hand gestures increasing dramatically, all the while telling the poor, unsuspecting person the plot of your amazing story in intricate detail. Or maybe … just maybe, like me, you cringed inwardly and stumbled over some excuse about not having the time, life getting in the way, your busy schedule, etc, etc …

So, how’s the writing going?

Mazzy Adams wrote a post the other week about her muse. Mine got lost somewhere between Darwin and Toowoomba. Either that, or he went on long service leave, flew to one of the islands close to the Bermuda Triangle and got lost.

Last year I moved back up to Darwin. It was the wrong move. Right for various reasons, wrong for my creative flare and so-called muse. I decided to move back down to Toowoomba to the delight of the Quirky Quills and started a small part time job. Perfect. More time to sit down and write, learn the guitar and perhaps even get my motorbike licence. That’s what I wanted. God had other plans.

The job has turned into a full time Store Manager position which takes up most of my time. I’ve been sick multiple times this year with a few injuries in between. I bought a guitar, but it sadly sits on its stand, hardly used. I did complete my motorbike learners licence, however I’ve only been out on my bike once. To top off the first half of this year, I’m having to watch what I eat because my body seems to be disagreeing with something I have yet to identify.

I had so many plans this year. To write, to read, to learn new things, but EVERYTHING has been turned upside down by ‘life happens’.

So, how’s the writing going?

It’s funny. When life happens I get so caught up in feeling guilty for the simple fact I’m not writing. My creativity seems tapped out, bled dry from all the mind-numbing ‘happenings’ of my day-to-day life. I get to the end of each day having put a hundred percent into everything I did and all I can do is sit down and breathe. There is nothing left, but I still feel guilty.

All those memes telling me to write. All those blog posts of encouragement and helpful tips. All those writers telling me I should write everyday regardless of how I feel. Even if it’s a small journal entry of what happened that day. Get into a schedule, girl! Most of those I can ignore, but when someone who knows I like to write asks how it’s going, I cringe.

I cringe because of all the good advice I’ve been given. I’m surrounded by a writing community and see everyone else pursuing their dreams, publishing books, writing, editing, creating their worlds. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Why don’t I have the same passion at the moment? The same discipline. The same drive. Why aren’t I pushing myself to write regardless of whether I have the mental capacity to do so? Why have I let life happens get to me?

So, how’s the writing going?

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: … I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. He has made everything beautiful in its time …’
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 NIV

I’m looking at this all wrong. This is not my season to write. Life does happen and there is a time for everything. Your time to write might not be now either. You may be experiencing a similar situation. Your muse may have met up with mine. You don’t have to feel guilty because you’re not pursuing a particular part of your life. Other things may be happening at the moment which need the extra creative energy. You’re still using your creativity, you’re just using it in a different way. It could be problem-solving, brainstorming new ideas, character building yourself, not your stories.

We all go through hard times. Some more than others. Those times we need to focus our energy elsewhere to grow and learn. If you’re working through some big things at the moment, don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t have the energy to write and you sit at your computer and stare blankly at the screen. Your season will come. Focus on what’s happening now. Experience it. Live it. Lean in and allow the breeze to direct dictations.

K.A Hart is a born and bred Territorian who moved to Queensland and had no choice but to stay after her assimilation into the Toowoomba's infamous, collective known as Quirky Quills.

Since then, K.A. Hart has had two short stories published. Stone Bearer, appears in Glimpses of Light and Tedious Tresses, in the As Time Goes By Mixed Blessings anthology. She is currently in life happens stasis.


  1. Loved your heartfelt encouragement, Kirsten. You are an amazing woman who has weathered wind changes and storms of hurricane proportions, yet your smile is always at the ready. The good thing about God's seasons is, in due season as in all things, he works for the good of those who love him (as you do) and are called according to his purpose (as you are). I so identify with the frustrations that beset and hinder us as we pursue our writing and publishing goals and I have had to continually hand the limiting factors (external and internal) over to God. In his time ... I shall be singing those words today. Thank you for the reminder. I've no doubt that, in his time, your muse will will nudge you on the shoulder and say, 'Hey, Kirsten, I'm ba-a-ack! You won't believe the fabulous ideas I've collected whilst flirting with mystery at the Bermuda Triangle, and I met this crazy character on the flight from ...' ;)

  2. Such a gentle reminder that the natural and spiritual seasons of our life can be better handled by simply relaxing and allowing the Lord to teach us something new ... even in uninspiring, dry seasons or in seasons of turbulence and discomfort. I can so relate. Thank you Kirsten.

  3. Thank you for this reminder, Kirsten. Everything in its time. You may even find that this busy period in your life becomes fruit for your creativity later on. Wishing you all the best in Jesus name.

  4. This was encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear. Though I haven't got any major life 'happenings' at the moment, my muse has fled into the forest and I've been hard-pressed traipsing after it. It's just good to be reminded that I'm not alone and I'm not lazy or a failure for being in my current state of mind; and that all writers go through stages of difficulty in inspiration and muse management from time to time.
    Thank you for your words. :)

  5. Great post Kristen and I do understand the struggle so well. Most of my writing life has been filled with detours, some pleasant, most not so. :) However, praise God those detours are actually food for my soul and food for my writing journey. Love the verse you quoted - that there is a season for everything. So glad you are back in Toowoomba with the QQ's. Am sure they welcomed you back with open arms. I have no doubt your season of writing will arrive in no time. And thanks for the encouragement.Love your sense of humour by the way. Enjoy the journey. PS You are still writing you know. I've just read a great post by you! :)

  6. Yes indeed! Definitely everything in its time ♡
    Thank you for this encouraging post Kirsten (as Anusha says 'you are writing'). I think my muse has gone to the big triangle and lost its way. Probably catching up with your muse. Maybe they've both gone down to a nice beach on the Caribbean, and are having a laugh over some umbrella adorned cocktails ;-)
    I'm currently editing and proofreading a MS for a friend, but my writing has been AWOL for the past two years. So ... I understand how you feel. Hoping it's on God's agenda for 2020 for both of us. God bless ♡